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Research Output (49)

Prediction of individual life-years gained without cardiovascular events from lipid, blood pressure, glucose, and aspirin treatment based on data of more than 500 000 patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Berkelmans Gijs F N, Gudbjörnsdottir Soffia, Visseren Frank L J, Wild Sarah H, Franzen Stefan, Chalmers John, Davis Barry R, Poulter Neil R, Spijkerman Annemieke M, Woodward Mark, Pressel Sara L, Gupta Ajay K, van der Schouw Yvonne T, Svensson Ann-Marie, van der Graaf Yolanda, Read Stephanie H, Eliasson Bjorn, Dorresteijn Jannick A N 9 jan 2019, In: European Heart Journal. 40 , p. 2899-2906 8 p.

Cholesterolverlaging bij ouderen Starten, stoppen of doorgaan?

Kleipool Emma E.F., Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., Visseren Frank L.J., Hollander Monika, Peters Mike J.L., Muller Majon 1 jan 2019, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 163

The prediction of therapy-benefit for individual cardiovascular disease prevention:rationale, implications, and implementation

Jaspers Nicole E.M., Ridker Paul M., Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., Visseren Frank L.J. 1 dec 2018, In: Current opinion in lipidology. 29 , p. 436-444 9 p.

Cholesterolverlaging bij ouderen

Kleipool Emma E.F., Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., Visseren Frank L.J., Hollander Monika, Peters Mike J.L., Muller Majon 5 okt 2018, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 162

Estimated individual lifetime benefit from PCSK9 inhibition in statin-treated patients with coronary artery disease

Kaasenbrood Lotte, Ray Kausik K., Boekholdt S. Matthijs, Smulders Yvo M., LaRosa John C., Kastelein John J.P., Van Der Graaf Yolanda, Dorresteijn Johannes A.N., Visseren Frank L.J. 1 okt 2018, In: Heart. 104 , p. 1699-1705 7 p.

Routinely measured hematological parameters and prediction of recurrent vascular events in patients with clinically manifest vascular disease

Kofink Daniel, Muller Steven A., Patel Riyaz S., Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., Berkelmans Gijs F.N., De Groot Mark C.H., Van Solinge Wouter W., Haitjema Saskia, Leiner Tim, Visseren Frank L.J., Hoefer Imo E., Asselbergs Folkert W., 1 sep 2018, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 13

Estimated life expectancy without recurrent cardiovascular events in patients with vascular disease:The SMART-REACH model

Kaasenbrood Lotte, Bhatt Deepak L., Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., Wilson Peter W.F., D’Agostino Ralph B., Massaro Joseph M., van der Graaf Yolanda, Cramer Maarten J.M., Kappelle L. Jaap, de Borst Gert J., Steg Ph Gabriel, Visseren Frank L.J. 1 aug 2018, In: Journal of the American Heart Association. 7

Variation in minimum desired cardiovascular disease-free longevity benefit from statin and antihypertensive medications:A cross-sectional study of patient and primary care physician perspectives

Jaspers Nicole E.M., Visseren Frank L.J., Numans Mattijs E., Smulders Yvo M., Van Loenen Martinet Fere A., Van Der Graaf Yolanda, Dorresteijn Jannick A.N. 1 mei 2018, In: BMJ Open. 8

Decline in risk of recurrent cardiovascular events in the period 1996 to 2014 partly explained by better treatment of risk factors and less subclinical atherosclerosis

Berkelmans Gijs F N, van der Graaf Yolanda, Dorresteijn Jannick A.N., de Borst Gert Jan, Cramer Maarten J., Kappelle L. Jaap, Westerink Jan, Visseren Frank L.J., 15 jan 2018, In: International Journal of Cardiology. 251 , p. 96-102 7 p.

A new selection method to increase the health benefits of CVD prevention strategies

Lagerweij Ghizelda R, de Wit G Ardine, Moons Karel Gm, van der Schouw Yvonne T, Verschuren Wm Monique, Dorresteijn Jannick An, Koffijberg Hendrik, 1 jan 2018, In: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 25 , p. 642-650

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