dr. G.J.M. Huiskamp

dr. G.J.M. Huiskamp

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dr. G.J.M. Huiskamp
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Geertjan Huiskamp obtained his PhD degree at the University  of Nijmegen in 1989 on work on the inverse problem of electrocardiography.  After having spent  post-doc  research at the University of California at Irvine on inverse methods and again at the University of Nijmegen  on propagation models  for ventricular  activation, in 1996 he moved to the department of Clinical Neurophysiology  of the University Medical  Center Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he got involved in source localization for pre-surgical evaluation of epilepsy patients.  Since 2000 he is staff physicist at the department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, University Medical Center Utrecht, where his main tasks are research and technology assessment centered around the invasive epilepsy monitoring unit. His current interests are in advanced signal processing of spontaneous and evoked EEG in epilepsy patients. 

Side Activities

2012 - lecturer signal analysis EEG technician LOI

2017 member scientific committee 3rd international conference on basic and applied multimodal imaging BaCI 2017

Research Output (119)

Developmental trajectory of transmission speed in the human brain

van Blooijs Dorien, van den Boom Max A, van der Aar Jaap F, Huiskamp Geertjan M, Castegnaro Giulio, Demuru Matteo, Zweiphenning Willemiek J E M, van Eijsden Pieter, Miller Kai J, Leijten Frans S S, Hermes Dora 9 Mar 2023, In: Nature Neuroscience. 26 , p. 537-541 5 p.

Intraoperative electrocorticography using high-frequency oscillations or spikes to tailor epilepsy surgery in the Netherlands (the HFO trial):a randomised, single-blind, adaptive non-inferiority trial

Zweiphenning Willemiek, Klooster Maryse A.van t., van Klink Nicole E.C., Leijten Frans S.S., Ferrier Cyrille H., Gebbink Tineke, Huiskamp Geertjan, van Zandvoort Martine J.E., van Schooneveld Monique M.J., Bourez M., Goemans Sophie, Straumann Sven, van Rijen Peter C., Gosselaar Peter H., van Eijsden Pieter, Otte Willem M., van Diessen Eric, Braun Kees P.J., Zijlmans Maeike, Bloemen-Carlier Eltje M., Cibulková Veronika, de Munnink Renee, van der Salm Sandra, Eijkemans Martinus J.C., Ophorst-van Eck Janine M., Velders Anouk, van Asch Charlotte J.J., Zwemmer Jack, van Regteren-van Griethuysen Renate, Smeding Henriette, van der Berg Lydia, de Bresser Jeroen, de Kort Gérard A.P., Dankbaar Jan Willem, Nov 2022, In: The Lancet. Neurology. 21 , p. 982-993 12 p.

Deep learning and electrocorticography to tailor epilepsy surgery

Hoogteijling S., Schaft E., Huiskamp G., Straumann S., Smits P., Demuru M., van Rijen P., Leijten F., Gebbink T., van Putten M., Zijlmans M. Sep 2022, In: Epilepsia. 63 , p. 104-104

Tailored epilepsy surgery with high frequency oscillations versus spikes in intra-operative electrocorticography: Results of the RCT HFO trial

Klooster M. Van ' T., Zweiphenning W., Van Klink N., Leijten F., Ferrier C., Gebbink T., Huiskamp G., Van Zandvoort M., Van Schooneveld M., Bourez M., Goemans S., Straumann S., Van Rijen P., Gosselaar P., Van Eijsden P., Otte W., Van Diessen E., Braun K., Zijlmans M. Sep 2022, In: Epilepsia. 63 , p. 19-20

Accurate differentiation between physiological and pathological ripples recorded with scalp-EEG

Mooij Anne H., Huiskamp Geertjan J.M., Aarts Emmeke, Ferrier Cyrille H., Braun Kees P.J., Zijlmans Maeike 30 Aug 2022, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 143 , p. 172-181 10 p.

High-resolution electric source imaging for presurgical evaluation of tuberous sclerosis complex patients

Mouthaan Brian E., Jansen Floor E., Colon Albert J., Huiskamp Geertjan M., van Eijsden Pieter, Leijten Frans S.S., Braun Kees P.J. 29 Oct 2021, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 133 , p. 126-134 9 p.

The value of intra-operative electrographic biomarkers for tailoring during epilepsy surgery:from group-level to patient-level analysis

Demuru Matteo, Kalitzin Stiliyan, Zweiphenning Willemiek, van Blooijs Dorien, van’t Klooster Maryse, Van Eijsden Pieter, Leijten Frans, Zijlmans Maeike, Braun Kees, Ferrier Cyrille, Gebbink Tineke, Gosselaar Peter, Huiskamp Geertjan, van Klink Nicole, Ophorst Janine, van Rijen Peter, van der Salm Sandra, Winter Anouk Velders de, 4 Sep 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10

A skew-based method for identifying intracranial EEG channels with epileptic activity without detecting spikes, ripples, or fast ripples

Mooij Anne H., Frauscher Birgit, Gotman Jean, Huiskamp Geertjan J.M. 22 Nov 2019, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 131 , p. 183-192 10 p.

What are you looking at? Unrippling terminology for high frequency activity

Noorlag Lotte, van Klink Nicole, Huiskamp Geertjan, Zijlmans Maeike Nov 2019, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 130 , p. 2132-2133 2 p.

Pathological responses to single pulse electrical stimuli in epilepsy:the role of feedforward inhibition

Hebbink Jurgen, Huiskamp Geertjan, van Gils Stephan A, Leijten Frans S S, Meijer Hil G E 27 Aug 2019, In: European Journal of Neuroscience. 51 , p. 1122-1136 15 p.

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