Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

To keep our education healthy and future-proof, UMC Utrecht pays special attention to diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive and accessible education benefits all our students. It helps builds bridges between students, it challenges them to think in more complex ways about their future profession, and it reduces the risk of thinking in cultural stereotypes. The inclusive mindset that our students develop is a valuable part of their professional identity which will ultimately benefit healthcare.

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Utrecht Science Park now has the longest rainbow bike path in the world. The Diversity and Inclusion platform is very happy with this good news. To show that we support and celebrate this initiative, we also wanted to take a picture in front of the bike path! Elias van Mourik, you can be very proud of your work and the final result. 

Read more about the rainbow bike path

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If we, at UMC Utrecht, want to offer all students an equal opportunity to complete their education, we must prevent bias as much as possible from negatively influencing ours students’ chances to succeed. To achieve this, we have organised a bias training.

More about the bias training

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IMC Weekend School

IMC Weekend School offers additional, inspiration based education to children(aged 10-14) from underprivileged neighborhoods.

More about ​​IMC Weekend School

UMC Utrecht Heroes

The current situation regarding the Coronavirus has affected us all. However, it has also led to new and creative ideas. This was the case for our outreach coordinator Cecily Stolte, who recognised a disconnect between UMC Utrecht and school-aged children.

More about UMC Utrecht Heroes

U-Talent UP

A new program for havo and vwo students whose parents have not studied at a university or college.

More about U-Talent UP

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In the Diversity and Inclusion Platform, employees from all levels and courses of the Faculty of Medicine contribute to making our education more diverse and inclusive. With their practical experience and expertise, we work on education to make all students feel welcome and where everyone can develop optimally.

Our initiatives

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In addition to its employees, the Diversity and Inclusion Platform also has a student branch. These active students identify situations within their education and student life concerning diversity and inclusion. Together with the employees of the platform, they work on an inclusive educational environment and consists of different students from all study programmes at UMC Utrecht. 

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The Diversity and Inclusion research group consists of researchers and PhD students who examine our education from selection to specialisation. Research areas are: bias in selection, a diverse curriculum, the importance of role models, and connection with the labour market.


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Diversity and Inclusion Platform

Cecily Stolte

Gönül Dilaver

Student branch

Sultan Yesilay

Tariq Lalmahomed

Mozdalefa Azarkane
General member

Roel Huijsmans
Commissioner of External Relations

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