dr. G.G.G. (Gisela) Slaats

dr. G.G.G. (Gisela) Slaats

Assistant Professor
  • Nephrology



Dr. Gisela Slaats studied Molecular Life Sciences with a major in Biomedicine at Wageningen University (WUR). Her PhD (cum laude, faculty of medicine UU) was performed in the laboratory of Prof. Marianne Verhaar and co-supervised by Prof. Nine Knoers and Dr. Rachel Giles. During her PhD she worked as a visiting student researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine. Gisela continued her work on renal ciliopathies as a postdoc in the laboratory of Prof. Bernhard Schermer at the University Hospital Cologne (Germany). Since 2022 she works as an assistant professor in the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, department of Nephrology. Here, Gisela is using human kidney organoids in fundamental and translational research about genetic kidney diseases and aims to improve treatment strategies for kidney diseases. In addition, she is co-PI on the Horizon Europe TheRaCil project (2023), which is a consortium that works on therapies for renal ciliopathies.

Side Activities

Ciliopathy Network Netherlands (CilNetNL) co-founder

Scientific advisory board “Cilia 2024 Dublin” conference

Scientific advisory board “EMBO Cilia 2022 Cologne” conference


Fellowship and Awards

NWO Off Road grant (2023)

Fritz Thyssen Foundation grant (2020)

EMBO long-term fellowship (2016)

‘Best Thesis in Nephrology’ Dutch Kidney Foundation prize (2015) 

Research Output (28)

Primary cilia suppress Ripk3-mediated necroptosis

Kieckhöfer Emilia, Slaats Gisela G, Ebert Lena K, Albert Marie-Christine, Dafinger Claudia, Kashkar Hamid, Benzing Thomas, Schermer Bernhard 2 Dec 2022, In: Cell death discovery. 8

Soft, Dynamic Hydrogel Confinement Improves Kidney Organoid Lumen Morphology and Reduces Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Culture

Ruiter Floor A A, Morgan Francis L C, Roumans Nadia, Schumacher Anika, Slaats Gisela G, Moroni Lorenzo, LaPointe Vanessa L S, Baker Matthew B 15 Jul 2022, In: Advanced Science. 9 , p. e2200543

Inactivation of Apoptosis Antagonizing Transcription Factor in tubular epithelial cells induces accumulation of DNA damage and nephronophthisis

Jain Manaswita, Kaiser Rainer W J, Bohl Katrin, Hoehne Martin, Göbel Heike, Bartram Malte P, Habbig Sandra, Müller Roman-Ulrich, Fogo Agnes B, Benzing Thomas, Schermer Bernhard, Höpker Katja, Slaats Gisela G Apr 2019, In: Kidney International. 95 , p. 846-858 13 p.

CiliaCarta:An integrated and validated compendium of ciliary genes

van Dam Teunis J P, Kennedy Julie, van der Lee Robin, de Vrieze Erik, Wunderlich Kirsten A, Rix Suzanne, Dougherty Gerard W, Lambacher Nils J, Li Chunmei, Jensen Victor L, Leroux Michel R, Hjeij Rim, Horn Nicola, Texier Yves, Wissinger Yasmin, van Reeuwijk Jeroen, Wheway Gabrielle, Knapp Barbara, Scheel Jan F, Franco Brunella, Mans Dorus A, van Wijk Erwin, Képès François, Slaats Gisela G, Toedt Grischa, Kremer Hannie, Omran Heymut, Szymanska Katarzyna, Koutroumpas Konstantinos, Ueffing Marius, Nguyen Thanh-Minh T, Letteboer Stef J F, Oud Machteld M, van Beersum Sylvia E C, Schmidts Miriam, Beales Philip L, Lu Qianhao, Giles Rachel H, Szklarczyk Radek, Russell Robert B, Gibson Toby J, Johnson Colin A, Blacque Oliver E, Wolfrum Uwe, Boldt Karsten, Roepman Ronald, Hernandez-Hernandez Victor, Huynen Martijn A 2019, In: PLoS ONE. 14 , p. e0216705

Urine-derived cells:a promising diagnostic tool in Fabry disease patients

Slaats Gisela G, Braun Fabian, Hoehne Martin, Frech Laura E, Blomberg Linda, Benzing Thomas, Schermer Bernhard, Rinschen Markus M, Kurschat Christine E 23 Jul 2018, In: Scientific Reports. 8 , p. 11042

Nephronophthisis:should we target cysts or fibrosis?

Slaats Gisela G, Lilien Marc R, Giles R 1 Apr 2016, In: Pediatric Nephrology. 31 , p. 545-554 10 p.

De novo 14q24.2q24.3 microdeletion including IFT43 is associated with intellectual disability, skeletal anomalies, cardiac anomalies, and myopia

Stokman Marijn F, Oud Machteld M, van Binsbergen Ellen, Slaats Gisela G, Nicolaou Nayia, Renkema Kirsten Y, Nijman Isaac J , Roepman Ronald, Giles Rachel H, Arts Heleen H, Knoers Nine V A M, van Haelst Mieke M 19 Feb 2016, In: American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A. 170 , p. 1566-1569

TMEM107 recruits ciliopathy proteins to subdomains of the ciliary transition zone and causes Joubert syndrome

Lambacher Nils J, Bruel Ange-Line, van Dam Teunis J P, Szymańska Katarzyna, Slaats Gisela G, Kuhns Stefanie, McManus Gavin J, Kennedy Julie E, Gaff Karl, Wu Ka Man, van der Lee Robin, Burglen Lydie, Doummar Diane, Rivière Jean-Baptiste, Faivre Laurence, Attié-Bitach Tania, Saunier Sophie, Curd Alistair, Peckham Michelle, Giles R, Johnson Colin A, Huynen Martijn A, Thauvin-Robinet Christel, Blacque Oliver E Jan 2016, In: Nature Cell Biology. 18 , p. 122-31 10 p.

Environmental Influences on Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Developing Implanted Cardiovascular Tissue-Engineered Grafts

Muylaert Dimitri E P, de Jong Olivier G, Slaats Gisela G G, Nieuweboer Frederieke E, Fledderus Joost O, Goumans Marie-Jose, Hierck Beerend P, Verhaar Marianne C 2016, In: Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods. 22 , p. 58-67 10 p.

Screen-based identification and validation of four novel ion channels as regulators of renal ciliogenesis

Slaats Gisela G, Wheway Gabrielle, Foletto Veronica, Szymanska Katarzyna, van Balkom Bas W M, Logister Ive, Den Ouden Krista, Keijzer-Veen Mandy G, Lilien Marc R, Knoers Nine V, Johnson Colin A, Giles Rachel H 6 Nov 2015, In: Journal of Cell Science. 128 , p. 4550-4559

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