prof. dr. C.T.W. (Chrit) Moonen

prof. dr. C.T.W. (Chrit) Moonen

Professor Emeritus
prof. dr. C.T.W. (Chrit) Moonen
  • Research group Molecular Imaging



Chrit Moonen did his masters in Molecular Sciences and his Ph.D. in biophysics (Wageningen University). He did part of his studies with Nobel Laureate Wüthrich in Zürich, Switzerland. He went for a postdoctoral period to the University of Oxford (Sir Georg Radda). He then worked at the University of California at Davis as a Visiting Research Scientist before becoming head of the NIH In Vivo NMR Research Center from 1987-1996. He moved back to Europe (Bordeaux, France) in 1996 where he has been director of the laboratory "Molecular and Functional Imaging: from Physiology to Therapy" until 2011.

He is currently full professor at the Division of Imaging at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He coauthored over 250 scientific papers. H-index is 76 (Google Scholar). He was President of the "International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine" (ISMRM, 2006), of the "Society for Molecular Imaging" (2009), and of the European Society of Molecular Imaging (2016). His recent work is in molecular and cellular imaging, MRI guided Focused Ultrasound, and Image Guided Drug Delivery in the Center for Imaging Sciences, Imaging Division.


Side Activities

External reviewer European Horizon program (2013-2022), IMI2 (2018, 2022), Cyprus Research Program (2017-2021).

Member of external scientific advisory board of the french Agence National de Recherche (ANR) in the topic eHEALTH (2022).

External member of the Scientific Council, INSERM, France,

Invited speaker, Intramural NIH "Grand Rounds", 2020

Fellowship and Awards

ERC Advanced Grant “Sound Pharma” 2010
European Magnetic Resonance Award 2000
Fellow of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine,
Fellow of the European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology,
Fellow of the World Molecular Imaging Society,

Fry Award, International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound, 2019

Research Output (119)

Microbubble-Assisted Ultrasound for Drug Delivery to the Retina in an Ex Vivo Eye Model

Rousou Charis, van Kronenburg Nicky, Sonnen Andreas F P, van Dijk Marijke, Moonen Chrit, Storm Gert, Mastrobattista Enrico, Deckers Roel 11 Apr 2023, In: Pharmaceutics. 15

Ultrasound and Microbubbles Mediated Bleomycin Delivery in Feline Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma-An In Vivo Veterinary Study

de Maar Josanne S, Zandvliet Maurice M J M, Veraa Stefanie, Tobón Restrepo Mauricio, Moonen Chrit T W, Deckers Roel 6 Apr 2023, In: Pharmaceutics. 15

Focused Ultrasound and RadioTHERapy for non-invasive palliative pain treatment in patients with bone metastasis:a study protocol for the three armed randomized controlled FURTHER trial

Slotman Derk J, Bartels Marcia M T J, Ferrer Cyril J, Bos Clemens, Bartels Lambertus W, Boomsma Martijn F, Phernambucq Erik C J, Nijholt Ingrid M, Morganti Alessio G, Siepe Giambattista, Buwenge Milly, Grüll Holger, Bratke Grischa, Yeo Sin Yuin, Blanco Sequeiros Roberto, Minn Heikki, Huhtala Mira, Napoli Alessandro, De Felice Francesca, Catalano Carlo, Bazzocchi Alberto, Gasperini Chiara, Campanacci Laura, Simões Corrêa Galendi Julia, Müller Dirk, Braat Manon N G J A, Moonen Chrit, Verkooijen Helena M, 29 Dec 2022, In: Trials. 23 , p. 1-10

Synthetic CT for the planning of MR-HIFU treatment of bone metastases in pelvic and femoral bones:a feasibility study

Lena Beatrice, Florkow Mateusz C., Ferrer Cyril J., van Stralen Marijn, Seevinck Peter R., Vonken Evert Jan P.A., Boomsma Martijn F., Slotman Derk J., Viergever Max A., Moonen Chrit T.W., Bos Clemens, Bartels Lambertus W. Jul 2022, In: European Radiology. 32 , p. 4537-4546 10 p.

Ultrasound-directed enzyme-prodrug therapy (UDEPT) using self-immolative doxorubicin derivatives

Roemhild Karolin, Besse Helena C., Wang Bi, Peña Quim, Sun Qingxue, Omata Daiki, Ozbakir Burcin, Bos Clemens, Scheeren Hans W., Storm Gert, Metselaar Josbert M., Yu Haijun, Knüchel-Clarke Ruth, Kiessling Fabian, Moonen Chrit T.W., Deckers Roel, Shi Yang, Lammers Twan Jun 2022, In: Theranostics. 12 , p. 4791-4801 11 p.

The Effect of Microbubble-Assisted Ultrasound on Molecular Permeability across Cell Barriers

Rousou Charis, De Maar Josanne, Qiu Boning, Van Der Wurff-Jacobs Kim, Ruponen Marika, Urtti Arto, Oliveira Sabrina, Moonen Chrit, Storm Gert, Mastrobattista Enrico, Deckers Roel Mar 2022, In: Pharmaceutics. 14

Synthesis, characterization, and imaging of radiopaque bismuth beads for image-guided transarterial embolization

Negussie Ayele H, de Ruiter Quirina M B, Britton Hugh, Donahue Danielle R, Boffi Quentin, Kim Young-Seung, Pritchard William F, Moonen Chrit, Storm Gert, Lewis Andrew L, Wood Bradford J Dec 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11

Ultrasound and microbubbles for the treatment of ocular diseases:From preclinical research towards clinical application

Rousou Charis, Schuurmans Carl C.L., Urtti Arto, Mastrobattista Enrico, Storm Gert, Moonen Chrit, Kaarniranta Kai, Deckers Roel Nov 2021, In: Pharmaceutics. 13

AAPM Task Group 241:A medical physicist’s guide to MRI-guided focused ultrasound body systems

Payne Allison, Chopra Rajiv, Ellens Nicholas, Chen Lili, Ghanouni Pejman, Sammet Steffen, Diederich Chris, ter Haar Gail, Parker Dennis, Moonen Chrit, Stafford Jason, Moros Eduardo, Schlesinger David, Benedict Stanley, Wear Keith, Partanen Ari, Farahani Keyvan Sep 2021, In: Medical Physics. 48 , p. e772-e806

Rapid 2D variable flip angle method for accurate and precise T1 measurements over a wide range of T1  values

Lena Beatrice, Bos Clemens, Ferrer Cyril J, Moonen Chrit T W, Viergever Max A, Bartels Lambertus W Aug 2021, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 34 , p. 1-14

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