dr. E.F. Knol

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dr. E.F. Knol

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Edward Knol is a biomedical scientist and immunologist in the departments of Immunology and Dermatology/Allergology at the University Medical Center Utrecht. He did his PhD training in the Blood Transfusion Service of the University of Amsterdam and had a postdoc position at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. His scientific research focuses on allergic diseases, in particularly eczema and food allergy. The research focusses on 1) improved insights in pathomechanisms, 2) explore new treatment options, 3) improve current diagnostics and establish new diagnostics platforms. In his career Edward Knol discovered CD63 as the basophil activation marker, described the important role of the peanut allergen Ara h 2 and described A20/TNFAIP3 dysregulation in atopic dermatitis. He is involved in several (inter)national collaborations and is Secretary General of the Dutch Society of Immunology (~1400 members).

Within the University Medical Center he holds a teaching position and chairs the education committee of the University Utrecht graduate school Immunity and Infection (50 master and 170 PhD students). He is coordinator and examiner of: 1) Course Clinical Immunology for 3rd years students Biomedical Sciences, 2) Course Immune Therapy for 2nd years student Medicine and 3) Course Infection and Immunity for 3rd years Students at the Technical University Eindhoven. 

At the international level Edward Knol has organised 3 European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Winter schools and was the chair of the Scientific Program Committee of the EAACI annual meetings in 2014-2016. In addition, since 2019 he is Vice President Congresses of EAACI. 

Specialties: Immunology, Allergy, Food Allergy, Atopic Dermatitis, Basophilic granulocytes, T lymphocytes, allergy diagnostic tests, basophil activation test



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Scopus H-factor: h-index: 51

Research gate: h-index: 54, : RG score: 46,95

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Side Activities

  • 2009- Chair Educational committee Master and PhD program Graduate School Immunity and Infection, University van Utrecht. Supervising the training program of 50 Master students and 180 PhD students.

    2013- Co-director FOCIS Center of Excellence, Utrecht Infection and Immunity Center.

    2014- Member taskforce IgE diagnostics, EAACI

    2015- Member guideline committee Allergy Immunotherapy, EAACI

    2015-2018 Steering committee member FOCIS, representing EAACI

    2014-2016 Chair Scientific Program Committee (SPC) EAACI, coordinating EAACI annual meetings in 2015 (Barcelona) and 2016 (Vienna).

    2019- Vice President EAACI Congresses and Events, coordinating all scientific meetings of European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology ranging from 8500 participants to 280 participants per meeting


    Editorial Board memberships:

    - Dutch Journal for Allergology

    - Clinical and Translational Allergy

    - Clinical and Experimental Allergy




Research Output (241)

Dupilumab is very effective in a large cohort of difficult-to-treat adult atopic dermatitis patients: First clinical and biomarker results from the BioDay registry

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Early identification of atopic dermatitis patients in need of systemic immunosuppressive treatment

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Management of Cow's Milk Allergy from an Immunological Perspective:What Are the Options?

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Biomarkers detected in dried blood spots from atopic dermatitis patients strongly correlate with disease severity

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Predicting treatment response to methotrexate in atopic dermatitis patients using clinical characteristics and serum biomarkers

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Endotyping of adult and paediatric atopic dermatitis; is it one disease?

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Early identification of atopic dermatitis patients in need of systemic immunosuppressive treatment

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Biomarkers and clinical characteristics of autoimmune chronic spontaneous urticaria:Results of the PURIST Study

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