prof. dr. ir. M.A. (Max) Viergever

prof. dr. ir. M.A. (Max) Viergever

Professor Emeritus

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Research Output (650)

Reconstruction and completion of high-resolution 3D cardiac shapes using anisotropic CMRI segmentations and continuous implicit neural representations

Sander Jörg, de Vos Bob D., Bruns Steffen, Planken Nils, Viergever Max A., Leiner Tim, Išgum Ivana Sep 2023, In: Computers in Biology and Medicine. 164 15 p.

Automatic Assessment of Lower-Limb Alignment from Computed Tomography

Kuiper Ruurd J A, Seevinck Peter R, Viergever Max A, Weinans Harrie, Sakkers Ralph J B 3 May 2023, In: The Journal of bone and joint surgery. American volume. 105 , p. 700-712 13 p.

Long-term Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Is Associated with Contralateral Parenchymal Enhancement at MRI:Outcomes of the SELECT Study

Ragusi Max A.A., van der Velden Bas H.M., Meeuwis Carla, Tetteroo Eric, Coerkamp Emile G., van Nijnatten Thiemo J.A., Jansen Frits H., Wolters-Van Der Ben Elian J.M., Jongen Lisa, van Raamt Fleur, Dorrius Monique D., Verloop Janneke, Viergever Max A., Pijnappel Ruud M., Elias Sjoerd G., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A. May 2023, In: Radiology. 307 , p. 1-8

Deep Learning-Based Segmentation of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer on MRI in Relation to Residual Cancer Burden:A Multiinstitutional Cohort Study

Janse Markus H.A., Janssen Liselore M., van der Velden Bas H.M., Moman Maaike R., Wolters-van der Ben Elian J.M., Kock Marc C.J.M., Viergever Max A., van Diest Paul J., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A. 17 Mar 2023, In: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 58 , p. 1739-1749 11 p.

Impact of bone and cartilage segmentation from CT and MRI on both bone forearm osteotomy planning

Kuiper Ruurd J A, Colaris Joost W, Stockmans Filip, van Es Eline M, Viergever Max A, Seevinck Peter R, Weinans Harrie, Sakkers Ralph J B 2023, In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. 18 , p. 2307-2318 12 p.

Generative models for reproducible coronary calcium scoring

van Velzen Sanne G M, de Vos Bob D, Noothout Julia M H, Verkooijen Helena M, Viergever Max A, Išgum Ivana Sep 2022, In: Journal of Medical Imaging. 9

Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) in deep learning-based medical image analysis

van der Velden Bas H M, Kuijf Hugo J, Gilhuijs Kenneth G A, Viergever Max A Jul 2022, In: Medical Image Analysis. 79 , p. 1-21

Synthetic CT for the planning of MR-HIFU treatment of bone metastases in pelvic and femoral bones:a feasibility study

Lena Beatrice, Florkow Mateusz C., Ferrer Cyril J., van Stralen Marijn, Seevinck Peter R., Vonken Evert Jan P.A., Boomsma Martijn F., Slotman Derk J., Viergever Max A., Moonen Chrit T.W., Bos Clemens, Bartels Lambertus W. Jul 2022, In: European Radiology. 32 , p. 4537-4546 10 p.

AI-Based Radiation Dose Quantification for Estimation of Heart Disease Risk in Breast Cancer Survivors After Radiation Therapy

van Velzen Sanne G M, Gal Roxanne, Teske Arco J, van der Leij Femke, van den Bongard Desirée H J G, Viergever Max A, Verkooijen Helena M, Išgum Ivana 1 Mar 2022, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 112 , p. 621-632 12 p.

AI-Based Quantification of Planned Radiation Therapy Dose to Cardiac Structures and Coronary Arteries in Patients With Breast Cancer

van Velzen Sanne G M, Bruns Steffen, Wolterink Jelmer M, Leiner Tim, Viergever Max A, Verkooijen Helena M, Išgum Ivana 1 Mar 2022, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 112 , p. 611-620 10 p.

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