Preventing inflammation


The focus of research activities in this theme are were:

  • understanding immune health: to gain fundamental understanding of neutrophil function and subtypes, lymphocyte dynamics, transcriptional regulation in immune cells, immune regulation by immune checkpoint receptors, tissue immunity and mechanisms of resolving inflammatory pain;
  • lifelong immune health: by studying newborns, children and elderly next to the adult age group;
  • classifying inflammatory disease: by systems medicine approaches;
  • disease monitoring: by standardized cohort research to identify new biomarkers to diagnose immune-mediated disorders and monitor treatment strategies, and by point-of-care (POC) technology to predict infectious complications in patients with acute inflammation;
  • identification of treatable traits: the aforementioned research activities form the basis for the identification of common traits among patients with different clinical phenotypes, providing putative treatment strategies on these common traits rather than solely on clinical phenotypes.