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prof. dr. P.A. (Pim) de Jong

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Research Output (468)

Plasma Level of Pyrophosphate Is Low in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Owing to Mutations in the ABCC6 Gene, but It Does Not Correlate with ABCC6 Genotype

Kozák Eszter, Bartstra Jonas W., de Jong Pim A., Mali Willem P.T.M., Fülöp Krisztina, Tőkési Natália, Pomozi Viola, Risseeuw Sara, Norel Jeannette Ossewaarde van, van Leeuwen Redmer, Váradi András, Spiering Wilko Feb 2023, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 12

Aortic calcification:A postmortem CT validation study in a middle-aged population

Vos Annelotte, Houben Ignas B., Celeng Csilla, Takx Richard A.P., Isgum Ivana, Mali Willem P.T.M., Vink Aryan, de Jong Pim A. Feb 2023, In: European Journal of Radiology. 159 , p. 1-7

Assessment of aortic and cerebral haemodynamics and vascular brain injury with 3 and 7 T magnetic resonance imaging in patients with aortic coarctation

Meijs Timion A., Van Tuijl Rick J., Van Den Brink Hilde, Weaver Nick A., Siero Jeroen C.W., Van Der Worp H. Bart, Braun Kees P.J., Leiner Tim, De Jong Pim A., Zwanenburg Jaco J.M., Doevendans Pieter A., Voskuil Michiel, Grotenhuis Heynric B. 11 Jan 2023, In: European heart journal open. 3 10 p.

Statistical shape model of the talus bone morphology: A comparison between impinged and nonimpinged ankles

Arbabi Saeed, Weinans Harrie, Foppen Wouter, Seevinck Peter, de Jong Pim, Sturkenboom Joran, van Hamersvelt Robbert, Foppen Wouter, Arbabi Vahid Jan 2023, In: Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 41 , p. 183-195 13 p.

Inorganic phosphate exporter heterozygosity in mice leads to brain vascular calcification, microangiopathy, and microgliosis

Maheshwari Upasana, Mateos José M., Weber-Stadlbauer Ulrike, Ni Ruiqing, Tamatey Virgil, Sridhar Sucheta, Restrepo Alejandro, de Jong Pim A., Huang Sheng Fu, Schaffenrath Johanna, Stifter Sebastian A., Szeri Flora, Greter Melanie, Koek Huiberdina L., Keller Annika 2023, In: Brain Pathology. 33 , p. 1-19

Magnetic resonance imaging evidence for subclinical joint bleeding in a Dutch population of people with severe hemophilia on prophylaxis

van Leeuwen Flora H P, van Bergen Eline D P, Timmer Merel A, van Vulpen Lize F D, Schutgens Roger E G, de Jong Pim A, Fischer Kathelijn, Foppen Wouter 2023, In: Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis. 21 , p. 1156-1163 8 p.

Subclinical synovial proliferation in patients with severe haemophilia A:The value of ultrasound screening and biochemical markers

van Bergen Eline D.P., van Leeuwen Flora H.P., Foppen Wouter, Timmer Merel A., Schutgens Roger E.G., Mastbergen Simon C., Lafeber Floris P.J.G., de Jong Pim A., Fischer Kathelijn, van Vulpen Lize F.D. 2023, In: Haemophilia. 29 , p. 1580-1588 9 p.

The association of radiologic body composition parameters with clinical outcomes in level-1 trauma patients

Sweet Arthur A.R., Kobes Tim, Houwert Roderick M., Groenwold Rolf H.H., Moeskops Pim, Leenen Luke P.H., de Jong Pim A., Veldhuis Wouter B., van Baal Mark C.P.M. 2023, In: European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery. 49 , p. 1947-1958 12 p.

Robustness of pulmonary nodule radiomic features on computed tomography as a function of varying radiation dose levels—a multi-dose in vivo patient study

Bartholomeus Gijs A., van Amsterdam Wouter A.C., Harder Annemarie M.den, Willemink Martin J., van Hamersvelt Robbert W., de Jong Pim A., Leiner Tim 2023, In: European Radiology. 33 , p. 7044-7055 12 p.

MRI-based synthetic CT in the detection of knee osteoarthritis:Comparison with CT

Arbabi Saeed, Foppen Wouter, Gielis Willem Paul, van Stralen Marijn, Jansen Mylène, Arbabi Vahid, de Jong Pim A, Weinans Harrie, Seevinck Peter 2023, In: Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 41 , p. 2530-2539 10 p.

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