dr. E.J. (Ward) van Beers

dr. E.J. (Ward) van Beers

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. E.J. (Ward) van Beers
  • Hematology/Van Creveldclinic

Research Programs

Child Health



Eduard van Beers studied medicine at the
University of Leiden and wrote a thesis on Sickle Cell Disease at the
University of Amsterdam. As a research fellow he joined the lab of Gregory Kato
at the NIH, NHLBI Bethesda USA from 2012-2013. Currently he is one of the
hematologists of the Van Creveldkliniek of the University Medical Center in
Utrecht, the Netherlands. Next to hemophilia he has special interest in all
forms of hereditary hemolytic anemia

Research Output (103)

A novel missense variant in ATP11C is associated with reduced red blood cell phosphatidylserine flippase activity and mild hereditary hemolytic anemia

van Dijk Myrthe J., van Oirschot Brigitte A., Harrison Alexander N., Recktenwald Steffen M., Qiao Min, Stommen Amaury, Cloos Anne Sophie, Vanderroost Juliette, Terrasi Romano, Dey Kuntal, Bos Jennifer, Rab Minke A.E., Bogdanova Anna, Minetti Giampaolo, Muccioli Giulio G., Tyteca Donatienne, Egée Stéphane, Kaestner Lars, Molday Robert S., van Beers Eduard J., van Wijk Richard Dec 2023, In: American Journal of Hematology. 98 , p. 1877-1887 11 p.

One-year safety and efficacy of mitapivat in sickle cell disease:follow-up results of a phase 2, open-label study

van Dijk Myrthe J, Rab Minke A E, van Oirschot Brigitte A, Bos Jennifer, Derichs Cleo, Rijneveld Anita W, Cnossen Marjon H, Nur Erfan, Biemond Bart J, Bartels Marije, Jans Judith J M, van Solinge W W, Schutgens Roger E G, van Wijk Richard, van Beers Eduard J 7 Nov 2023, In: Blood Advances. 7 , p. 7539-7550

Sickle cell disease landscape and challenges in the EU:the ERN-EuroBloodNet perspective

Mañú Pereira María Del Mar, Colombatti Raffaella, Alvarez Federico, Bartolucci Pablo, Bento Celeste, Brunetta Angelo Loris, Cela Elena, Christou Soteroula, Collado Anna, de Montalembert Mariane, Dedeken Laurence, Fenaux Pierre, Galacteros Frédéric, Glenthøj Andreas, Gutiérrez Valle Victoria, Kattamis Antonis, Kunz Joachim, Lobitz Stephan, McMahon Corrina, Pellegrini Mariangela, Reidel Sara, Russo Giovanna, Santos Freire Miriam, van Beers Eduard, Kountouris Petros, Gulbis Béatrice 11 Jul 2023, In: Lancet haematology. 10 , p. e687-e694 8 p.

Activation of pyruvate kinase as therapeutic option for rare hemolytic anemias:Shedding new light on an old enzyme

van Dijk Myrthe J, de Wilde Jonathan R A, Bartels Marije, Kuo Kevin H M, Glenthøj Andreas, Rab Minke A E, van Beers Eduard J, van Wijk Richard 12 Jun 2023, In: Blood Reviews. 61

A reply to Moris et al.

van Vuren Annelies J., van Beers Eduard J. Dec 2022, In: American Journal of Hematology. 97 , p. E484

Transfusion burden in early childhood plays an important role in iron overload in Diamond-Blackfan anaemia

de Wilde Jonathan R A, van Dooijeweert Birgit, van Vuren Annelies J, Huisman Elise J, Smiers Frans J, van der Veer Arian, van Wijk Richard, van Solinge Wouter W, Nieuwenhuis Edward E S, van Beers Eduard J, Bartels Marije Nov 2022, In: EJHaem. 3 , p. 1300-1304 5 p.

Heterozygosity for bisphosphoglycerate mutase deficiency expressing clinically as congenital erythrocytosis:A case series and literature review

van Dijk Myrthe J, van Oirschot Brigitte A, Stam-Slob Manon C, Waanders Esmé, van der Zwaag Bert, van Beers Eduard J, Jans Judith J M, van der Linden Peter Willem, Torregrosa Diaz Jose M, Gardie Betty, Girodon François, Schots Rik, Thielen Noortje, van Wijk Richard 30 Sep 2022, In: British Journal of Haematology. 200 , p. 249-255 7 p.

Mitapivat in adult patients with pyruvate kinase deficiency receiving regular transfusions (ACTIVATE-T):a multicentre, open-label, single-arm, phase 3 trial

Glenthøj Andreas, van Beers Eduard J, Al-Samkari Hanny, Viprakasit Vip, Kuo Kevin H M, Galactéros Frédéric, Chonat Satheesh, Porter John, Zagadailov Erin, Xu Rengyi, Oluyadi Abdulafeez, Hawkins Peter, Gheuens Sarah, Beynon Vanessa, Barcellini Wilma, 18 Aug 2022, In: Lancet haematology. 9 , p. e724-e732

Mitapivat versus Placebo for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. Reply

Al-Samkari Hanny, Beynon Vanessa, van Beers Eduard J. 30 Jun 2022, In: The New England journal of medicine. 386 , p. 2538-2539 2 p.

Proton pump inhibition for secondary hemochromatosis in hereditary anemia:a phase III placebo-controlled randomized cross-over clinical trial.

van Vuren Annelies, Kerkhoffs Jean Louis, Schols Saskia, Rijneveld Anita, Nur Erfan, Peereboom Dore, Gandon Yves, Welsing Paco, van Wijk Richard, Schutgens Roger, van Solinge Wouter, Marx Joannes, Leiner Tim, Biemond Bart, van Beers Eduard 26 Apr 2022, In: American Journal of Hematology. 97 , p. 924-932 9 p.

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