prof. dr. A.J.C. Slooter

prof. dr. A.J.C. Slooter

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prof. dr. A.J.C. Slooter
  • Psychiatry

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Arjen Slooter studied Medicine at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam and worked subsequently as a resident in Neurology in Sint Lucas Hospital, Amsterdam (1994). He was research fellow in Neuro-Epidemiology at the G.H. Sergievsky Center, Columbia University, New York (1996), and received a PhD in Epidemiology from Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1998), on a thesis on dementia. During his residency in Neurology at UMC Utrecht (1999-2004), he became enthusiastic for Neurocritical Care. After a fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine (AMC Amsterdam, 2004-2006), he rejoined UMC Utrecht where he worked until 2022 as a consultant neurologist-intensivist at the Department of Intensive Care Medicine. In 2016, he was appointed as Professor of Intensive Care Neuropsychiatry at Utrecht University. Dr Slooter was chair of the delirium section of the (American) Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) guidelines on pain, agitation/sedation, delirium, immobility, and sleep disruption, as well as initiator and chair of an international consortium to update nomenclature on delirium and acute encephalopathy. From 2018 to 2023 he was President of the European Delirium Association. In 2022, he made a career shift to psychiatry.

The research focus of Arjen Slooter is on delirium and on neuropsychiatric outcome after anesthesia/surgery or critical illness. Using various methods and approaches (epidemiology, EEG, MRI), he has investigated all aspects of delirium, including its phenomenology and brain network characteristics, detection and monitoring, risk factors, prognosis, prevention and treatment. Research on neuropsychiatric outcomes includes ICU-related risk factor analyses on cognitive decline, mental illness and chronic pain after critical illness and treatment in the ICU. Arjen lives with his wife Barbara, daughter Pien and son Bas in beautiful Utrecht.

Most recent key publications

1. Van den Boogaard M, Slooter AJC, Brüggemann RJM, Schoonhoven L, Beishuizen A, Vermeijden JW, Pretorius D, de Koning J, Simons KS, Dennesen PJW, Van der Voort PHJ, Houterman S, van der Hoeven JG, Pickkers P; REDUCE Study Investigators. Effect of Haloperidol on Survival Among Critically Ill Adults With a High Risk of Delirium: The REDUCE Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2018;319:680-90. Impact Factor (IF) 157. 

2. Numan T, van den Boogaard M, Kamper AM, Rood PJT, Peelen LM, Slooter AJC; Dutch Delirium Detection Study Group. Delirium detection using relative delta power based on 1-minute single-channel EEG: a multicentre study. Br J Anaesth 2019;122:60-8. IF 9.9.

3. Slooter AJC, Otte WM, Devlin JW, Arora RC, Bleck TP, Claassen J, Duprey MS, Ely EW, Kaplan PW, Latronico N, Morandi A, Neufeld KJ, Sharshar T, MacLullich AMJ, Stevens RD. Updated nomenclature of delirium and acute encephalopathy: statement of ten societies. Intensive Care Med 2020;46:1020-2. IF 42.

4. Wilson JE, Mart M, Cunningham C, Shehabi Y, Girard T, MacLullich A, Slooter AJC, EW Ely. Delirium. Nature Rev Dis Primers 2020;6:90. IF 52. 

5. Duprey MS, Dijkstra-Kersten SMA, Zaal IJ, Briesacher BA, Saczynski JS, Griffith JL, Devlin JW, Slooter AJC. Opioid Use Increases the Risk of Delirium in Critically Ill Adults Independently of Pain. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2021;204:566-72. IF 30.5. 

Side Activities

Arjen Slooter is unsalaried advisor for Prolira, a start-up company that develops an EEG-based delirium monitor. Any (future) profits from EEG-based delirium monitoring will be used for future scientific research only.

He is further honorary visiting professor at the Department of Neurology, UZ Brussel and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium.

Fellowship and Awards

‘Prothrombotic conditions, oral contraceptives and the risk of ischemic stroke’. Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS 2004.069; project leader).

‘Inherited coagulation disorders, oral contraceptives and the risk of ischemic stroke’. Netherlands Brain Foundation (9F01.15; project leader).

‘Costs and effects of strategies to prevent oversedation in Intensive Care patients’ (ZonMW 945-04-103; project leader).

‘Rivastigmine for delirium in Intensive Care patients, a multicentre, double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled add-on trial’ (ZonMW 170881003; principal investigator).

‘Rivastigmine for delirium in Intensive Care patients, a multicentre, double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled add-on trial’. Netherlands Brain Foundation (2008(1)-30; principal investigator).

‘Induced hypertension for treatment of delayed cerebral ischemia after aneurysmatic subarachnoid haemorrhage’. Netherlands Brain Foundation (2009(1)-72; principal investigator).

‘Induced hypertension for treatment of delayed cerebral ischemia after aneurysmatic subarachnoid haemorrhage’. Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS 2009B046; principal investigator).

‘Side effects of medication and the risk of delirium in critically ill patients’. Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (040.11.372; principal investigator).

‘Biomarker development for postoperative cognitive impairment in the elderly’. European Union (FP7-HEALTH-2013-Innovation-1; project leader).

‘Objective delirium monitoring for routine critical care’. European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, Clinical Research Award (principal investigator).

‘Delirium Monitor: reducing the burden of delirium’. Technology Foundation STW, Take-off phase 1 (14066; principal investigator).

‘Objective delirium detection with an innovative EEG-based spot monitor’. European Union (H2020-PHC-12-2014-672974; co-applicant).

‘Delirium Monitor: reducing the burden of delirium’. Technology Foundation STW, Take-off phase 2 (14066; co-applicant).

‘Efficacy of haloperidol to decrease the burden of delirium in adult critically ill patients: a prospective randomised multicentre double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial’. ZonMW GGG (80-84800-98-41 023, co-applicant).

‘Public private partnership to revolutionize delirium care in hospitals’. European Union (H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020-820555, co-applicant and principal clinical investigator).

‘Contextual Adaptation of an intervention to ReducE post-intensive care distress in COVID-19 patients and their family members (CARE)’. Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University (co-applicant).

‘Neurological and Neuropsychological Sequelae of COVID-19 Infection: the NNaSCI study’. Netherlands Brain Foundation (DR-2020-00377, project member).

Alpha 2 adrenergic receptor agonists for the prevention of delirium and cognitive decline after open heart surgery (ALPHA2PREVENT): randomised controlled trial’. KLINBEFORSK (Programme for Clinical Treatment Research, Norway, project member).

‘The neurobiological basis of long term fatigue and cognitive complaints after COVID-19’. ZonMW COVID-19 Programme (project member).

‘DEliriuM In Stroke (DE-MIST): Towards a better understanding of post-stroke delirium (PSD) Is impaired cerebral autoregulation a key driver of PSD?’. Wetenschappelijk Fonds Willy Gepts (WFWG) 2021 (co-applicant).

Transcranial Electrical Stimulation as Treatment for Delirium (TEST - DELIRIUM): Innovative top-down and bottom-up approaches for a major health care problem’. ZonMW Open competition (09120012110032, main applicant and principal investigator). 

Research Output (270)

Mental, cognitive and physical outcomes after intensive care unit treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic:a comparison between COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients

van Houwelingen Fedor, van Dellen Edwin, Visser-Meily J. M.Anne, Valkenet Karin, Heijnen Germijn H., Vernooij Lisette M., Kerckhoffs Monika C., Slooter Arjen J.C. 2 Sep 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13 9 p.

Preoperative thalamus volume is not associated with preoperative cognitive impairment (preCI) or postoperative cognitive dysfunction (POCD)

Fislage Marinus, Feinkohl Insa, Borchers Friedrich, Pischon Tobias, Spies Claudia D., Winterer Georg, Zacharias Norman, Wolf Alissa, Müller Anika, Hadzidiakos Daniel, Yürek Fatima, Lachmann Gunnar, Ofosu Kwaku, Heinrich Maria, Mörgeli Rudolf, Gallinat Jürgen, Kühn Simone, Slooter Arjen, van Dellen Edwin, Kant Ilse, de Bresser Jeroen, Hendrikse Jeroen, van Montfort Simone, Menon David, Stamatakis Emmanuel, Preller Jacobus, Moreno-López Laura, Winzeck Stefan, Melillo Daniela, Boraschi Diana, Camera Giacomo Della, Italiani Paola, Schneider Reinhard, Krause Roland, Heidtke Karsten, Nürnberg Peter, Helmschrodt Anja, Böcher Axel, Hafen Bettina, Armbruster Franz Paul, Diehl Ina, Ruppert Jana, Hartmann Katarina, Kronabel Marion, Weyer Marius, Dschietzig Thomas Bernd, Pietzsch Malte, Weber Simon, Ittermann Bernd, Fillmer Ariane, 20 Jul 2023, In: Scientific Reports. 13 , p. 1-10 10 p.

Neurobiological basis and risk factors of persistent fatigue and concentration problems after COVID-19:study protocol for a prospective case-control study (VeCosCO)

Verveen Anouk, Verfaillie Sander C J, Visser Denise, Csorba Irene, Coomans Emma M, Koch Dook W, Appelman Brent, Barkhof Frederik, Boellaard Ronald, de Bree Godelieve, van de Giessen Elsmarieke M, Golla Sandeep, van Heugten Caroline M, Horn Janneke, Hulst Hanneke E, de Jong Menno D, Kuut Tanja A, van der Maaden Tessa, van Os Yvonne M G, Prins Maria, Slooter Arjen J C, Visser-Meily Johanna M A, van Vugt Michele, van den Wijngaard Cees C, Nieuwkerk P T, Knoop H, Tolboom Nelleke, van Berckel Bart N M 30 Jun 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13

An Interdisciplinary Reappraisal of Delirium and Proposed Subtypes

Oldham Mark A, Slooter Arjen J C, Ely E Wesley, Crone Cathy, Maldonado José R, Rosenthal Lisa J 1 May 2023, In: Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. 64 , p. 248-261 14 p.

Cohort profile of PLUTO:a perioperative biobank focusing on prediction and early diagnosis of postoperative complications

de Mul Nikki, Verlaan Diede, Ruurda Jelle P, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M U, Hagendoorn Jeroen, de Borst Gert-Jan, Vriens Menno R, de Bree Remco, Zweemer Ronald P, Vogely Charles, Haitsma Mulier Jelle L G, Vernooij Lisette M, Reitsma Johannes B, de Zoete Marcel R, Top Janetta, Kluijtmans Jan A J, Hoefer Imo E, Noordzij Peter, Rettig Thijs, Marsman Marije, de Smet Anne Marie G A, Derde Lennie, van Waes Judith, Rijsdijk Mienke, Schellekens Willem Jan M, Bonten Marc J M, Slooter Arjen J C, Cremer Olaf L 19 Apr 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 16 p.

Neurological and (neuro)psychological sequelae in intensive care and general ward COVID-19 survivors

Klinkhammer Simona, Horn Janneke, Duits Annelien A., Visser-Meily Johanna M.A., Verwijk Esmée, Slooter Arjen J.C., Postma Alida A., van Heugten Caroline M., Aries Marcel J.H., van Bussel Bas C.T., Jansen Jacobus F.A., Janssen Marcus L.F., van Santen Susanne, Magdelijns Fabienne J.H., Posthuma Rein, Linden David E.J., van der Woude Margaretha C.E., Dormans Tom, Otten Amy, Karakus Attila, Bronsveld Inez, Kaasjager Karin A.H., Galenkamp Niek, Geurtsen Gert J., Brouwer Matthijs C., Brinkman Kees, Kylstra Wytske A., Koch Dook W., Beudel Martijn, 3 Apr 2023, In: European Journal of Neurology. 30 , p. 1880-1890 11 p.

The Delirium Interview as a new reference standard in studies on delirium assessment tools

Ditzel Fienke L, Slooter Arjen J C, van den Boogaard Mark, Boonstra Michel, van Nesselrooij Timotheus A, Kromkamp Marjan, Pop-Purceleanu Monica, Rood Paul J T, Osse Robert Jan, Chan Carol K, MacLullich Alasdair M J, Tieges Zoë, Neufeld Karin J, Hut Suzanne C A 21 Feb 2023, In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 71 , p. 1923-1930 8 p.

Functional brain network and trail making test changes following major surgery and postoperative delirium:a prospective, multicentre, observational cohort study

Ditzel Fienke L, van Montfort Simone J T, Vernooij Lisette M, Kant Ilse M J, Aarts Ellen, Spies Claudia D, Hendrikse Jeroen, Slooter Arjen J C, van Dellen Edwin, Feb 2023, In: British Journal of Anaesthesia. 130 , p. e281-e288

Postoperative delirium is associated with grey matter brain volume loss

Kant Ilse M J, de Bresser Jeroen, van Montfort Simone J T, Witkamp Theodoor D, Walraad Bob, Spies Claudia D, Hendrikse Jeroen, van Dellen Edwin, Slooter Arjen J C, 2023, In: Brain communications. 5

Clinical response following hypertension induction for clinical delayed cerebral ischemia following subarachnoid hemorrhage:A retrospective, multicenter, cohort study

Tjerkstra Maud A, Müller Marcella C A, Coert Bert A, Hoefnagels Friso W A, Vergouwen Mervyn D I, van Vliet Peter, Ooms Lizzy, Rinkel Gabriël J E, Slooter Arjen J C, Moojen Wouter A, Jellema Korné, Vandertop W Peter, Verbaan Dagmar 2023, In: European Journal of Neurology. 30 , p. 2278-2287 10 p.

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