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The UMC Utrecht Brain Center represents all research and (international) educational activities of the UMC Utrecht Hersencentrum. Our mission is to perform high-level research in clinical and experimental neuroscience, whilst delivering an exceptional standard of care.

Chair Prof. dr. R.J. Pasterkamp

Our scientific director is Jeroen Pasterkamp. H...

Research approaches

Environmental risks

From research to care

Genetic risks

Structure and connections

Translational research

Research groups

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Education and career

Within the UMC Utrecht Brain Center education and carreer plays an important role.

Education and career

The center and its partners

We have a standing collaboration with both national and international partners. The UMC Utrecht Brain Center has standing agreements with affiliated principal investigators employed at departments of Utrecht University. Furthermore, with the international partners we participate in EU grant applications and we encourage exchanges at all levels from professor to master students.

Affiliated partners

International partners

Brain Center magazine and Bulletin

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