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prof. dr. J. Hendrikse Full Professor

  • Radiology
  • Researchgr. Neuroradiologie

J. Hendrikse


Research Programs


The overall aim of prof. Hendrikse’s research is to understand the cause of ischemic stroke with a focus on the three P’s: Pipes (vessel and vessel walls), Perfusion (CBF and reserve capacity) and Parenchyma (brain tissue and tissue changes/infarcts). After his PhD in 2004 he has created a new research field with technical development and clinical applications of MR methods of cerebral perfusion (so called arterial spin labeling MRI) and intracranial vessel wall imaging. His original MR research is recognized by the international research field with European grants (FP7, Biocog; WP leader) and personal national excellence grants (ERC-StG, VIDI, VENI, Heart association, Technical Research Council), chairmanship of international (ISMRM) perfusion study group, steering committee member of Carotid Stenosis Triallists Collaboration (CSTC), invited lectures, reviews, white papers and book chapters. 22 of his publications are within international collaborations (including Johns Hopkins University and Vanderbilt University, USA). He has over 30 publications within the field of 7T MRI brain imaging method developments. In the radiology and neurovascular research arena ‘RADIOLOGY and ‘STROKE’ are leading journals: he has over 30 publications in these journals. He is the first radiologist awarded with a VIDI grant and an ERC-StG. The focus of his research group is to understand the relation between the ‘3Ps’: pipes (arterial vasculature), perfusion and parenchyma (brain tissue damage) by using innovative imaging methods. Early 2017 he was appointed Chairman of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine UMC Utrecht.


Research line

Brain MRI: Pipes, Perfusion, Parenchyma

Most recent key publications

1: Dieleman N, Van der Kolk AG. Hendrikse J. MR intracranial vessel wall imaging: current prospects and future directions. Circulation. 2014 Jul 8;130(2):192-201
2: De Vis JB, Petersen ET, Bhogal A, Hartkamp NS, Klijn CJ, Kappelle LJ, Hendrikse J. Calibrated MRI to evaluate cerebral hemodynamics in patients with an internal carotid artery occlusion. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2015 Jun;35(6):1015-23
3: Van der Kolk AG, Zwanenburg JJ, Brundel M, Biessels GJ, Visser F, Luijten PR, Hendrikse J. Distribution and natural course of intracranial vessel wall lesions in patients with ischemic stroke or TIA at 7.0 Tesla MRI. Eur Radiol. 2015 Jun;25(6):1692-700
4: De Rotte AA, Truijman MT, van Dijk AC, Liem MI, Schreuder FH, van der Kolk AG, de Kruijk JR, Daemen MJ, van der Steen AF, de Borst GJ, Luijten PR, Nederkoorn PJ, Kooi ME, van der Lugt A, Hendrikse J. Plaque components in symptomatic moderately stenosed carotid arteries related to cerebral infarcts: the plaque at RISK study. Stroke. 2015 Feb;46(2):568-71
5: Hendrikse J, Van der Grond J, Lu H, Van Zijl PCM, Golay X. Flow territory mapping of the cerebral arteries with MRI. Stroke. 2004;35:882-887

Side Activities

  • ZonMW Veni-subsidiereviewer 2018, 2019 en 2020 


Fellowship and Awards

  • 1: ERC-StG
    2: VENI and VIDI
    3: FP7-WP-Leader
    4: Dutch Heart Association
    5: STW/Technical Research Council

Research Output (174)

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and Cerebral Perfusion Are Associated with Brain Volume Decrease in a Cohort of Predominantly Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

van der Kleij Lisa A, De Vis Jill B, Restivo Matthew C, Turtzo L Christine, Hendrikse Jeroen, Latour Lawrence L 5 dec 2019, In: Journal of Neurotrauma. 37 , p. 600-607 8 p.

Associations of Perioperative Variables With the 30-Day Risk of Stroke or Death in Carotid Endarterectomy for Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis

Knappich Christoph, Kuehnl Andreas, Haller Bernhard, Salvermoser Michael, Algra Ale, Becquemin Jean Pierre, Bonati Leo H., Bulbulia Richard, Calvet David, Fraedrich Gustav, Gregson John, Halliday Alison, Hendrikse Jeroen, Howard George, Jansen Olav, Malas Mahmoud B., Ringleb Peter A., Brown Martin M., Mas Jean Louis, Brott Thomas G., Morris Dylan R., Lewis Steff C., Eckstein Hans Henning 1 dec 2019, In: Stroke. 50 , p. 3439-3448 10 p.

Intracranial Vessel Wall Magnetic Resonance Imaging Does Not Allow for Accurate and Precise Wall Thickness Measurements:An Ex Vivo Study

van Hespen Kees M., Zwanenburg Jaco J.M., Harteveld Anita A., Luijten Peter R., Hendrikse Jeroen, Kuijf Hugo J. 1 okt 2019, In: Stroke. 50 , p. e283-e284

The association between frailty and MRI features of cerebral small vessel disease

Kant Ilse M J, Mutsaerts Henri J M M, van Montfort Simone J T, Jaarsma-Coes Myriam G, Witkamp Theodoor D, Winterer Georg, Spies Claudia D, Hendrikse Jeroen, Slooter Arjen J C, de Bresser Jeroen, 5 aug 2019, In: Scientific Reports. 9

Secular Trends in Procedural Stroke or Death Risks of Stenting Versus Endarterectomy for Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis A Pooled Analysis of Randomized Trials

Müller Mandy D, von Felten Stefanie, Algra Ale, Becquemin Jean-Pierre, Bulbulia Richard, Calvet David, Eckstein Hans-Henning, Fraedrich Gustav, Halliday Alison, Hendrikse Jeroen, Howard George, Gregson John, Jansen Olav, Brown Martin M, Mas Jean-Louis, Brott Thomas G, Ringleb Peter A, Bonati Leo H aug 2019, In: Circulation. Cardiovascular Interventions. 12

Hippocampal sulcal cavities prevalence, risk factors and association with cognitive performance. The SMART-Medea study and PREDICT-MR study

Blom Kim, Koek Huiberdina L, van der Graaf Yolanda, Zwartbol Maarten H T, Wisse Laura E M, Hendrikse Jeroen, Biessels Geert Jan, Geerlings Mirjam I, aug 2019, In: Brain Imaging and Behavior. 13 , p. 1093-1102 10 p.

Enabling free-breathing background suppressed renal pCASL using fat imaging and retrospective motion correction

Bones Isabell K, Harteveld Anita A, Franklin Suzanne L, van Osch Matthias J P, Hendrikse Jeroen, Moonen Chrit T W, Bos Clemens, van Stralen Marijn jul 2019, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 82 , p. 276-288 13 p.

Gadolinium Enhancement of the Aneurysm Wall in Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Aneurysm Instability:A Follow-Up Study

Vergouwen M D I, Backes D, van der Schaaf I C, Hendrikse J, Kleinloog R, Algra A, Rinkel G J E jul 2019, In: American Journal of Neuroradiology. 40 , p. 1112-1116 5 p.

Cerebral microbleeds are not associated with postoperative delirium and postoperative cognitive dysfunction in older individuals

Lachmann Gunnar, Kant Ilse, Lammers Florian, Windmann Victoria, Spies Claudia, Speidel Saya, Borchers Friedrich, Hadzidiakos Daniel, Hendrikse Jeroen, Winterer Georg, de Bresser Jeroen, 1 jun 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14 , p. e0218411

Preliminary evidence for cerebral capillary shunting in adults with sickle cell anemia

Juttukonda Meher R, Donahue Manus J., Davis Larry T, Gindville Melissa C, Lee Chelsea A, Patel Niral J, Kassim Adetola A, Pruthi Sumit, Hendrikse Jeroen, Jordan Lori C. jun 2019, In: Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 39 , p. 1099-1110 12 p.

All Research Output (174)
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