Strategic Program Cancer nieuws

Strategic Program Cancer nieuws

New study speeds up radiation therapy

Nurses preparing a patient for treatment in the MR-Linac

A targeted radiation therapy that lasts only 15 minutes, instead of 45 minutes. Plus: an even more precise, real-time treatment of the tumor. These are the two goals of a new study by UMC Utrecht to further innovate the MR-Linac. NWO has granted 1.7 million euros to this research project.

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Four new cancer research projects at UMC Utrecht receive Hanarth grants

How can artificial intelligence be used to improve treatment in cancer patients? Researchers from UMC Utrecht are working on this question. Four research projects at UMC Utrecht received funding for this from the Hanarth Fonds.

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'I learned to look at patients specifically'

Portrait picture of Hans Derks, professor of paediatric soft tissue and bone sarcomas at UMC Utrecht.

Hans Merks, professor of paediatric soft tissue and bone sarcomas at UMC Utrecht, delivered his oration on Friday 2 February, titled 'Look and marvel'. A speech about sarcoma research, deeper layers that you only start to see when you realise it and the search for effective treatments for children.

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UMC Utrecht generously rewarded by KWF

In what ways can immunotherapy be used more effectively against head and neck cancer, liver cancer, multiple myeloma and other tumor types? And how do we prevent children with thyroid cancer from being overtreated? These questions are being investigated in four new studies at UMC Utrecht. KWF Dutch Cancer Society is funding these projects, about which we tell you more below, with over three million euros in total.

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Work out with metastatic breast cancer

woman working out

Patients with metastatic breast cancer suffer less from their disease and the side effects of their treatment if they engage in physical training. They, for instance, are less tired, feel less pain and have increased their endurance. As a result, patients experience a better quality of life. This was shown in a comprehensive international study led by UMC Utrecht.

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New, innovative breast cancer research

breast cancer symbol

How can AI help pathologists find metastases in breast cancer faster (and in an less expensive way)? And why are breast cancer tumors more likely to be more aggressive in pregnant women? Two new innovative studies from UMC Utrecht evolve around these questions. Researchers present the results today at the leading San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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Tackling cancer: healthy lifestyle and yoga

Female doing a Yoga exercise

Do healthy lifestyle habits help prevent neuroendocrine tumors? Does yoga reduce the side effects of hormone therapy in women with breast cancer? Researchers at UMC Utrecht are addressing these questions in two new studies, for which they have received grants from the World Cancer Research Fund.

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Pay attention to late effects of childhood cancer

Leontien Kremer

Leontien Kremer, professor of late effects after childhood cancer at Utrecht University delivered her oration titled 'LIFE: now and LATER' on caring for survivors of childhood cancer with late effects, health problems after treatment.

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ESMO revisited

The ESMO Congress 2023 has concluded successfully. The global oncology community gathered in Spain to showcase the latest innovative oncology research and treatments. Our researchers from UMC Utrecht showed their robust contribution to cancer research, with presentations ranging from novel therapeutic combinations to new ways to track symptoms.

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AI speeds up identification brain tumor type

What type of brain tumor does this patient have? AI technology helps to determine this as early as during surgery, within 1.5 hours. This process normally takes a week. The new technology allows neurosurgeons to adjust their surgical strategies on the spot. Today, researchers from UMC Utrecht and researchers, pathologists and neurosurgeons from the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology and Amsterdam UMC have published about this study in Nature.

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