V. (Vjola) Hoxhaj MSc

V. (Vjola) Hoxhaj MSc

PHD Candidate - OIO
V. (Vjola) Hoxhaj MSc
  • Julius Center, dept. Data Science & Biostatistics



Born in Fier, Albania, Vjola Hoxhaj is a dedicated Ph.D. candidate in UMC Utrecht driven by a deep commitment to harnessing the power of real-world data (RWD) through the enhancement of data quality and fitness-for-use assessments.  

Vjola developed a passion for science and healthcare from an early age. She pursued her master’s degree in pharmacy from the Medical University of Tirana, Albania, where she gained a solid foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care. 

Her enthusiasm for research led her to pursue advanced studies, culminating in a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During her master’s program, she discovered her passion for programming, adding an additional layer to her dynamic skill set.

Currently immersed in her doctoral pursuit at UMC Utrecht , Vjola’s research delves deeply into the domain of Real-World Data quality, aiming to enhance the reliability and validity of data that underpins critical decisions in healthcare, research, and beyond. Vjola is known for her unyielding dedication to meticulous analysis. She collaborates extensively with partners and institutions across Europe to develop innovative methodologies and tools that sift through vast datasets, revealing patterns and discrepancies. Her engagement extends to conducting workshops and courses in data science and data quality. Through her pursuit of elevating the benchmarks of RWD quality, she aims to inspire others to embrace the challenges of data integrity and to pave the way for a future driven by credible insights. 


Research Output (2)

Impact of the 2018 revised Pregnancy Prevention Programme by the European Medicines Agency on the use of oral retinoids in females of childbearing age in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain:an interrupted time series analysis

Durán Carlos E, Riera-Arnau Judit, Abtahi Shahab, Pajouheshnia Romin, Hoxhaj Vjola, Gamba Magdalena, Alsina Ema, Martin-Perez Mar, Garcia-Poza Patricia, Llorente-Garcia Ana, Gonzalez-Bermejo Diana, Ibánez Luisa, Sabaté Mònica, Vidal Xavier, Ballarín Elena, Sanfélix-Gimeno Gabriel, Rodríguez-Bernal Clara, Peiró Salvador, García-Sempere Aníbal, Sanchez-Saez Francisco, Ientile Valentina, Ingrasciotta Ylenia, Guarneri Claudio, Tanaglia Matilde, Tari Michele, Herings Ron, Houben Eline, Swart-Polinder Karin, Holthuis Emily, Huerta Consuelo, Gini Rosa, Roberto Giuseppe, Bartolini Claudia, Paoletti Olga, Limoncella Giorgio, Girardi Anna, Hyeraci Giulia, Andersen Morten, Kristiansen Sarah Brøgger, Hallgreen Christine Erikstrup, Klungel Olaf, Sturkenboom Miriam 17 Aug 2023, In: Frontiers in Pharmacology. 14 , p. 1-12 12 p.

Impact of 2018 EU Risk Minimisation Measures and Revised Pregnancy Prevention Programme on Utilisation and Prescribing Trends of Medicinal Products Containing Valproate:An Interrupted Time Series Study

Abtahi Shahab, Pajouheshnia Romin, Durán Carlos E, Riera-Arnau Judit, Gamba Magdalena, Alsina Ema, Hoxhaj Vjola, Andersen Morten, Bartolini Claudia, Kristiansen Sarah Brøgger, Brown Jeremy, Hallgreen Christine Erikstrup, Garcia-Poza Patricia, Gardarsdottir Helga, Gini Rosa, Girardi Anna, Holthuis Emily, Huerta Consuelo, Ibánez Luisa, Limoncella Giorgio, Martín-Pérez Mar, Paoletti Olga, Roberto Giuseppe, Souverein Patrick, Swart Karin M A, Wing Kevin, Sturkenboom Miriam, Klungel Olaf 9 Jun 2023, In: Drug Safety. 46 , p. 689-702 14 p.

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