prof. dr. E.A.M. (Lieke) Sanders

prof. dr. E.A.M. (Lieke) Sanders

Full Professor
prof. dr. E.A.M. (Lieke) Sanders



Dr. Prof. Elisabeth AM Sanders (F), born in 1959 is paediatrician and Professor in Pediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the University Medical Center Utrecht in combination with a position as Chief Science Officer (Immunology, Infectiology and Vaccinology) at the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). She has a H-index of 38 and wrote over 250 peer reviewed manuscripts in international journals . She was head of the clinical department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases of the University Children’s Hospital Utrecht between 2004-2009. Between 2009 -2014 she was director Research and Education of the University Hospital for Children in Utrecht. She has a long standing interest in the clinical effectiveness of vaccines, prevention of respiratory infections and development of microbiome and immunity in children. At present, her research focus is  optimizing current national vaccination programmes for children and elderly, epidemiology and prevention of respiratory tract infections and respiratory microbiome profile development in health and disease.

Since 2010, she is a member of the Health Council for the Ministry of Health. She has participated in many scientific advisory boards for the national Health Council.

Side Activities


2021-   Consultant (geraadpleegd deskundige) National Health Council  on COVID-19 vaccination strategies (gezondheidsraad COVID-19 vaccinatie)

2021-  (co-)Director wetenschappelijk inhoudelijk COVID-19 vaccinatie programma RIVM (naast Hans van Vliet)

2020-   Consultant Outbreak Management Team on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

2019 -   Co-initiator of IGJ AIOS Conference (since 2017, twice a year) with the aim of improved interaction between Inspection (IGJ) and doctors in training

2019 -   Member NWO selection Committee VIDI candidates

2019-    Member of Conference Committee National Society for Paediatrics in the Netherlands, NVK

2017-    Member of the International Coalition for Life Course Immunization (CLCI)

2016-    WHO: Member of WHO SAGE working group on pneumococcal vaccines

2016 - 2018      Member of Faculty Masterclasses Vaccinology

2016 -               Observer at the JCVI meetings (3-4 times per year), UK

2010 - 2018      Member of the Health Council

2011 - 2015      National Pediatric Society (NVK); board member scientific committee

2007 - 2015      Member Health Council of the Netherlands; Member of the council group (Beraadgroep) on Infections and Immunity

2013 - 2014      Health Council of the Netherlands; member of the council committee on the national program for FLU vaccination.

2013 - 2014      Health Council of the Netherlands; member of the council committee on the national immunization program (Commission RVP) of the National Health Council.

2005 - 2014      Stichting Afweerstoornissen, SAS, Chair scientific advice committee Patient Society for Immunodeficiency disease. 

2001 - 2013      Board member responsible for the Organization of the scientific meetings of the Interuniversity working party for the Study of Immune deficiencies

2013       Member NWO VENI  selection committee

2013       Member scientific board ISPPD conference India, March 2014

2007 - 2012          KNAW- Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the TerMeulenFonds” –

2012    World Health Organization meeting PneumoCarr March 27-28th in Geneva, March 27/28.

2003 - 2012      Dutch Society of Pediatrics, NVK, member of the selection committee for the Young Investigators Award

2011    Health Council of the Netherlands, member of the council committee on population screening for cervical cancer.

2011     Member scientific committee ESPID conference June 2011

2010     National Health Council Advisory member of the committee on vaccination of newborns against pneumococcal infections

2003 - 2009      Member of the Board of Trustees of the National Vaccine Institute, NVI

2009      National Health Council Advisory member of the committee on vaccination against pandemic Flu.

2004 - 2008     KNAW- Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member of the scientific Advisory Board of the TerMeulen Fonds –

1997 - 2007     Board member/Treasurer of the Pediatric Immunology Section of the Dutch Society of Pediatrics

2002    Committee for the Ministry of Health, for the National Vaccination Program regarding pneumococcal and Meningococcal C vaccinations, advisory member.

2001    Member Cochrane Collaboration on Pneumococcal Vaccines and Otitis Media

Potential Conflicts of Interest

Besides her function as Professor at the University of Utrecht and position (0.2 Fte) at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Lieke Sanders has a full-time position at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) as Chief Science Officer since December 2014. Since January 2021 she is co-medical director of the COVID-19 vaccination programme at RIVM. She is member of the WHO-SAGE committee on pneumococcal vaccinations, consultant for the national Health Council committee for COVID-19 vaccination (incidenteel geraadpleegd deskundige) without any personal fee or benefit.  

Dr Sanders has no research connections with pharmaceutical or industrial partners since 2014, besides as research partner in IMI-funded studies RESCEU and PROMISE projects with partners GSK, Novavax, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Sanofi. She receives no personal fees or other personal benefits from any collaboration as RIVM partner in these studies or research.

No other conflict of interest to report.

Fellowship and Awards


Research Output (530)

Saliva as an alternative sample type for detection of pneumococcal carriage in young children

Wyllie Anne L, Rots Nynke Y, Wijmenga-Monsuur Alienke J, van Houten Marlies A, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Trzciński Krzysztof Oct 2023, In: Microbiology. 169 , p. 1-8 8 p.

Maternal and neonatal antibody levels on pertussis vaccination in pregnant women on immune-modulating therapy for rheumatic disease

Ghalandari Nafise, Immink Maarten M, Röder Esther, Bruijning-Verhagen Patricia C J, Smeele Hieronymus, Crijns Hubertina, van der Maas Nicoline A T, Bekker Mireille N, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Dolhain Radboud J E M Aug 2023, In: RMD Open. 9 , p. 1-10

Antibody deficiencies in children are associated with prematurity and a family history of infections

Koenen Mischa H, van Montfrans Joris M, Prevaes Sabine M P J, van Engelen Martine P, van der Vries Erhard, Boes Marianne, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Bogaert Debby, Verhagen Lilly M 25 Jul 2023, In: Pediatric Research. 94 , p. 2047-2053 7 p.

Meningococcal ACWY conjugate vaccine immunogenicity in adolescents with primary or secondary immune deficiencies, a prospective observational cohort study

Ohm Milou, van Straalen Joeri W, de Joode-Smink Gerrie, van Montfrans Joris, Bartels Marije, van Wildenbeest Joanne G, Lindemans Caroline A, Wennink Roos Aw, de Boer Joke H, Sanders Elisabeth Am, Verduyn-Lunel Frans M, Berbers Guy Am, Wulffraat Nico M, Jansen Marc H A 20 Jul 2023, In: Pediatric rheumatology online journal. 21 , p. 1-6

16S rRNA-Based Microbiota Profiling Assists Conventional Culture Analysis of Airway Samples from Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Kristensen Maartje, de Koff Emma M, Chu Mei Ling, Groendijk Simone, Tramper-Stranders Gerdien A, de Winter-de Groot Karin M, Janssens Hettie M, Tiddens Harm A, van Westreenen Mireille, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Arets Bert H G M, van der Ent Cornelis K, Prevaes Sabine M P J, Bogaert Debby Jun 2023, In: Microbiology spectrum. 11 , p. 1-8

Meningococcal ACWY conjugate vaccine immunogenicity and safety in adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease:A prospective observational cohort study

Ohm Milou, van Straalen Joeri W, Zijlstra Marieke, de Joode-Smink Gerrie, Jasmijn Sellies Anne, Swart Joost F, Vastert Sebastiaan J, van Montfrans Joris M, Bartels Marije, van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, Wildenbeest Joanne G, Lindemans Caroline A, Wolters Victorien, Wennink Roos A W, de Boer Joke H, Knol Mirjam J, Heijstek Marloes W, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Verduyn-Lunel Frans M, Berbers Guy A M, Wulffraat Nico M, Jansen Marc H A 15 May 2023, In: Vaccine. 41 , p. 3782-3789 8 p.

A spitting image: molecular diagnostics applied to saliva enhance detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae and pneumococcal serotype carriage

Miellet Willem R, van Veldhuizen Janieke, Litt David, Mariman Rob, Wijmenga-Monsuur Alienke J, Nieuwenhuijsen Tessa, Christopher Jennifer, Thombre Rebecca, Eletu Seyi, Bosch Thijs, Rots Nynke Y, van Houten Marianne Alice, Miller Elizabeth, Fry Norman K, Sanders Elisabeth A M, Trzciński Krzysztof 17 Apr 2023, In: Frontiers in Microbiology. 14 13 p.

Mother-to-infant microbiota transmission and infant microbiota development across multiple body sites

Bogaert Debby, van Beveren Gina J., de Koff Emma M., Lusarreta Parga Paula, Balcazar Lopez Carlos E., Koppensteiner Lilian, Clerc Melanie, Hasrat Raiza, Arp Kayleigh, Chu Mei Ling J.N., de Groot Pieter C.M., Sanders Elisabeth A.M., van Houten Marlies A., de Steenhuijsen Piters Wouter A.A. 8 Mar 2023, In: Cell Host and Microbe. 31 , p. 447-460.e6

Effectiveness of analgesic ear drops as add-on treatment to oral analgesics in children with acute otitis media:study protocol of the OPTIMA pragmatic randomised controlled trial

de Sévaux Joline L H, Damoiseaux Roger A M J, Hullegie Saskia, Sanders Elisabeth A M, de Wit G Ardine, Zuithoff Nicolaas P A, Yardley Lucy, Anthierens Sibyl, Little Paul, Hay Alastair D, Schilder Anne G M, Venekamp Roderick P 22 Feb 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 9 p.

Reactogenicity and safety of second trimester maternal tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis vaccination in the Netherlands

Immink Maarten M., Kemmeren Jeanet M., Broeders Lisa, Bekker Mireille N., de Melker Hester E., Sanders Elisabeth A.M., van der Maas Nicoline A.T. 27 Jan 2023, In: Vaccine. 41 , p. 1074-1080 7 p.

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