dr. M.A. (Michael) van der Kooij

dr. M.A. (Michael) van der Kooij

Assistant Professor
dr. M.A. (Michael) van der Kooij
  • DDOD laboratory



I am a behavioural neuroscientist. After obtaining my PhD at the UMC Utrecht in 2010 I moved to Switzerland. At the EPFL in Lausanne I investigated the effects of chronic stress in rodents. I also looked into the role that mitochondrial energy metabolism played for behaviour. In 2015 I went to Mainz, Germany to specifically interrogate how stress may affect behavioural outcome through metabolic processes with a particular focus on glucose metabolism. Since 2021, I became a principal investigator on a ongoing project involving the role of social stress on the reward system, funded by the DFG (german equivalent of the NWO). In October 2021 I also joined the UMC Utrecht as assistant professor. At the WKZ I aim the study the role of early life stress and neonatal care on functional outcome and metabolic processes. My overall research goals are to understand the neurobiological- as well as (neuro)metabolic processes underlying the negative consequences of stress.

Research Output (34)

Chronic social stress disrupts the intracellular redistribution of brain hexokinase 3 induced by shifts in peripheral glucose levels

van der Kooij Michael A, Rojas-Charry Liliana, Givehchi Maryam, Wolf Christina, Bueno Diones, Arndt Sabine, Tenzer Stefan, Mattioni Lorenzo, Treccani Giulia, Hasch Annika, Schmeisser Michael J, Vianello Caterina, Giacomello Marta, Methner Axel Oct 2022, In: Journal of Molecular Medicine. 100 , p. 1441-1453 13 p.

Longitudinal CSF proteome profiling in mice to uncover the acute and sustained mechanisms of action of rapid acting antidepressant (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine (HNK)

Herzog David P, Perumal Natarajan, Manicam Caroline, Treccani Giulia, Nadig Jens, Rossmanith Milena, Engelmann Jan, Jene Tanja, Hasch Annika, van der Kooij Michael A, Lieb Klaus, Gassen Nils C, Grus Franz H, Müller Marianne B Nov 2021, In: Neurobiology of stress. 15

Early life adversity targets the transcriptional signature of hippocampal NG2+ glia and affects voltage gated sodium (Nav) channels properties

Treccani Giulia, Yigit Hatice, Lingner Thomas, Schleuβner Vanessa, Mey Franziska, van der Kooij Michael A, Wennström Malin, Herzog David P, Linke Matthias, Fricke Markus, Schmeisser Michael J, Wegener Gregers, Mittmann Thomas, Trotter Jacqueline, Müller Marianne B Nov 2021, In: Neurobiology of stress. 15 , p. 100338

A distinct transcriptional signature of antidepressant response in hippocampal dentate gyrus granule cells

Herzog David P, Pascual Cuadrado Diego, Treccani Giulia, Jene Tanja, Opitz Verena, Hasch Annika, Lutz Beat, Lieb Klaus, Sillaber Inge, van der Kooij Michael A, Tiwari Vijay K, Müller Marianne B Jun 2021, In: Translational Psychiatry. 11 , p. 4

Chronic social stress lessens the metabolic effects induced by a high-fat diet

Jene Tanja, Ruiz de Azua Inigo, Hasch Annika, Klüpfel Jennifer, Deuster Julia, Maas Mirjam, Nijboer Cora H, Lutz Beat, Müller Marianne B, van der Kooij Michael A 1 Apr 2021, In: Journal of Endocrinology. 249 , p. 19-30 12 p.

The impact of chronic stress on energy metabolism

van der Kooij Michael A Sep 2020, In: Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences. 107

Elevated Testosterone Level and Urine Scent Marking in Male 5xFAD Alzheimer Model Mice

Gadomsky Lisa, Dos Santos Guilherme Malena, Winkler Jakob, van der Kooij Michael A, Hartmann Tobias, Grimm Marcus, Endres Kristina 2020, In: Current Alzheimer Research. 17 , p. 80-92 13 p.

Neuropharmacology of the mesolimbic system and associated circuits on social hierarchies

Ghosal S, Sandi C, van der Kooij M A 15 Nov 2019, In: Neuropharmacology. 159 , p. 107498

Current understanding of fear learning and memory in humans and animal models and the value of a linguistic approach for analyzing fear learning and memory in humans

Raber Jacob, Arzy Shahar, Bertolus Julie Boulanger, Depue Brendan, Haas Haley E, Hofmann Stefan G, Kangas Maria, Kensinger Elizabeth, Lowry Christopher A, Marusak Hilary A, Minnier Jessica, Mouly Anne-Marie, Mühlberger Andreas, Norrholm Seth Davin, Peltonen Kirsi, Pinna Graziano, Rabinak Christine, Shiban Youssef, Soreq Hermona, van der Kooij Michael A, Lowe Leroy, Weingast Leah T, Yamashita Paula, Boutros Sydney Weber Oct 2019, In: Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. 105 , p. 136-177 42 p.

Chronic social stress-induced hyperglycemia in mice couples individual stress susceptibility to impaired spatial memory

van der Kooij Michael A, Jene Tanja, Treccani Giulia, Miederer Isabelle, Hasch Annika, Voelxen Nadine, Walenta Stefan, Müller Marianne B 23 Oct 2018, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 115 , p. E10187-E10196

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