prof. dr. D.W. (Dylan) de Lange

prof. dr. D.W. (Dylan) de Lange

Full Professor
prof. dr. D.W. (Dylan) de Lange
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • NVIC bedrijfsvoering

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Dylan de Lange started his medical education at the University of Utrecht in 1992. After graduating he started as a resident in Internal Medicine in a teaching hospital in Amersfoort but he finished his residency in the University Medical Center in Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). Afterwards he did a fellowship in Infectious Diseases and subsequently a fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine. In 2007 he joined the medical staff of the Intensive Care Unit and the Dutch Poisons Information Center (DPIC) in the University Medical Center Utrecht, where he has been working ever since. 

Since 2017 he is full professor in Clinical Toxicology and the chair of the Dutch Poisons Information Center ( As a clinical toxicologist (European Registered Toxicologist, ERT) he advises on medical treatment of intoxicated patients. The Dutch Poisons Information Center is contacted for medical advice over 150,000 times per year by other medical professionals.

He is a board member of the National Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE) Foundation, which benchmarks the all Dutch ICUs. Part of his current research is derived from this large national registry: (long term) outcome after intensive care treatment. Not only mortality is important but also the health related quality of life (HRQoL). Can we predict good/bad outcome?

From 2017 until 2020 he was the chair of the scientific section on "Health Safety Research and Outcome" (HSRO) of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). Here he got involved in the (long-term) outcomes of older ICU patients. Not only survival is of importance but also the functional status and the quality of life of survivors. See for more information.

His research interests obviously situate at the intersection of Clinical Toxicology and Intensive Care Medicine and focusses on "predicting outcome" in:

  1. critically ill intoxicated patient
  2. critically ill patients, especially in regard to the pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics of antimicrobials and immunosuppressants 
  3. critically ill patients with the use of biomarkers

In 2019 a large European research project started looking at the (long-term) outcomes of intoxicated patients on various ICUs in the World. Can we predict outcome based on variables that ate present at admission to the hospital? This INTOXICATE study is gaining momentum and a lot of patients from all over the world have already been included in this study. For more up-to-date details, see 

Side Activities

Lid van de Commissie van Toezicht van de Postdoctorale Educatie Toxicologie (PET) van de Nederlandse Vereninging van Toxicologie - vanaf 2022?

Lid van de Safety commissie van de RATE-studie - sinds 2021

Lid van de werkgroep voor medicamenteuze behandeling van COVID-19 van de Stichting Werkgroep Antibiotica Beleid (SWAB) - sinds 2020 

Lid van het Expertiseteam Behandeling COVID-19 van de Federatie Medisch Specialisten (FMS) - sinds 2020 

Lid namens ESICM van de European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Investigation of Medication Errors in Intensive Care Units - sinds 2020 

Organisatie en docent van de de Multidisciplinaire Toxicologie cursus vanuit het Gemeensschappelijk Intoxicatie Forum (GIF) samenwerkingsverband - sinds 2019

Congrescommissie van de Nederlandse Vereniging van Intensive Care (NVIC) - sinds 2018 

Overleg niet-geregistreerde geneesmiddelen voor antidota en calamiteitenvoorraad RIVM/IGJ/NVIC/CBG - sinds 2017

VIP study group van de Health Research Services and Outcome (HSRO) section van de European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) - sinds 2015

Vice-voorzitter van de Taskforce Infectieuze Bedreigingen van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Intensive Care (NVIC) - sinds 2009

Secretaris van Stichting Nederlandse Intensive Care Evaluatie (NICE) - sinds 2006

Research Output (314)

Contribution of information about acute and geriatric characteristics to decisions about life-sustaining treatment for old patients in intensive care

Beil Michael, van Heerden P Vernon, de Lange Dylan W, Szczeklik Wojciech, Leaver Susannah, Guidet Bertrand, Flaatten Hans, Jung Christian, Sviri Sigal, Joskowicz Leo Dec 2023, In: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 23

The clinical frailty scale - does it predict outcome of the very-old in UK ICUs?

Lonsdale Dagan O, Tong Liting, Farrah Helen, Farnell-Ward Sarah, Ryan Chris, Watson Ximena, Cecconi Maurizio, Flaatten Hans, Fjølner Jesper, Jung Christian, Guidet Bertrand, de Lange Dylan, Szczeklik Wojciech, Muessig Johanna M, Leaver Susannah K May 2023, In: Journal of the Intensive Care Society. 24 , p. 154-161 8 p.

The association of amfetamines and cathinones with acute coronary syndrome - a systematic review

Gresnigt F M J, Smits E S, den Haan C, Riezebos R K, Franssen E J F, de Lange D W May 2023, In: Clinical Toxicology . 61 , p. 336-345 10 p.

Incidence of cardiovascular symptoms and adverse events following self-reported acute cannabis intoxication at the emergency department:a retrospective study

Gresnigt Femke, van den Brink Lianne C, Hunault Claudine, Franssen Eric, de Lange Dylan, Riezebos Robert 20 Mar 2023, In: Emergency Medicine Journal. 40 , p. 357-358 2 p.

The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) Score:has the time come for an update?

Moreno Rui, Rhodes Andrew, Piquilloud Lise, Hernandez Glenn, Takala Jukka, Gershengorn Hayley B, Tavares Miguel, Coopersmith Craig M, Myatra Sheila N, Singer Mervyn, Rezende Ederlon, Prescott Hallie C, Soares Márcio, Timsit Jean-François, de Lange Dylan W, Jung Christian, De Waele Jan J, Martin Greg S, Summers Charlotte, Azoulay Elie, Fujii Tomoko, McLean Anthony S, Vincent Jean-Louis 13 Jan 2023, In: Critical care (London, England). 27

High Incidence of Signs of Neuropathy and Self-Reported Substance Use Disorder for Nitrous Oxide in Patients Intoxicated with Nitrous Oxide

Nugteren-Van Lonkhuyzen Johanna J, van der Ben Lot, van den Hengel-Koot Irma S, de Lange Dylan W, van Riel Antoinette J H P, Hondebrink Laura 2023, In: European Addiction Research. 29 , p. 202-212 11 p.

The association of prior paracetamol intake with outcome of very old intensive care patients with COVID-19:results from an international prospective multicentre trial

Baldia Philipp Heinrich, Wernly Bernhard, Flaatten Hans, Fjølner Jesper, Artigas Antonio, Pinto Bernardo Bollen, Schefold Joerg C, Kelm Malte, Beil Michael, Bruno Raphael Romano, Binnebößel Stephan, Wolff Georg, Erkens Ralf, Sigal Sviri, van Heerden Peter Vernon, Szczeklik Wojciech, Elhadi Muhammed, Joannidis Michael, Oeyen Sandra, Marsh Brian, Andersen Finn H, Moreno Rui, Leaver Susannah, De Lange Dylan W, Guidet Bertrand, Jung Christian, 27 Dec 2022, In: BMC Geriatrics. 22

The association of the Activities of Daily Living and the outcome of old intensive care patients suffering from COVID-19

Bruno Raphael Romano, Wernly Bernhard, Flaatten Hans, Fjølner Jesper, Artigas Antonio, Baldia Philipp Heinrich, Binneboessel Stephan, Bollen Pinto Bernardo, Schefold Joerg C, Wolff Georg, Kelm Malte, Beil Michael, Sviri Sigal, van Heerden Peter Vernon, Szczeklik Wojciech, Elhadi Muhammed, Joannidis Michael, Oeyen Sandra, Kondili Eumorfia, Marsh Brian, Wollborn Jakob, Andersen Finn H, Moreno Rui, Leaver Susannah, Boumendil Ariane, De Lange Dylan W, Guidet Bertrand, Jung Christian, Dec 2022, In: Annals of Intensive Care. 12

Characteristics and outcome of COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU:a nationwide cohort study on the comparison between the first and the consecutive upsurges of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands

Dongelmans Dave A, Termorshuizen Fabian, Brinkman Sylvia, Bakhshi-Raiez Ferishta, Arbous M Sesmu, de Lange Dylan W, van Bussel Bas C T, de Keizer Nicolette F, Dec 2022, In: Annals of Intensive Care. 12

Noninvasive ventilation in COVID-19 patients aged ≥ 70 years-a prospective multicentre cohort study

Polok Kamil, Fronczek Jakub, Artigas Antonio, Flaatten Hans, Guidet Bertrand, De Lange Dylan W, Fjølner Jesper, Leaver Susannah, Beil Michael, Sviri Sigal, Bruno Raphael Romano, Wernly Bernhard, Bollen Pinto Bernardo, Schefold Joerg C, Studzińska Dorota, Joannidis Michael, Oeyen Sandra, Marsh Brian, Andersen Finn H, Moreno Rui, Cecconi Maurizio, Jung Christian, Szczeklik Wojciech, Dec 2022, In: Critical care (London, England). 26

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