Host-pathogen interactions


The focus of research activities in this theme are:

  • Immune evasion: Bacteria and viruses are not innocent bystanders during attack of the immune system. They have evolved highly specific ways to overcome destruction by the immune system and these immune evasion molecules are key virulence factors. This topic aims to better understand these at the molecular level, which holds the key to novel smart therapeutic approaches.
  • Immune pathology of infections: The way an infectious agent causes disease or specific disease states is essential in order to design and develop the best strategy for therapeutic intervention. This topic aims to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated collateral damage caused in the process of pathogen elimination.
  • Microbiomics: The bacteria that live together on the skin, in the gut or airways are of crucial importance in health and disease. This topic aims to understand the balance between composition of the microbiome and diseases and disease states.