prof. dr. I.H.M. Borel Rinkes

Full Professor

  • Department of Surgical Oncology

prof. dr. I.H.M. Borel Rinkes


Inne Borel Rinkes attended medical School (Leiden University) from 1976-1984 (MD-degree cum laude) while working as donor-allocation-coordinator for Eurotransplant. From 1984-1986 he was resident in surgery Red Cross Hospital,The Hague (supervisor dr. J. Hamming). He had his formal surgical training from 1986-1993 in Rotterdam (Zuiderziekenhuis, dr. G. Olthuis; University Hospital Dijkzigt, Prof. J. Jeekel). His training was interrupted for 1.5 years for doctoral research at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University, Center for Engineering in Medicine (Profs. Toner, Yarmush and Tompkins). Inne Borel Rinkes obtained his PhD degree in 1993 on the dissertation “Hepatocytes in the development of liver support systems”.
In 1993 he became surgeon in the Dr. Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center in Rotterdam. In 1995 he became staff surgeon in the University Medical Center in Utrecht, where he was appointed full professor of Surgical Oncology in 2002. Between 2001 and 2012 he was director of the residency program in surgery and chairman of the Concilium Chirurgicum. From 2006 to 2012 he was member of the scientific council of the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) and chairman of the translational research-committee. In 2012 he received the Catharijne Prize for outstanding translational research and clinical work. His main topics of interest include HPB-surgery and Endocrine surgery. His research focus involves (targeting) the development of liver metastases.

Side Activities

  • Bestuurslid Stichting Sacha Swarttouw (Research Grants Dikkedarmkanker)


    Bestuurslid Stichting Michael van Vloten Fonds (Onderzoeksbeurzen chirurgisch onderzoek buitenland)


    Voorzitter Regenten Hippocrates Studiefonds (Onderzoeksprijzen med studenten)


    Bestuurslid Netherlands Society for International Surgery

Fellowship and Awards

  • 2013 Catharijne Award for outstanding translational research & surgical  oncology patient care
    Effects of anti-angiogenic therapy on physiological and pathological angiogenesis; Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO)-920-03-102; AGIKO E.A. te Velde
    Angiogenesis and the liver: role of angiogenesis in liver regeneration and cirrhosis; Private fund and Vanderes foundation; J.M. Vogten
    Anti-angiogenic effects of photodynamic therapy in experimental cancer; Dutch Cancer Foundation 
    Implenting stereotactic large-core needle biopsy for non-palpable breast cancer lesions; Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO -920-03-159 and Stichting Centraal Fonds Vrijwillige Reserves; AGIKO L.E. Hoorntje
    Early effects of liver metastases on hepatic microcirculation; Vanderes foundation – 2001/63
    Is angiogenesis the key to more effective local thermal ablation of colorectal liver metastases?; Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO)-920-03-159; AGIKO L.M. Veenendaal 
    Surgery-induced hypoxia, angiogenesis, and tumor growth; Private Fund.
    Reovirus oncolysis of colorectal liver metastases (2004); Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO)-920-03-313; AGIKO: J.D.W. van der Bilt
    Long term effects of short term ischemia on metastatic colorectal cancer cells; Dutch Cancer Foundation 2006-3711 (1year research grant for clinical assistants to M. Nijkamp) 
    Anti-tumor therapy with an adeno-associated virus (AAV) suppressing the K-Ras oncogene by RNA interference; Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO)-920-03-382; AGIKO W. van Houdt
    Apoptosis control in metastases of colorectal cancer (2006); Private fund
    Identification of metastasis genes activated by oncogenic Kras (G12D); Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) 2007-552
    Identification of metastasis stimulating genes activated by oncogenic Kras; Vanderes foundation 2007-177
    A gene expression signature for prediction of disease free survival after Ro resection of colorectal liver metastasis; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) 2007-3923
    Radioguided occult lesion localisation in patients with non-palpable breast cancer (ROLL); Dutch Society for Scientific Research (ZonW) 17088.2101
    The Role of sprituality in the adjustment of patients with cancer; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) HDI 2008-4076
    The secretome of colon cancer stem cells; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2009-4367 (research grant for B.L. Emmink)
    Death receptor signaling in liver metastasis formation; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2009-4379 (research grant for E.J.A. Steller)
    Preventing recurrence of colorectal liver metastases following liver surgery by hypoxia-activated pro-drugs (KWF) UU 2010-4608 (research grant for K. Govaert)
    Wijnand M. Pon Foundation Het volgen van kankerstamcel tot leveruitzaaiing
    Prevention of Breast Cancer by Monitoring Gene Promoter Methylation in Nipple Aspirates; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2008-4217
    Killing hypoxic colorectal cancer stam cells; Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2013-5865 (research grant for J.M.J. Jongen)
    Targeting cancer stem cells in colon cancer. Stichting Vrienden UMC Utrecht 2013, 217.000 euro.
    Platelet-derived growth factor receptor inhibition in mesenchymal-type colorectal cancer. Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2014-6617 (research grant for I. Ubink).
    PDGF-receptor-targeted therapy for the treatment of poor prognosis mesenchymaltype colon cancer: a widow trial. ZonMw (95104001) 93.300 euro
    What is the best treatment for MEN1 patients with duodenopancreatic neuroendocrine tumors? Twenty-two years of survival to be gained.
    Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) UU 2014-7102 (research grant for S. Nell) 152.421,- euro. (2e PI)

Research Output (363)

Mode of progression after radioembolization in patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases

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Care after pancreatic resection according to an algorithm for early detection and minimally invasive management of pancreatic fistula versus current practice (PORSCH-trial):design and rationale of a nationwide stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial

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Early recognition of clinically relevant postoperative pancreatic fistula:a systematic review

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Reply to:Assessing outcomes after adrenalectomy for unliateral primary aldosteronism

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Differential anti-tumour effects of MTH1 inhibitors in patient-derived 3D colorectal cancer cultures

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Is hepatectomy safe following Yttrium-90 therapy? A multi-institutional international experience

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