prof. dr. I.M. (Andy) Hoepelman

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  • Internal Medicine

prof. dr. I.M. (Andy) Hoepelman

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Andy I.M. Hoepelman, MD, PhD, is the former head of the Department of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands), and has served since 1998 as professor of medicine. Since 2016 he is the head of the deparment of Infectious Diseases. He also heads the training program in Infectious Disease for Internal Medicine specialists at the University Hospital Utrecht. Dr. Hoepelman earned his doctorate, medical degree, and PhD from the University of Utrecht, and is board certified as a specialist in internal medicine and infectious diseases. He is the former chairman of the hepatitis study group of ESMID. Currently he is chairman of the ID training committee of the Dutch Society of Internal medicine (NIV). From 1991-1992 he worked at the Rockefeller institute and the memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in New York. He received a honorary doctorate from the University of Leon, Nicaragua. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Netherlands Journal of Medicine and of the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. Dr. Hoepelman is currently one of the editors of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, editor of the Dutch Textbook of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and editor of Cohen and Powderly’s Infectious Diseases. He is also author/co-author of more than 400 peer reveiwed published articles.

Moreover, he is a winner of a bronze medal at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 and still active in Masters waterpolo among others European (2016) and World champion (2015) with his team teh Robben

Side Activities

  • -Member consulting platform on Infectious Diseases GLG (start 2010)

    -Member editorial board tijdschrift: “Infectious Diseases” (start 2012)

    -Lid editorial board Canadian Journal of Infectious Disease (start 2015)

    -Incidenteel Adviseur Rechtbank, verzekeringen  & tuchtcollege (start 2007)

    -Hoofdredacteur Nederlands leerboek voor Microbiologie & Infectieziekten (start 1999)

    -Editor Amerikaans tekstboek “Infectious Diseases” revisie in 2015 (start 2005)

    -Organisator en Docent HIV masterclass, verplichte opleidingsactiviteit aios in opleiding tot internist-infectioloog (start 2015)

    - Organisator en Docent Hepatitis masterclass, verplichte opleidingsactiviteit aios in opleiding tot internist-infectioloog start 2009

    -Voorzitter Sectie Infectieziekten NIV start 2012

    -Incidenteel lid advisory board ViiV (HIV) start 2014

    -Incidenteel lid advisory board Gilead (HIV) start 2014


    Voorzitter regionaal waterpolo-opleidingscentrum RWPS/RTC start 2018
    Lid FINA TWPC start 2016
    Lid spelregelcommissie KNZB start 2019
    Lid medische commissie KNZB start 2000


Fellowship and Awards

  • Honory Doctorate University of Leon, Nicaragua

Research Output (583)

Low Sensitivity of the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool in Young HIV-Infected Patients: Time to Revise Our Screening Strategy

van Welzen Berend J, Yesilay Sultan, Arends Joop E, Hoepelman Andy I M, Mudrikova Tania 15 dec 2019, In: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 82 , p. 439-442 4 p.

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV infected late presenters starting integrase inhibitor containing antiretroviral therapy

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Predictive Performance of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction Algorithms in People Living With HIV

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External validation and update of a prognostic model to predict mortality in hospitalized adults with RSV:A retrospective Dutch cohort study

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Introducing hepatitis C virus healthcare pathways in addiction care in the Netherlands with a Breakthrough project:a mixed method study

Kracht Patricia A M, de Gee Elisabeth A, van der Poel Agnes, Verhagen Marc A M T, Hoepelman Andy I M, Croes Esther A, Arends Joop E 15 jul 2019, In: Harm Reduction Journal [E]. 16

Retrieval of chronic hepatitis B patients in the Utrecht region in the Netherlands

Dimmendaal M., Kracht P. A. M., Dijkstra S., Arends J. E., Woonink F., Hoepelman A. I. M., Boland G. J., Vlaminckx B. J. M., Stadhouders P. H. G. M., Thijsen S. F. T., Verhagen M. A. M. T., Friederich P. W., Weersink A. J. L. jul 2019, In: Netherlands Journal of Medicine. 77 , p. 199-209

Use of the moving epidemic method (MEM) to assess national surveillance data for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the Netherlands, 2005 to 2017

Vos Laura M., Teirlinck Anne C., Lozano Jose E., Vega Tomas, Donker Ge A., Hoepelman Andy I. M., Bont Louis J., Oosterheert Jan Jelrik, Meijer Adam 16 mei 2019, In: Eurosurveillance. 24 , p. 34-44

Pitfalls of molecular diagnostic testing for Coxiella burnetii DNA on throat swabs

Buijs Sheila B, Hermans Mirjam H A, Agni Nabila, de Vries Maaike C, Hoepelman Andy I M, Oosterheert Jan Jelrik, Wever Peter C 14 mei 2019, In: Journal of Microbiological Methods. 162 , p. 16-20 5 p.

Switching tenofovir disoproxil fumarate to tenofovir alafenamide results in a significant decline in parathyroid hormone levels:uncovering the mechanism of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-related bone loss?

Van Welzen Berend J, Thielen Matheus A J, Mudrikova Tania, Arends Joop E, Hoepelman Andy I M 22 apr 2019, In: AIDS. 33 , p. 1531-1534 4 p.

The Skin Microbiota in Patients Hospitalized for Cellulitis and Association With Outcome

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All Research Output (583)