dr. A.N. (András N.) Spaan MD PhD

dr. A.N. (András N.) Spaan MD PhD

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. A.N. (András N.) Spaan MD PhD
  • Department of Medical Microbiology

Research Programs

Infection & Immunity

Research Output (14)

OTULIN Haploinsufficiency-Related Fasciitis and Skin Necrosis Treated by TNF Inhibition

Arts Rob J W, van der Linden Tristan J, van der Made Caspar I, Hendriks Marianne M C, van der Heijden Wouter A, de Mast Quirijn, Schuurs-Hoeijmakers Janneke H M, Simons Annet, Spaan András N, Mulders-Manders Catharina M, van de Veerdonk Frank L 22 Dec 2023, In: Journal of Clinical Immunology. 44 5 p.

Lack of association between HLA and asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection

Marchal Astrid, Cirulli Elizabeth T, Neveux Iva, Bellos Evangelos, Thwaites Ryan S, Schiabor Barrett Kelly M, Zhang Yu, Nemes-Bokun Ivana, Kalinova Mariya, Catchpole Andrew, Tangye Stuart G, Spaan András N, Lack Justin B, Ghosn Jade, Burdet Charles, Gorochov Guy, Tubach Florence, Hausfater Pierre, Dalgard Clifton L, Zhang Shen-Ying, Zhang Qian, Chiu Christopher, Fellay Jacques, Grzymski Joseph J, Sancho-Shimizu Vanessa, Abel Laurent, Casanova Jean-Laurent, Cobat Aurélie, Bolze Alexandre, 8 Dec 2023,

Human IRF1 governs macrophagic IFN-γ immunity to mycobacteria

Rosain Jérémie et al. 2 Feb 2023, In: Cell. 186 , p. 621-645.e33

Host–receptor post-translational modifications refine staphylococcal leukocidin cytotoxicity

Tromp Angelino T., van Gent Michiel, Jansen Joris P., Scheepmaker Lisette M., Velthuizen Anneroos, de Haas Carla J.C., van Kessel Kok P.M., Bardoel Bart W., Boettcher Michael, McManus Michael T., van Strijp Jos A.G., Lebbink Robert Jan, Haas Pieter Jan A., Spaan András N. 1 Jan 2020, In: Toxins. 12 15 p.

Leukocidins:staphylococcal bi-component pore-forming toxins find their receptors

Spaan András N, van Strijp Jos A G, Torres Victor J 19 Apr 2017, In: Nature Reviews. Microbiology. 15 , p. 435-447 13 p.

Staphylococcal Leukocidin Receptor Identification:Hiding in Plain Sight

Spaan AN 18 Jun 2015, 193 p.

Differential interaction of the staphylococcal toxins panton-valentine leukocidin and γ-hemolysin CB with human C5a receptors

Spaan András N., Schiepers Ariën, De Haas Carla J C, Van Hooijdonk Davy D J J, Badiou Cédric, Contamin Hugues, Vandenesch François, Lina Gérard, Gerard Norma P., Gerard Craig, Van Kessel Kok P M, Henry Thomas, Van Strijp Jos A G 1 Jan 2015, In: Journal of Immunology. 195 , p. 1034-1043 10 p.

Staphylococcus aureus Targets the Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines (DARC) to Lyse Erythrocytes

Spaan András N., Reyes-Robles Tamara, Badiou Cédric, Cochet Sylvie, Boguslawski Kristina M., Yoong Pauline, Day Christopher J., Gosselaar-de Haas Carla J C, van Kessel Kok P M, Vandenesch François, Jennings Michael P., Le Van Kim Caroline, Colin Yves, Van Strijp Jos A G, Henry Thomas, Torres Victor J. 1 Jan 2015, In: Cell Host & Microbe. 18 , p. 363-370 8 p.

The staphylococcal toxins γ-haemolysin AB and CB differentially target phagocytes by employing specific chemokine receptors

Spaan A.N., Vrieling M., Wallet P., Badiou C., Reyes-Robles T., Ohneck E.A., Benito Y., de Gosselaar - de Haas C.J.C., Day C.J., Jennings M.P., Lina G., Vandenesch F., van Kessel C.P.M., Torres V.J., van Strijp J.A.G., Henry T. 2014, In: Nature Communications [E]. 11

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