dr. A.L. (Diane) Smit

dr. A.L. (Diane) Smit

Assistant Professor

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Research Output (69)

Assessing the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial examining the effect of hearing aids on cognitive decline in elderly individuals:a study protocol

Fuchten Denise, Smit Adriana L, Huenges Wajer Irene M C, Rhebergen Koen S, Stegeman Inge 27 Dec 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13

Analysis and comparison of clinical practice guidelines regarding treatment recommendations for chronic tinnitus in adults:a systematic review

Meijers Sebastiaan, Stegeman Inge, van der Leun Josephine A, Assegaf Saloua A, Smit Adriana L 15 Sep 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 , p. 1-14 14 p.

The impact of tinnitus on adult cochlear implant recipients:A mixed-method approach

Assouly Kelly K S, Shabbir Maryam, van Dijk Bas, Hoare Derek J, Akeroyd Michael A, Stokroos Robert J, Stegeman Inge, Smit Adriana L 20 Apr 2023, In: PLoS ONE. 18 , p. 1-23 23 p.

Choice of treatment evaluated after trial periods with bone conduction devices and contralateral routing of sound systems in patients with single-sided deafness

Wendrich Anne W, van Heteren Jan A A, Peters Jeroen P M, Cattani Guido, Stokroos Robert J, Versnel Huib, Smit Adriana L Feb 2023, In: LARYNGOSCOPE INVESTIGATIVE OTOLARYNGOLOGY. 8 , p. 192-200 9 p.

Development and internal validation of a prediction model for the presence of tinnitus in a Dutch population-based cohort

Rademaker Maaike M, Smit Adriana L, Stokroos Robert J, van Smeden Maarten, Stegeman Inge 2023, In: Frontiers in Neurology. 14

Associations between Demographics, Tinnitus Specific-, Audiological-, General- and Mental Health Factors, and the Impact of Tinnitus on Daily Life

Rademaker Maaike M., Stegeman Inge, Brabers Anne E.M., de Jong Judith D., Stokroos Robert J., Smit Adriana L. 1 Aug 2022, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 11 , p. 1-10

Benefit of sequential bilateral cochlear implantation in children between 5 to 18 years old:A prospective cohort study

Kleijbergen W J, Sparreboom M, Mylanus E A M, de Koning G, Helleman H W, Boermans P P B M, Frijns J H M, Vroegop J L, van der Schroeff M P, Gelders E E J, George E L J, Lammers M J W, Grolman W, Stegeman I, Smit A L 28 Jul 2022, In: PLoS ONE. 17 , p. 1-19

Correlation Between Chronic Tinnitus Distress and Symptoms of Depression:A Systematic Review

Meijers Sebastiaan M, Rademaker Maaike, Meijers Rutger L, Stegeman Inge, Smit Adriana L May 2022, In: Frontiers in Neurology. 13 , p. 1-15

Differences in characteristics between people with tinnitus that seek help and that do not

Rademaker M M, Stegeman I, Brabers A E M, de Jong J D, Stokroos R J, Smit A L 25 Nov 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 13 p.

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