Algemeen nieuws

Algemeen nieuws

Technologies crucial to the future of healthcare

Patricia Jaspers

Technologies can be applied in an infinite number of domains, but preventive health is one of the most impactful, according to Patricia Jaspers, managing director at Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI, TU/e).

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Metastases unravelled by unique DNA analysis

An enhanced microscopic image of a DNA strand and a cancer cell.

Publications Nature and Nature Genetics about metastases and large-scale DNA analysis.

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Tapering Antidepressants with tapering strips

Woman takes a pill with a glass of water.

Stopping antidepressants can lead to withdrawal complaints. Tapering strips are a tool to prevent these complaints. Researchers Prof. Jim van Os & Dr. Peter Groot investigated how a client can gradually and safely taper antidepressants using tapering strips.

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EU funds consortium for technology towards the development of an artificial kidney

From bulky telephones, fax machines, cameras and radios to a smartphone that contains it all: technological advancements have revolutionized many aspects of our lives in the past fifty years. For kidney patients, however, life has remained the same in one major aspect: the dialysis treatment that they rely on for their survival. It’s time for this to change, as the growing prevalence of chronic kidney disease poses a heavy burden on patients’ lives, and, at €90K per patient per year, also a financial stress on an already straining European healthcare system.

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Martijn Intven appointed as a professor

With effect from 15 March 2023, UMC Utrecht has appointed Martijn Intven as professor of image-guided radiotherapy. This new chair falls within the Strategic Program Cancer and the Imaging Division of UMC Utrecht.

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Preventive health: urgent and impactful for all researchers

Roel Vermeulen

Healthcare is under pressure: costs are rising and the quality of care is under threat. Major crises are coming to the fore, such as climate change, which have significant consequences on the population’s health. Roel Vermeulen, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposome Science (UU) warns, "It's five to twelve. More attention to preventive health can help reduce the pressure on the front end, but this requires proven, effective solutions.

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Science and technology play a key role in a healthy, circular future

Banner conference EWUU

During the annual conference of the EWUU alliance (TU/e, WUR, UU, UMC Utrecht), held in the Omnia dialogue centre in Wageningen on 19 April, the alliance partners will show how collaborating across the borders of the scientific disciplines can contribute to a healthy planet. The theme of this edition is entitled ‘Crossing Boundaries for a Healthy and Sustainable Future’.

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FruitPunch Challenge

Baby blue light

Share your expertise and innovative ideas and contribute to improving care for premature babies. Dutch student teams were given this amazing opportunity this month in the FruitPunch AI Challenge.

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Horizon Europe grant for research into better, personalised treatment for high blood pressure

Woman at the kitchen table at home, measuring her own blood pressure.

An international research team has received a ten million euro grant from Horizon Europe and UK Research and Innovation. The HYPERMARKER team will develop and test tools supported by artificial intelligence that allow clinicians to select the best treatment for each individual patient with high blood pressure. The consortium consists of 12 partners, including world leaders in health data science, patient advocacy and industry.

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Preventive health research offers opportunities for all scientists

Portrait of Niek de Wit, chairman of the Julius Center (UMC Utrecht).

Preventive health is high on the agenda, but practice lags behind, according to Niek de Wit, Chairman of the Julius Center (UMC Utrecht). That is why UMC Utrecht is working with TU/e, WUR and UU on innovations in this field in the strategic alliance EWUU.

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