Building & Facilities

Building & Facilities

Our education is provided in the Hijmans van den Bergh building. All facilities in this building are for learning and teaching purposes. Students can study, have a meeting and take tests. Teachers and trainers can use our modern teaching facilities and technologies.

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Universiteitsweg 98
3584 CG Utrecht
Postbus 85500
3508 GA Utrecht

088 - 755 34 33

Billing adress

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Lecture halls

The Education Center has four large lecture halls:

  1. The blue lecture hall with 270 seats
  2. The pink lecture hall with 200 seats
  3. The green lecture hall with 200 seats
  4. The yellow lecture hall with 100 seats

When giving lectures, teachers can make use of all the facilities in these halls, such as a beamer + computer and a wireless network, as well as record their lectures by means of Camtasia or web lectures

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Computer learning rooms

Two computer learning rooms are situated to the right after entering the medical library. They both have a capacity of 25 computers and 50 seats. The partition can be folded away to create one large room.

Each separate room has a PC for the teacher which is connected to a StarBoard interactive whiteboard on which presentations can be given and instructions can be written and stored.

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Computer Aided Learning

UMC Utrecht offers teachers a range of facilities for computer aided learning (CAL)

Help desk support

The Help Desk provides support via the Learning and Resource Center.

+31 (0)88 75 53418

Clinical skills education

For medical technical skills training, students and teachers can use the Clinical Skills Training classrooms.

The Hijmans van den Bergh building has:

  • nine four-bed practical training rooms
  • two eight-bed practical training rooms
  • a resuscitation room
  • a surgery practical training room
  • an intensive care room
  • two consultation rooms with video link to theory classrooms

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Secretariat Clinical skills education

088 - 7559589 

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Theory classrooms and large and small study group rooms

These rooms are available for all other education. All rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment such as beamers, speakers and PCs connected to the network and the  wireless network

Classroom capacity

  • 5x large: 45 - 50 people
  • 13x medium: 24 - 32 people
  • 18x small: 14 people

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The layout of the Hijmans van den Bergh building provides plenty of room for people to meet. A large company restaurant, De Kroonluchter, is situated on the first floor and is always open. Students can work or hold meetings here outside lunch time. De Kroonluchter is equipped with wifi. 

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Teachers and trainers who use ICT in their teaching can use the Learning and Resource Center (LRC). Course participants and students can also study there, whether or not they wish to use the computers. People can hold meetings, prepare presentations and consult reference books. 

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The UMC Utrecht supports teachers who wish to record their lectures and provide them online.

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Should you encounter any problems please contact the general assistants of the space management department.

Hijmans van den Bergh building general assistant
+31 (0)88 75 66 555

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