prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda

prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda

Full Professor
prof. dr. ir. J. (Jos) Malda



  1. Our research group focuses on biofabrication and biomaterials design, in particular for the regeneration of (osteo) chondral defects. We are developing novel biofabriaction strategies, as well and “bioinks” for 3D printing. These hydrogel-based “inks” are both designed to drive specific differentiation of the embedded and/or endogenous cells, as well as to allow fabrication with high shape fidelity in order to generate constructs that are a blueprint of the real tissue. In addition, we are adopting bioreactor technology to mature the generated tissue constructs. Finally, approaches towards the translation of the constructs in veterinary (equine) and human clinics are pursued, including its use as an in vitro platform for testing. 

    Areas of interest 
    - Joint regeneration 
    - Biofabrication 

    - Biomaterial development

    - Bioreactors

    - Extracellular matrix-derived scaffolds 

    - Nutrient limitation 

Side Activities

Hoogleraar Biofabrication in Translational Regenerative Medicine (0,7FTE), Afdeling Orthopaedie, UMC Utrecht
Secretary General van de International Cartilage Repair and Joint Restoration Society (ICRS; 2022-2023)
Voormalig President van de International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF; 2014-2018)
Board member International Society for Biofabrication (ISBF; 2014-2022)
Scientific Advisor, SentryX B.V.

Fellowship and Awards

Anna Prize 2017, Anna Foundation and Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging

Nanonica Prize 2015 for the breakthrough of the year in the field of nanotechnology, Nanonica Europe

ERC Consolidator Grant ERC-2014-CoG_647426

NWO Veni FellowshipPrinten van levend kraakbeen 

Research Output (247)

How do gravity alterations affect animal and human systems at a cellular/tissue level?

Cialdai Francesca et al. 21 Oct 2023, In: npj Microgravity. 9 9 p.

Shaping Synthetic Multicellular and Complex Multimaterial Tissues via Embedded Extrusion-Volumetric Printing of Microgels

Ribezzi Davide, Gueye Marième, Florczak Sammy, Dusi Franziska, de Vos Dieuwke, Manente Francesca, Hierholzer Andreas, Fussenegger Martin, Caiazzo Massimiliano, Blunk Torsten, Malda Jos, Levato Riccardo 7 Sep 2023, In: Advanced materials. 35

Biofunctionalization of 3D printed collagen with bevacizumab-loaded microparticles targeting pathological angiogenesis

Abbadessa Anna, Nuñez Bernal Paulina, Buttitta Giorgio, Ronca Alfredo, D'Amora Ugo, Zihlmann Carla, Stiefel Niklaus, Ambrosio Luigi, Malda Jos, Levato Riccardo, Crecente-Campo José, Alonso María José Aug 2023, In: Journal of Controlled Release. 360 , p. 747-758 12 p.

Convergence of melt electrowriting and extrusion-based bioprinting for vascular patterning of a myocardial construct

Ainsworth Madison Jade, Chirico Nino, de Ruijter Mylène, Hrynevich Andrei, Dokter Inge, Sluijter Joost P.G., Malda Jos, van Mil Alain, Castilho Miguel 1 Jul 2023, In: Biofabrication. 15

Load-induced fluid pressurisation in hydrogel systems before and after reinforcement by melt-electrowritten fibrous meshes

Moo Eng Kuan, Ebrahimi Mohammadhossein, Hrynevich Andrei, de Ruijter Mylène, Castilho Miguel, Malda Jos, Korhonen Rami K. Jul 2023, In: Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials. 143 12 p.

Modulating design parameters to drive cell invasion into hydrogels for osteochondral tissue formation

Schwab Andrea, Wesdorp Marinus A., Xu Jietao, Abinzano Florencia, Loebel Claudia, Falandt Marc, Levato Riccardo, Eglin David, Narcisi Roberto, Stoddart Martin J., Malda Jos, Burdick Jason A., D'Este Matteo, van Osch Gerjo J.V.M. Jul 2023, In: Journal of Orthopaedic Translation. 41 , p. 42-53 12 p.

Composite Graded Melt Electrowritten Scaffolds for Regeneration of the Periodontal Ligament-to-Bone Interface

Golafshan Nasim, Castilho Miguel, Daghrery Arwa, Alehosseini Morteza, van de Kemp Tom, Krikonis Konstantinos, de Ruijter Mylene, Dal-Fabbro Renan, Dolatshahi-Pirouz Alireza, Bhaduri Sarit B., Bottino Marco C., Malda Jos 15 Mar 2023, In: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 15 , p. 12735-12749 15 p.

Lack of concentration-dependent local toxicity of highly concentrated (5%) versus conventional 0.5% bupivacaine following musculoskeletal surgery in a rat model

Steverink Jasper G, van Tol Floris R, Bruins Suzanne, Smorenburg Andre J, Tryfonidou Marianna A, Oosterman Bas J, van Dijk Marijke R, Malda Jos, Verlaan Jorrit-Jan 8 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics. 10 , p. 1-10 10 p.

Programming Delayed Dissolution Into Sacrificial Bioinks For Dynamic Temporal Control of Architecture within 3D-Bioprinted Constructs

Soliman Bram G., Longoni Alessia, Wang Mian, Li Wanlu, Bernal , Cianciosi Alessandro, Lindberg Gabriella C.J., Malda Jos, Groll Juergen, Jungst Tomasz, Levato Riccardo, Rnjak-Kovacina Jelena, Woodfield Tim B.F., Zhang Yu Shrike, Lim Khoon S. 16 Feb 2023, In: Advanced Functional Materials. 33 , p. 1-21 21 p.

Biofabricating the vascular tree in engineered bone tissue

de Silva Leanne, Bernal Paulina N., Rosenberg A. J.W., Malda Jos, Levato Riccardo, Gawlitta Debby 15 Jan 2023, In: Acta Biomaterialia. 156 , p. 250-268 19 p.

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