prof. dr. R.A.H. Adan

prof. dr. R.A.H. Adan

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  • Translational Neuroscience

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Roger Adan was trained as a molecular neurobiologist and received his PhD in 1992 on the regulation of vasopressin and oxytocin gene expression. Since 2002 he is full professor in molecular pharmacology. Via his work on melanocortin receptors he became an expert in molecular and neural pathways underlying feeding behavior, obesity and eating disorders. His lab has a strong multidisciplinary character. A variety of strategies (pharmacogenetics, viral vector technology, in vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics and automated behavioral and physiological analysis) is used to unravel mechanism underlying behavior.  The main focus is on feeding, since this is a natural behavior ideally suited to dissect neural circuits that underlie decision making, anxiety, anhedonia, impulsivity and reward seeking.

Personal fellowships and awards

1: NWO-VIDI grant (016.036.322): Role of neuropeptides in disorders of energy balance
2: ZOnMW-TOP grant (40-00812-98-14093): Shining light on loss of control over substance and food intake
3: co-applicant of 4 granted FP7 programs (Nudge-IT, NeuroFast, Full4Health and I.Family)
4: Recipient of the Rudolf Magnus Research Prize 2003
5: Recipient of the Organon prize for pharmacology 2004

Research line

Neural circuits of feeding and related behaviors

Side Activities

Visiting professor University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Scientific advisor/professor at Rintveld-Altrecht, Zeist

Expert European Autority for Foof safety in Parma, Italy.

Fellowship and Awards

1: NWO-VIDI grant (016.036.322): Role of neuropeptides in disorders of energy balance
2: TI pharma grant T5-210 Rapid in vivo CNS drug target validation and therapeutic potential by RNA-interference PI (and co-applicant on 2 other TI pharma grants)
3:co-applicant of 3 granted FP7 programs (NeuroFast, Full4Health and I.Family)
4: Recipient of the Rudolf Magnus Research Prize 2003
5: Recipient of the Organon prize for pharmacology 2004

Research Output (231)

Studying Synaptic Connectivity and Strength with Optogenetics and Patch-Clamp Electrophysiology

Linders Louisa E, Supiot Laura F, Du Wenjie, D'Angelo Roberto, Adan Roger A H, Riga Danai, Meye Frank J 1 Oct 2022, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 23

Common Genetic Variation and Age of Onset of Anorexia Nervosa

Watson Hunna J., Thornton Laura M., Yilmaz Zeynep, Baker Jessica H., Coleman Jonathan R.I., Adan Roger A.H., Alfredsson Lars, Andreassen Ole A., Ask Helga, Berrettini Wade H., Boehnke Michael, Boehm Ilka, Boni Claudette, Buehren Katharina, Bulant Josef, Burghardt Roland, Chang Xiao, Cichon Sven, Cone Roger D., Courtet Philippe, Crow Scott, Crowley James J., Danner Unna N., de Zwaan Martina, Dedoussis George, DeSocio Janiece E., Dick Danielle M., Dikeos Dimitris, Dina Christian, Djurovic Srdjan, Dmitrzak-Weglarz Monika, Docampo-Martinez Elisa, Duriez Philibert, Egberts Karin, Ehrlich Stefan, Eriksson Johan G., Escaramís Geòrgia, Esko Tõnu, Estivill Xavier, Farmer Anne, Fernández-Aranda Fernando, Fichter Manfred M., Föcker Manuel, Foretova Lenka, Forstner Andreas J., Frei Oleksandr, Kas Martien J.H., Lin Bochao, Luykx Jurjen, Ophoff Roel A., Oct 2022, In: Biological psychiatry global open science. 2 , p. 368-378 11 p.

Molecular profile and response to energy deficit of leptin-receptor neurons in the lateral hypothalamus

Kakava-Georgiadou N, Drkelic V, Garner K M, Luijendijk M C M, Basak O, Adan R A H 4 Aug 2022, In: Scientific Reports. 12

Characterization of orexin input to dopamine neurons of the ventral tegmental area projecting to the medial prefrontal cortex and shell of nucleus accumbens

Kalló Imre, Omrani Azar, Meye Frank J, de Jong Han, Liposits Zsolt, Adan Roger A H 14 Jan 2022, In: Brain structure & function. 227 , p. 1083-1098 16 p.

Characterizing and TRAPing a Social Stress-Activated Neuronal Ensemble in the Ventral Tegmental Area

Koutlas Ioannis, Linders Louisa E, van der Starre Stef E, Wolterink-Donselaar Inge G, Adan Roger A H, Meye Frank J 2022, In: Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience [E]. 16

The continued need for animals to advance brain research

Homberg Judith R et al. 4 Aug 2021, In: Neuron. 109 , p. 2374-2379 6 p.

Optimization of whole-brain rabies virus tracing technology for small cell populations

Roelofs Theresia J.M., Menting-Henry Shanice, Gol Lieke M., Speel Annelijn M., Wielenga Vera H., Garner Keith M., Luijendijk Mieneke C.M., Hennrich Alexandru A., Conzelmann Karl Klaus, Adan Roger A.H. 17 May 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11

Identification of Novel Neurocircuitry Through Which Leptin Targets Multiple Inputs to the Dopamine System to Reduce Food Reward Seeking

Omrani Azar, de Vrind Veronne A J, Lodder Bart, Stoltenborg Iris, Kooij Karlijn, Wolterink-Donselaar Inge G, Luijendijk-Berg Mieneke C M, Garner Keith M, Van't Sant Lisanne J, Rozeboom Annemieke, Dickson Suzanne L, Meye Frank J, Adan Roger A H 23 Feb 2021, In: Biological Psychiatry. 90 , p. 843-852 10 p.

Comprehensive analyses of RNA-seq and genome-wide data point to enrichment of neuronal cell type subsets in neuropsychiatric disorders

Olislagers M., Rademaker K., Adan R. A.H., Lin B. D., Luykx J. J. 2021, In: Molecular Psychiatry. 27 , p. 947-955 9 p.

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