dr. J.J. (Jurjen) Luykx

dr. J.J. (Jurjen) Luykx

Assistant Professor - medical
  • Division Neuroscience

Research Programs




Jurjen Luykx obtained his medical degree at Utrecht University in 2005. He was a visiting scholar and was trained in neurogenetics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2006/2007. In 2012 he finished his residency in psychiatry and has since held several clinical consultant positions at psychiatric hospitals in Arnhem and the Utrecht area. In March 2013 he obtained his PhD in neuropsychiatric genetics at Utrecht University. Starting February 1st, 2019 he heads the residency program at GGNet Mental Healthy in Apeldoorn, where he also sees outpatients suffering from a range of psychiatric disorders.

Education and positions in academia

Current: University Medical Center Utrecht Utrecht, The Netherlands
Human Neurogenetics Unit, Head of Program in Psychiatric Genetics 
2007 – 2013 University Medical Center Utrecht Utrecht
Ph.D. program (“Determinants of Neurotransmitters in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma”)
2006 – 2007 University of California (UCLA) Los Angeles, USA
Program in Neurogenetics
1999 – 2005 Utrecht University Utrecht
Doctor of Medicine

Research line

We welcome master students with an interest in psychiatric genetics coming from different backgrounds. A lot of the work we do concerns biostatistics; some of the work also involves wet lab activities.With our lab of postdocs, PhD students, lab technicians, bioinformaticians we focus on the following projects:

• Targeted DNA and RNA sequencing in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
• Genetic overlap studies: ALS-schizophrenia, OCD-schizophrenia, metabolic traits-schizophrenia, and EEG-epilepsy
• Other genetic studies in psychiatric patients: PTSD-related phenotypes; Pathway analysis studies in schizophrenia; Genetics of clozapine use (; Genetics of antipsychotic-induced weight gain; Genetics of ECT responsiveness; EEG genomics.
• I am also country coordinator for the Prednisolone trial (placebo-controlled randomized trial studying the effects of prednisolone addition to antipsychotics), EULAST (European randomized controlled trial studying treatment effects of oral vs depot antipsychotics and pharmacogenetics in schizophrenia) and RAPSODI (trial into add-on of raloxifene vs. placebo in the treatment of schizophrenia).

Professional associations

• Psychiatric Genomics Consortium (PGC) - Eating Disorders working group & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Tourette Syndrome working group & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder working group & Substance Use Disorders steering committee & MDD working group & ENIGMA-EEG working group & ENIGMA-cortex working group

Highlighted publications

• B.D. Lin, A. Alkema, …. & J.J. Luykx. Assessing causal links between metabolic traits, inflammation and schizophrenia: a univariable and multivariable bidirectional Mendelian Randomization study (International Journal of Epidemiology, in press): using both univariate and multivariate MR we find evidence that dyslipidemia has a role in schizophrenia independent of medication status.

•J.J. Luykx, R. van der Spek, …., Annelien Bredenoord & Ger Palmboom. Unconsented genetic testing in psychiatry: an (almost) no go? (Lancet Psychiatry, 2019). 

• D. Schijven, J.H. Veldink & J.J. Luykx. Genetic cross-disorder analysis in psychiatry: from methodology to clinical utility (British Journal of Psychiatry, 2019): in this paper we discuss the ramifications and clinical implications of genetic cross-disorder research for patients and psychiatrists.

• R. McLaughlin, D. Schijven,….. & O. Hardiman / J.H. Veldink / J.J. Luykx (shared supervision). Genetic correlation between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and schizophrenia (Nature Communications, 2017): under my supervision the first evidence of genetic overlap between schizophrenia and ALS was discovered.

• M. Lancee, C.M.C. Lemmens, … & J.J. Luykx. Outcome reporting bias in trials investigating antipsychotic drugs (Translational Psychiatry, 2017): here, we demonstrated the nature and degree of outcome reporting bias in antipsychotics trials.

• J.J. Luykx, S.C. Bakker, et al. Genome-wide association study of NMDA receptor coagonists in human cerebrospinal fluid and plasma (Molecular Psychiatry, 2015): we outline the first genetic evidence of the involvement of schizophrenia risk genes in determining neurotransmitter coagonist levels in CSF.

Fellowship and Awards




Funded by

€200,000 (personal grant)


Next-generation targeted sequencing

Brain division, UMCU

€149,000 (main applicant)


Emergency psychiatry guidelines


€309,000 (main applicant)


Imaging genomics

ALS foundation

€260,000 (co-applicant)


Genetic Counseling Consortium


Research Output (150)

The performance of ChatGPT in generating answers to clinical questions in psychiatry:a two-layer assessment

Luykx Jurjen J., Gerritse Frank, Habets Philippe C., Vinkers Christiaan H. Oct 2023, In: World Psychiatry. 22 , p. 479-480 2 p.

Gene-environment interaction study on the polygenic risk score for neuroticism, childhood adversity, and parental bonding

Klingenberg Boris, Guloksuz Sinan, Pries Lotta Katrin, Cinar Ozan, Menne-Lothmann Claudia, Decoster Jeroen, Van Winkel Ruud, Collip Dina, Delespaul Philippe, De Hert Marc, Derom Catherine, Thiery Evert, Jacobs Nele, Wichers Marieke, Lin Bochao D., Luykx Jurjen, Van Os Jim, Rutten Bart P.F. 4 Aug 2023, In: Personality Neuroscience. 6 , p. 1-9 9 p.

Bestaat er zoiets als eco-angst?

Luykx Jurjen J., Vinkers Christiaan H., Tijdink Joeri K. 31 May 2023, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 167

Associations between genetic liabilities to smoking behavior and schizophrenia symptoms in patients with a psychotic disorder, their siblings and healthy controls

Lin Bochao Danae, Vermeulen Jentien M., Bolhuis K., Chang Xiao, Schirmbeck Frederike, van Eijk Kristel R., Alizadeh Behrooz Z., Bartels-Velthuis Agna A., van Amelsvoort Therese, Bruggeman Richard, Cahn Wiepke, de Haan Lieuwe, Rutten Bart P.F., Guloksuz Sinan, Luykx Jurjen J., van Os Jim, Simons Claudia J.P., van Winkel Ruud, Blankers Matthijs, van den Brink W., May 2023, In: Psychiatry Research. 323 , p. 1-8

Efficacy of oral versus long-acting antipsychotic treatment in patients with early-phase schizophrenia in Europe and Israel:a large-scale, open-label, randomised trial (EULAST)

Winter-van Rossum Inge, Weiser Mark, Galderisi Silvana, Leucht Stefan, Bitter Istvan, Glenthøj Birte, Hasan Alkomiet, Luykx Jurjen, Kupchik Marina, Psota Georg, Rocca Paola, Stefanis Nikos, Teitelbaum Alexander, Bar Haim Mor, Leucht Claudia, Kemmler Georg, Schurr Timo, Davidson Michael, Kahn René S., Fleischhacker W. Wolfgang, 1 Mar 2023, In: The lancet. Psychiatry. 10 , p. 197-208 12 p.

Polygenic risk score-based phenome-wide association study identifies novel associations for Tourette syndrome

Jain Pritesh, Miller-Fleming Tyne, Topaloudi Apostolia, Yu Dongmei, Drineas Petros, Georgitsi Marianthi, Yang Zhiyu, Rizzo Renata, Müller-Vahl Kirsten R., Tumer Zeynep, Mol Debes Nanette, Hartmann Andreas, Depienne Christel, Worbe Yulia, Mir Pablo, Cath Danielle C., Boomsma Dorret I., Roessner Veit, Wolanczyk Tomasz, Janik Piotr, Szejko Natalia, Zekanowski Cezary, Barta Csaba, Nemoda Zsofia, Tarnok Zsanett, Buxbaum Joseph D., Grice Dorothy, Glennon Jeffrey, Stefansson Hreinn, Hengerer Bastian, Benaroya-Milshtein Noa, Cardona Francesco, Hedderly Tammy, Heyman Isobel, Huyser Chaim, Morer Astrid, Mueller Norbert, Munchau Alexander, Plessen Kerstin J., Porcelli Cesare, Walitza Susanne, Schrag Anette, Martino Davide, Als Thomas D., Aschauer Harald, Atzmon Gil, Bækvad-Hansen Matie, Barr Cathy L., Luykx Jurjen, Ophoff Roel, , , 23 Feb 2023, In: Translational Psychiatry. 13

Associations Between Polygenic Risk Score Loading, Psychosis Liability, and Clozapine Use Among Individuals With Schizophrenia

Lin Bochao D., Pinzón-Espinosa Justo, Blouzard Elodie, Van Der Horst Marte Z., Okhuijsen-Pfeifer Cynthia, Van Eijk Kristel R., Guloksuz Sinan, Peyrot Wouter J., Luykx Jurjen J. 1 Feb 2023, In: JAMA Psychiatry. 80 , p. 181-185 5 p.

Op naar een gepersonaliseerde clozapinebehandeling

Okhuijsen-Pfeifer C., van der Horst M. Z., Luykx J. J. 2023, In: Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie. 65 , p. 107-112 6 p.

Do deficiencies in CanMEDS competencies of dismissed residents differ according to specialty?

Godschalx-Dekker Judith A., Gerritse Frank L., van Mook Walther N.K.A., Luykx Jurjen J. 2023, In: Medical Teacher. 45 , p. 772-777 6 p.

Duurzaamheid in de Vlaamse en Nederlandse ggz

Catthoor K., Luykx J. J., De Hert M., Niemegeers P., Peeters H., Krudop W., Van Den Broeck K., Detraux J. 2023, In: Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie. 65 , p. 329-333 5 p.

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