prof. dr. L. Koenderman

Full Professor

  • Department of Experimental Pulmonary Diseases

Research Output (309)

Point-of-Care Analysis of Neutrophil Phenotypes:A First Step Toward Immuno-Based Precision Medicine in the Trauma ICU

Spijkerman Roy, Hesselink Lillian, Bongers Suzanne, van Wessem Karlijn J P, Vrisekoop Nienke, Hietbrink Falco, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P H jul 2020, In: Critical care explorations. 2 , p. e0158

On the origin of low-density neutrophils

Hassani Marwan, Hellebrekers Pien, Chen Na, van Aalst Corneli, Bongers Suus, Hietbrink Falco, Koenderman Leo, Vrisekoop Nienke 14 mrt 2020, In: Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 107 , p. 809-818 10 p.

Persistent Inflammation, Immunosuppression and Catabolism Syndrome (PICS) after Polytrauma:A Rare Syndrome with Major Consequences

Hesselink Lillian, Hoepelman Ruben J, Spijkerman Roy, de Groot Mark C H, van Wessem Karlijn J P, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P H, Hietbrink Falco 10 jan 2020, In: Journal of Clinical medicine. 9 13 p.

Multi-set Pre-processing of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Data

Folcarelli Rita, Tinnevelt Gerjen H, Hilvering Bart, Wouters Kristiaan, van Staveren Selma, Postma Geert J, Vrisekoop Nienke, Buydens Lutgarde M C, Koenderman Leo, Jansen Jeroen J 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10 12 p.

Fragile neutrophils in surgical patients:A phenomenon associated with critical illness

Hesselink Lillian, Spijkerman Roy, Hellebrekers Pien, van Bourgondiën Robert J, Blasse Enja, Haitjema Saskia, Huisman Albert, van Solinge Wouter W, Van Wessem Karlijn J P, Koenderman Leo, Leenen Luke P H, Hietbrink Falco 2020, In: PLoS ONE. 15 19 p.

Neutrophil Heterogeneity in Cancer:From Biology to Therapies

Lecot Pacôme, Sarabi Matthieu, Pereira Abrantes Manuela, Mussard Julie, Koenderman Leo, Caux Christophe, Bendriss-Vermare Nathalie, Michallet Marie-Cécile 20 sep 2019, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 10

Automated flow cytometry enables high performance point-of-care analysis of leukocyte phenotypes

Spijkerman Roy, Hesselink Lillian, Hellebrekers Pien, Vrisekoop Nienke, Hietbrink Falco, Leenen Luke P H, Koenderman Leo 13 aug 2019, In: Journal of Immunological Methods. 474

The Neutrophil Life Cycle

Hidalgo Andrés, Chilvers Edwin R, Summers Charlotte, Koenderman Leo 29 mei 2019, In: Trends in immunology. 40 , p. 584-597 14 p.

Characterization of the phenotype of human eosinophils and their progenitors in the bone marrow of healthy individuals

Hassani Marwan, van Staveren Selma, van Grinsven Erinke, Bartels Marije, Tesselaar Kiki, Leijte Guus, Kox Mathijs, Pickkers Peter, Vrisekoop Nienke, Koenderman Leo 17 mei 2019, In: Haematologica. 105 , p. e52-e56 5 p.

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