dr. J.J.C. (Joost) Verhoeff

Associate Professor - medical
dr. J.J.C. (Joost) Verhoeff
  • Radiotherapy (research)
  • Department of Radiotherapy

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



My lab's mission is to redefine Standard Radiotherapy

As radiation oncologists, we want to treat cancer patients with high precision radiotherapy. The UMC Utrecht has the right caring team and right machinery for this (2x MRI-linac, 10x CT-linac). My lab's goal is providing the best cancer treatment for each patient. Some patients want to live as long as possible regardless of treatment side effects, others want quality of life. To find balance is key.

The UMC Utrecht department of radiation oncology is a terrific place to do clinical research, as it is even the birthplace of the MRI-linac. Next, the Radiation Oncology department harbours 2 1.5T MRI systems, a 3.0T MRI. a 7.0T MRI and a MRI/PET scanner.

Joost Verhoeff subspecialized in treatment of brain tumors and lung cancer. About half of his time he spends on research as associate professor.


Brain tumors:

- Increasing quality of life by shorter but better focused radiation treatment

- Increasing overall survival by combining better treatment modalities

- Principal Investigator of ZonMW funded GOLD trial (dutch info), 30x2Gy+TMZ versus 6x6Gy+TMZ for primary GBM

- Principal Investigator of KWF funded RISinG trial (Dutch info), 10x3.4Gy versus 4x7.5Gy for recurrent GBM


Brain metastases:

- Finding best treatments for each specific patient: personalized medicine.

- Increasing quality of life by incorporating MR-guided treatment post operative (MRI-linac)

- Coimbra brain metastasis prospective cohort (website)


Lung cancer:

- Better predicting patient survival and toxicity by smart analyses

- Increasing quality of life by incorporating MR-guided treatment (MR-Linac)

- U-color prospective cohort, for all lung cancer patients that receive radiotherapy


Cardiac Ablative SBRT:

- In collaboration with 30 other European hospitals we develop strategies to treat Ventricular Tachycardia in the framework (Principal Investigator, EU H2020 grant).



- Szabolcs David PhD (brain tumors, imaging)

- Jacqueline Pomp MD PhD, radiation oncologist, (lung cancer and deep learning)

- Peter van Rossum MD PhD MSc, resident radiation oncologist (MRI-linac, epidemiology, lung cancer)


PhD students:

- Steven Nagtegaal MD (brain tumors, cognitive changes)

- Wouter van Amsterdam MD (deep learning, lung cancer)

- Eva van Grinsven MSc (neuro-psychology, brain tumors)

- Arthur van der Boog BS (brain tumors, clinical trials)

- Belle van Duin MD (melanoma, imaging, pathology)


Residents radiation oncology performing research:

- Laura Merckel MD PhD (MRI-linac lung cancer)
- Marnix Rading MD (lung cancer)
- Joyce Lodeweges MD (lung cancer)
- Max Peters MD PhD MSc (epidemiology, lung cancer)- Pim Damen MD (immunotherapies)
- Janneke van der Stap MANP (lung cancer)


Students (medical, biomedical, informatics):

- Eliza van Wulfften Palthe (brain metastases)
- Anouk Steennis (brain tumors)
- Victor Wasser (brain tumor imaging)
- Salah Gasle (brain tumor imaging)
- Michelle Sierts (brain tumors)
- Karlijn Smitt (brain tumors)
- Mathijs Tomassen (lung cancer)
- Hugo van Joolingen (lung cancer)
- Céline Bogers (lung cancer)
- Anne van der Tuin (lung cancer)
- Eva Swinkels (lung cancer)
- Lucie Egberink (lung cancer)
- Bas Arends (deep learning for spine tumor treatment)
- Jasper Hennecken (spinal imaging)
- Hajo Boersma (psychiatric disorders and radiotherapy)

Former group members (medical, biomedical, informatics):

- Ali Ghannam (brain metastases cohort)
- Emma Nessen (brain metastases)
- Marc Pijper (lung cancer)
- Cathalijne Post (brain tumors)
- Robin Schuijlenburg (brain tumors)
- Merel Kraak (lung cancer)
- Suzanne Vellinga (lung cancer)
- Netanja Harlianto (lung cancer)
- Yannic Hanekamp (Covid treatment)
- Sjors Wagemakers (pain meassurement)
- Max van Essen (brain tumors)
- Chris Hammerstein (survival analyses)



Full list of publications on PubMed: click here (automatic list is incomplete)

Research Output (66)

Combining radiotherapy and focused ultrasound for pain palliation of cancer induced bone pain; a stage I/IIa study according to the IDEAL framework

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Dose-dependent volume loss in subcortical deep grey matter structures after cranial radiotherapy

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Immunomodulation Through Low-Dose Radiation for Severe COVID-19:Lessons From the Past and New Developments

Hanekamp Yannic N, Giordano James, Hanekamp Jaap C, Khan Mohammad K, Limper Maarten, Venema Constantijn S, Vergunst Samuel D, Verhoeff Joost J C, Calabrese Edward J 22 sep 2020, In: Dose-response : a publication of International Hormesis Society. 18

Age, pathology and CA-125 are prognostic factors for survival in patients with brain metastases from gynaecological tumours

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Glioma consensus contouring recommendations from a MR-Linac International Consortium Research Group and evaluation of a CT-MRI and MRI-only workflow

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Predicting incomplete resection in non-small cell lung cancer preoperatively:a validated nomogram

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Prognostic factors for overall survival of stage III non-small cell lung cancer patients on computed tomography:a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Effect of radiation therapy on cerebral cortical thickness in glioma patients:Treatment-induced thinning of the healthy cortex

Nagtegaal Steven H J, David Szabolcs, Snijders Tom J, Philippens Marielle E P, Leemans Alexander, Verhoeff Joost J C 10 jul 2020, In: Neuro-oncology advances. 2 8 p.

Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on imaging in oncological trials

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A single neural network for cone-beam computed tomography-based radiotherapy of head-and-neck, lung and breast cancer

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