Research nieuws

Research nieuws

Atlas for a better view of atherosclerosis

Sander van der Laan

If scientists know more about atherosclerosis, they may in the future develop new treatments for cardiovascular diseases that can occur in people with atherosclerosis. A better view of atherosclerosis is possible by creating an atlas of cell types involved. Researchers from UMC Utrecht and University of Virginia together received a $200,000 grant to make this atlas.

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Global digital health leaders propose framework to enhance research using real-world data

Infographic CODE-EHR

Routinely-collected healthcare data has the potential to improve the lives and wellbeing of patients across the world, through better understanding of disease, and research on existing and new treatments. Presented today at ESC Congress and simultaneously published in The BMJ, Lancet Digital Health and European Heart Journal, an international team propose a framework to improve the integrity and quality of studies using healthcare data, and boost confidence in using the results for clinical decision support.

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25 new associate professors appointed at UMC Utrecht

In UMC Utrecht, 25 new associate professors have been appointed as of January 14, 2022.

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ERC Starting Grant for pediatrician and researcher Sabine Fuchs

Sabine Fuchs

Pediatrician of metabolic diseases and researcher Sabine Fuchs has been awarded an ERC Starting grant of €1.5 million for five years. She plans to use the prestigious grant to improve the treatment of rare genetic diseases.

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How stem cell therapy can repair brain injuries in newborns

A new stem cell therapy which stimulates the brain’s own healing power appears to be a breakthrough in repairing brain damage in newborns.

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Oct 5: Improved patient profiling and prediction of response to immune-modulating treatment in atopic dermatitis

Clinical and translational research by Daphne Bakker and colleagues at UMC Utrecht has provided new leads for improved patient profiling and a better prediction of response to treatment with dupilumab, a biologic immune-modulating drug for the treatment of moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis. On September 28, 2021 Daphne Bakker received her PhD cum laude at Utrecht University.

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Rotavirus vaccination of children with medical risk factors does not offer sufficient protection

Vaccination of children with medical risk factors against acute gastroenteritis due to rotavirus infection does not appear to offer sufficient protection.

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Healthcare data offer more knowledge on male-female differences in cardiovascular disease

Men and women may react differently to medication for cardiovascular disease.

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Gene Tbx5 essential for getting the heart in correct shape during embryonic development

Researchers from the group of Jeroen Bakkers, in collaboration with Leiden University and the Amsterdam UMC, provide a detailed description of cardiac looping during zebrafish embryonic development.

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Antiplatelet therapy not effective in treating critically ill COVID-19 patients

For patients with COVID-19 who are receiving organ support in an ICU, antiplatelet therapy, either with aspirin or P2Y12 inhibitor (which were found to be equivalent), was ineffective at improving the composite endpoint of death and organ support free days when compared to no antiplatelet therapy.

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