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Paediatricians happy with Health Council advice on vaccination against RS virus

UMC Utrecht and The Wilhelmina Children's Hospital think it is good news for babies and their parents that the Health Council recommends including a vaccination against the RS virus for infants in the National Vaccination Programme. This vaccination protects infants against the RS virus during their first vulnerable months, and it also provides broad societal benefits. The number of hospital admissions due to the RS virus can fall by 80 per cent, scientific research shows.

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Research TNO and UMC Utrecht for more reliable allergen information on food labels

As of January 1, 2024, the Netherlands has implemented a new allergens policy. Exposure standards have been set and regulations on warning about the potential (unintended) presence of substances that can cause allergy (allergens) on food labels have been tightened. This will make the presence and absence of a warning for allergic consumers significantly more reliable. By January 1, 2026, all producers of pre-packaged foods must comply with the new regulations. The new policy is based on recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Research conducted by TNO and UMC Utrecht on the sensitivity of individuals with food allergies and their eating habits formed the basis for these scientific recommendations.

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'I learned to look at patients specifically'

Portrait picture of Hans Derks, professor of paediatric soft tissue and bone sarcomas at UMC Utrecht.

Hans Merks, professor of paediatric soft tissue and bone sarcomas at UMC Utrecht, delivered his oration on Friday 2 February, titled 'Look and marvel'. A speech about sarcoma research, deeper layers that you only start to see when you realise it and the search for effective treatments for children.

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Precision medicine to treat effectively

Marcel Kool

Marcel Kool, professor of Childhood brain tumors at UMC Utrecht, delivered his oration on Wednesday 24 January, titled "Pediatric Brain Tumors - WHO cares!?" on the different types of brain tumors in children, developments in precision medicine and the search for effective treatments.

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New, innovative breast cancer research

breast cancer symbol

How can AI help pathologists find metastases in breast cancer faster (and in an less expensive way)? And why are breast cancer tumors more likely to be more aggressive in pregnant women? Two new innovative studies from UMC Utrecht evolve around these questions. Researchers present the results today at the leading San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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Nominate your colleague for the Best Support Award

With the Best Support Award we put colleagues in the spotlight who do an enormous amount of work behind the scenes. Have you had a lot of help from a colleague and would you like to thank them for that? Then nominate your colleague before February 16 for the Best Support Award. The presentation will be during the Diversity & Inclusion Award ceremony at Utrecht University on March 26, 2024.

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Newly described mechanism offers opportunities for treatment of cystic fibrosis

People with cystic fibrosis have a compromised defense against pathogens in the lungs, due to the accumulation of thick mucus in their lungs in which pathogens thrive. Apart from the mucus, the fluids lining the airway surfaces are also too acidic and that inhibits additional antimicrobial defense mechanisms against pathogens. Researchers from Newcastle University and University Medical Center Utrecht have described a new cellular mechanism that influences this acidity using miniature airways, and discovered two already approved drugs that could potentially be used to change the acidity in people with CF.

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AI speeds up identification brain tumor type

What type of brain tumor does this patient have? AI technology helps to determine this as early as during surgery, within 1.5 hours. This process normally takes a week. The new technology allows neurosurgeons to adjust their surgical strategies on the spot. Today, researchers from UMC Utrecht and researchers, pathologists and neurosurgeons from the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and Amsterdam UMC have published about this study in Nature.

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Festive closure of the DIS project during the Symposium ‘Diversity belongs to Everyone Together’

After a series of successful collaborative years involving more than 30 programs, the University of Utrecht concluded the Diversity in Enrollment and Selection (DIS) project on October 5, 2023. This symposium not only marked the end of the DIS project but also opened a significant chapter in further developments of DIS.

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'Paediatric radiologist: we contribute to optimal care'

Portrait of Rutger Jan Nievelstein, professor of Paediatric Radiology at UMC Utrecht.

Well-supported guidelines for paediatric radiological imaging are needed to ensure the best care for children, Professor of Paediatric Radiology Rutger Jan Nievelstein recently stated in his inaugural address. This requires sound scientific research. After all, children have a different range of conditions than adults, such as congenital defects, hereditary and metabolic diseases, and certain types of tumours. The new chair that will strengthen this scientific research falls under the strategic theme Child Health and supports the enhancers image-guided interventions and integral complex care for children.

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