prof. dr. W.L. (Ludo) van der Pol

prof. dr. W.L. (Ludo) van der Pol

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Bestuurslid Spierziekten Centrum Nederland (

Medisch adviseur voor werkgroep Spinale Musculaire Atrofie (SMA) (

Medisch adviseur voor werkgroep GBS/CIDP/MMN (

Lid Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad SMA Europe (

Voorzitter indicatiecommissie ziekte van Pompe

Lid indicatiecommissie Duchenne spierdystrofie


Research Output (200)

Electrophysiological and Imaging Biomarkers to Evaluate Exercise Training in Patients with Neuromuscular Disease:A Systematic Review

Pomp Lisa, Jeneson Jeroen Antonius Lodewijk, van der Pol W Ludo, Bartels Bart 1 Nov 2023, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 12 , p. 1-15

Correction to:Risdiplam in Patients Previously Treated with Other Therapies for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: An Interim Analysis from the JEWELFISH Study (Neurology and Therapy, (2023), 12, 2, (543-557), 10.1007/s40120-023-00444-1)

Chiriboga Claudia A., Bruno Claudio, Duong Tina, Fischer Dirk, Mercuri Eugenio, Kirschner Janbernd, Kostera-Pruszczyk Anna, Jaber Birgit, Gorni Ksenija, Kletzl Heidemarie, Carruthers Imogen, Martin Carmen, Warren Francis, Scalco Renata S., Wagner Kathryn R., Muntoni Francesco, Deconinck Nicolas, Balikova Irina, Joniau Inge, Tahon Valentine, Wittevrongel Sylvia, Goemans Nathalie, Cassiman Catherine, Prove Lies, Vancampenhout Lisa, van den Hauwe Marleen, Van Impe Annelies, Cances Claude, Soler Vincent, De La Morandais Lauriane Maillard, Vovan Delphine, Cintas Pascal, Auriol Françoise, Mus Marianne, Alphonsa Gwennaelle, Bellio Valerie, Gil Mato Olaia, Flamein Florence, Evrard Cécile, Ziouche Amina, Bouacha-Allou Ikram, Debruyne Philippe, Derlyn Gilles, Defoort Sabine, Leroy Florian, Van der Pol Ludo, de Boer Joke, Imhof Saskia, Ruyten Thijs, Van Der Woude Danny, Oct 2023, In: Neurology and Therapy. 12 , p. 1799-1801 3 p.

Enhanced low-threshold motor unit capacity during endurance tasks in patients with spinal muscular atrophy using pyridostigmine

Habets Laura E, Bartels Bart, Jeneson Jeroen A L, Asselman Fay-Lynn, Stam Marloes, Wijngaarde Camiel A, Wadman Renske I, van Eijk Ruben P A, Stegeman Dick F, Ludo van der Pol W 20 Jul 2023, In: Clinical Neurophysiology. 154 , p. 100-106 7 p.

254th ENMC international workshop. Formation of a European network to initiate a European data collection, along with development and sharing of treatment guidelines for adult SMA patients. Virtual meeting 28 – 30 January 2022

Walter Maggie C., Laforêt Pascal, van der Pol W. Ludo, Pegoraro Elena, Attarian Shahram, Bartels Bart, Gorni Ksenija, Goemans Nathalie, Gusset Nicole, Hodgkinson Victoria, Hagenacker Tim, Kirschner Janbernd, Klein Andrea, Kostera-Pruszczyk Anna, Lochmüller Hanns, Marini-Bettolo Chiara, Mercuri Eugenio, Muni-Lofra Robert, Ouillade Laetitia, Quinlivan Rosaline, Papadopoulos Constantinos, Prigent Hélène, Salort-Campana Emmanuelle, Sansone Valeria A., Smit Rivka, Smeriglio Piera, Thiele Simone, Tichler Ben, Van den Bergh Peter, Vazquez-Costa Juan F., Vissing John, Jun 2023, In: Neuromuscular Disorders. 33 , p. 511-522 12 p.

Swallowing Problems in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Types 2 and 3:A Clinical, Videofluoroscopic and Ultrasound Study

van der Heul A. M.B., Nievelstein R. A.J., van Eijk R. P.A., Asselman F., Erasmus C. E., Cuppen I., Bittermann A. J.N., Gerrits E., van der Pol W. L., van den Engel-Hoek L. 2 May 2023, In: Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases. 10 , p. 427-438 12 p.

Longitudinal prospective cohort study to assess peripheral motor function with extensive electrophysiological techniques in patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA):the SMA Motor Map protocol

Ros Leandra A.A., Goedee H. Stephan, Franssen Hessel, Asselman Fay Lynn, Bartels Bart, Cuppen Inge, van Eijk Ruben P.A., Sleutjes Boudewijn T.H.M., van der Pol W. Ludo, Wadman Renske I. 24 Apr 2023, In: BMC Neurology. 23

Evidence for Beneficial Effect of Daily Use of Mechanical Insufflation-Exsufflation in Patients With Neuromuscular Diseases

Veldhoen Esther S, van der Wal Roosmarijn, Verweij-van den Oudenrijn Laura P, Wösten-van Asperen Roelie M, Gaytant Michael A, van der Ent Cornelis K, van der Pol W Ludo, Hulzebos Erik Hj 1 Apr 2023, In: Respiratory Care. 68 , p. 531-546 16 p.

The RESISTANT study (Respiratory Muscle Training in Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy):study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Kant-Smits Kim, Bartels Bart, Asselman Fay Lynn, Veldhoen Esther S., van Eijk Ruben P.A., van der Pol W. Ludo, Hulzebos Erik H.J. 23 Mar 2023, In: BMC Neurology. 23

Lung function decline preceding chronic respiratory failure in spinal muscular atrophy:a national prospective cohort study

Veldhoen Esther S, Wijngaarde Camiel A, van Eijk Ruben P A, Asselman Fay-Lynn, Seddiqi Negina, Otto Louise A M, Stam Marloes, Cuppen Inge, Wadman Renske I, van Asperen Roelie M Wösten, Hulzebos Erik H J, van den Oudenrijn Laura P Verweij, Bartels Bart, Boezer Jasmijn, Gaytant M, van der Ent Cornelis K, van der Pol W Ludo 23 Feb 2023, In: Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 18 10 p.

Inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid of paediatric spinal muscular atrophy patients receiving nusinersen treatment

Scheijmans F. E.V., Cuppen I., Zwartkruis M. M., Signoria I., van Ekris C., Asselman F., Wadman R. I., Knol E. F., van der Pol W. L., Groen E. J.N. Jan 2023, In: European Journal of Paediatric Neurology. 42 , p. 34-41 8 p.

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