prof. dr. A. (Annet) van Royen-Kerkhof

prof. dr. A. (Annet) van Royen-Kerkhof

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prof. dr. A. (Annet) van Royen-Kerkhof
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Dr A. van Royen-Kerkhof is senior consultant in Pediatric Immunology and Rheumatology at the department of Pediatric Immunolgy an Rheumatology of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital Utrecht, the Netherlands. She obtained her MD degree in 1990 at the Medical School of the University of Utrecht. She was trained as a paediatrician from 1991-1996 In Utrecht and Eindhoven (Catharina Ziekenhuis) In 2002 she achieved her specialist degree in Pediatric Immunolgy and Rheumatology. In 2005 she finished her PhD thesis on “Fcg-receptors in the clinics”.
The main focus of her clinical work is on Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases, the research focus is on Juvenile Dermatomyositis.

Currently she is involved in the development of the Medical/Research Master programme SUMMA in the University Medical Center Utrecht (2016-present).

As a member of the Medical Ethical Committee she was involved in reviewing investigational protocols for research in children  and persons who are incapable of giving consent.

Currently she is involved in the national and international discussions on accessibility of (expensive) treatment in pediatric patients

Side Activities

International research collaborations

  • 2012 - present   SHARE project: Best practices for the treatment of pediatric rheumatic diseases,  as the chair of expert group on Juvenile dermatomyositis.
  • 2013 - present    Development of Optimal/minimal Core Set criteria in Juvenile Dermatomyositis (P.I. Liza McCann, Alderhey Hospital Liverpool, UK)
  • 2010 - present    BrainWorks: a multicenter data-base for juvenile central nerve system vasculitis.
  • 2012 - present    Collaboration with dr Lisa Rider (NIH/NHS, Bethesda, USA) and dr Adam Huber (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada) on Juvenile Dermatomyositis (database analysis for prognostic factors of JDM)

Membership National Societies:

  • Member of Dutch Society of Paediatricians (Nederlandse Vereniging Kindergeneeskunde NVK)
    • 2011 - present:  vice-chair of “Werkgroep Dure en Weesgeneesmiddelen”
    • 2014 - present:  PI of SKMS project “Beschrijving off-label indicaties Dure en Weesgeneesmiddelen voor het Kinderformularium”
  • 2010 - present: Chair of Dutch society for Paediatric Rheumatology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kinderreumatologie NVKR);
  • Federatie Medisch Specialisten:
  • member of  working party “Geneesmiddelen”
  • 2015-present: member of working party  “Dure geneesmiddelen”      
  • Member of Dutch society of Immunodeficiencies (Werkgroep Immuundeficiënties WID)
  • Member Board Society of Immune Mediated Inflammatory      diseases
  • Membership “Interuniversitaire Werkgroep Autoinflammatie”

Membership International Societies:

  • 2008 - present: Member Pediatric Rheumatology Society  (PReS)
  • 2010 - present: Chair Working Party European Working Party Juvenile Dermatomyositis (PReS),
  • 2007 - present: Member European Society of immunodeficiencies (ESID)
  • 2015 - present: FULLPHASE Medical Advisory Board

 Other related activities

  • 2007- present: Medical Advisor “KAISZ”, a society for parents and children with auto-immune and auto-inflammatory systemic diseases  
  • 2011- present: Medical Advisor VSN (Vereniging Spierziekten Nederland)
  • 2006- present: Boardmember Sophie Beuninck Stichting,

Fellowship and Awards

  • Stichting KAISZ (WKZ estafetteloop):                                                 5000, -
  • OBI project (Novartis):                                                                      10.000,-
  • Guidelines NVKR (Abbott):                                                                 16.000,-
  • Basic research (Regulatory T cells in Juvenile Dermatomyositis)            30.000,-
  • (De Bas Stichting)
  • Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds:.                                                               185.955,-

 (Biomarkers voor ziekteactiviteit bij Juveniele Dermatomyositis)

  • SKMS project       Dure en Weesgeneesmiddelen                                60.000,-

Awards of AIO
Judith Wienke award Young Investigator Meeting EULAR/PReS, Rom4 Italy, June 9th 2015:

CXCL10, TNFR2 and Galectin-9 correlate with disease activity in Juvenile Dermatomyositis.

Research Output (133)

Biologicals for pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis:practical challenges and knowledge gaps

van der Rijst Lisa P., van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, Pasmans Suzanne G.M.A., Schappin Renske, de Bruin-Weller Marjolein S., de Graaf Marlies Dec 2023, In: Journal of Dermatological Treatment. 34

Heterozygous Variants in the DNA-binding Domain of c-Myb May Affect Normal B/T Cell Development

Smits Bas M., Hartley Taila, Dünnebach Ester, Bartels Marije, Boycott Kim M., Kernohan Kirstin D., Dyment David A., Giltay Jacques C., Haddad Elie, Jarinova Olga, Van Montfrans Joris, Van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, Van Der Veken Lars T., De Witte Moniek, Nierkens Stefan, Pham-Huy Anne, Leavis Helen L. 21 Oct 2022, In: HemaSphere. 6 , p. E774

Anti–Cytosolic 5′-Nucleotidase 1A Autoantibodies Are Absent in Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Rietveld Anke, Wienke Judith, Visser Eline, Vree Egberts Wilma, Schlumberger Wolfgang, van Engelen Baziel, van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, Lu Hui, Wedderburn Lucy, Saris Christiaan, Tansley Sarah, Pruijn Ger, Jul 2021, In: Arthritis and Rheumatology. 73 , p. 1329-1333 5 p.

Daily life participation in childhood chronic disease:A qualitative study on the child's and parent's perspective

Nap-Van Der Vlist Merel M., Berkelbach Van Der Sprenkel Emma E., Nijhof Linde N., Grootenhuis Martha A., Van Der Ent Cornelis K., Swart Joost F., Van Royen-Kerkhof Annet, Van Grotel Martine, Van De Putte Elise M., Nijhof Sanne L., Kars Marijke C. 18 May 2021, In: BMJ paediatrics open. 5 , p. 1-9

Consensus-based recommendations for the management of juvenile systemic sclerosis

Foeldvari Ivan, Culpo Roberta, Sperotto Francesca, Anton Jordi, Avcin Tadej, Baildam Eileen, Boros Christina, Chaitow Jeffrey, Constantin Tamas, Kasapcopur Ozgur, Knupp Feitosa de Oliveira Sheila, Pilkington Clarissa, Toplak Natasa, van Royen Annet, Saad Magalhaes Claudia, Vastert Sebastiaan J, Wulffraat Nico, Zulian Francesco 4 Nov 2020, In: Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 60 , p. 1651-1658 8 p.

€ 279.538,- Voor vervolgonderzoek naar Juveniele dermatomyositis

van Royen Annet 17 Sep 2020,

Distinct interferon signatures and cytokine patterns define additional systemic autoinflammatory diseases

de Jesus Adriana A., Hou Yangfeng, Brooks Stephen, Malle Louise, Biancotto Angelique, Huang Yan, Calvo Katherine R., Marrero Bernadette, Moir Susan, Oler Andrew J., Deng Zuoming, Montealegre Sanchez Gina A., Ahmed Amina, Allenspach Eric, Arabshahi Bita, Behrens Edward, Benseler Susanne, Bezrodnik Liliana, Bout-Tabaku Sharon, Brescia Anne Marie C., Brown Diane, Burnham Jon M., Caldirola Maria Soledad, Carrasco Ruy, Chan Alice Y., Cimaz Rolando, Dancey Paul, Dare Jason, DeGuzman Marietta, Dimitriades Victoria, Ferguson Ian, Ferguson Polly, Finn Laura, Gattorno Marco, Grom Alexei A., Hanson Eric P., Hashkes Philip J., Hedrich Christian M., Herzog Ronit, Horneff Gerd, Jerath Rita, Kessler Elizabeth, Kim Hanna, Kingsbury Daniel J., Laxer Ronald M., Lee Pui Y., Lee-Kirsch Min Ae, Lewandowski Laura, Li Suzanne, van Royen-Kerkhof Annet 1 Apr 2020, In: Journal of Clinical Investigation. 130 , p. 1669-1682 14 p.

European consensus-based recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of rare paediatric vasculitides – the SHARE initiative:This is a correction to: Rheumatology, Volume 58, Issue 4, April 2019, Pages 656–671,

De Graeff Nienke, Groot Noortje, Brogan Paul, Ozen Seza, Avcin Tadej, Bader-Meunier Brigitte, Dolezalova Pavla, Feldman Brian M., Kone-Paut Isabelle, Lahdenne Pekka, Marks Stephen D., McCann Liza, Pilkington Clarissa, Ravelli Angelo, Van Royen Annet, Uziel Yosef, Vastert Bas, Wulffraat Nico, Kamphuis Sylvia, Beresford Michael W. Apr 2020, In: Rheumatology (United Kingdom). 59 , p. 919 1 p.

Annet van Royen benoemd tot Senior Fellow

van Royen Annet 24 Feb 2020,

Consensus-based recommendations for the management of juvenile localised scleroderma

Zulian Francesco, Culpo Roberta, Sperotto Francesca, Anton Jordi, Avcin Tadej, Baildam Eileen M., Boros Christina, Chaitow Jeffrey, Constantin Tamàs, Kasapcopur Ozgur, Knupp Feitosa De Oliveira Sheila, Pilkington Clarissa A., Russo Ricardo, Toplak Natasa, Van Royen Annet, Saad Magalhães Claudia, Vastert Sebastiaan J., Wulffraat Nico M., Foeldvari Ivan 1 Aug 2019, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 78 , p. 1019-1024 6 p.

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