prof. dr. M.L. (Michiel) Bots

prof. dr. M.L. (Michiel) Bots

Full Professor
prof. dr. M.L. (Michiel) Bots
  • Julius Center, dept. Epidemiology & Health Economics
  • Julius Center, dept. Epidemiology & Health Economics

Research Programs

Circulatory Health




  • In 1986, Michiel Bots received his medical degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After working as a resident in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, at the Hospital Zonnegloren in Soest and as a resident in Surgery at the Juliana Hospital in Apeldoorn, he started in 1988 his training in cardiovascular epidemiology started at the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics of the Erasmus University Medical School in Rotterdam.
  • In 1993, he obtained his PhD degree on the thesis entitled 'Carotid wall thickness as indicator of generalised atherosclerosis'.
  • In 1996 he moved to the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care of the University Medical Center Utrecht in Utrecht.
  • Since 1997 he serves as Managing (up to 2001) and Scientific director of Vascular Imaging Center Utrecht, a vascular core laboratory on quantification of structural, dynamic and functional arterial characteristics.
  • In 2001 he was appointed associate professor in epidemiology
  • Since 2009 he is a professor in the Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease at the University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Since 2013 he is chariman of the steering committe of the Utrecht Cardiovascular Cohort: a multidisciplinary effort with physicians, patients and researchers of the UMC Utrecht, the UCC sets a benchmark for a learning cardiovascular healthcare system. UCC offers an invaluable resource for future high quality care as well as for first-class research for investigators.

 His research activities comprise observational studies and clinical trials

  • around the development of atherosclerosis, its physiological and environmental risk factors and its consequences. Non-invasive assessment of atherosclerotic abnormalities through imaging in both high risk and low risk populations by measurement of carotid intima-media thickness, carotid plaque, arterial stiffness, coronary calcifications, coronary stenosis and their progression over time are major topics in his studies.
  • around uncontrolled hypertension elevated blood pressure and treatment thereof
  • around kidney disease and its determinants and therapies, with a main focus on dialysis patients and treatment modalities
  • around facts and figure of cardiovascular disease in the Netherlands, with an emphasis on national data obtainable through linkage of registries.
  • around the creation of an infrastructure for uniform registration of cardiovascular information in routine clinical practice for patients referred for cardiovascular care at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

 His scientific output involves over 750 international peer reviewed publications.

 His teaching activities involve

  • Regular curricular lectures on cardiovascular and general clinical epidemiology for medicine, biomedical and pharmaceutical bachelor and master students.

  • Coordinator of the annual MSc course 'Cardiovascular Epidemiology' (

  • Coordinator of the annual Blended MSc course ‘Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease’ (

  • Regularly a MSc course 'Clinical Epidemiology' outside the Netherlands (China, Germany, Malaysia) 


Side Activities

Advisory board for the working party on ‘Cardiovascular disease: figures and facts’ of the Dutch Heart Foundation,


Fellowship and Awards

Over the years Michiel Bots was involved in national and international collaborations that were successful in obtaining grants proposal from profit (pharmaceutical industry) and non profit organisations (ZonMw, Netherlands Heart Foundation, European Union, Dutch Kidney Foundation, CVON-HF).


Research Output (1000)

Asking informed consent may lead to significant participation bias and suboptimal cardiovascular risk management in learning healthcare systems

Zondag Anna G M, Groenhof T Katrien J, van der Graaf Rieke, van Solinge Wouter W, Bots Michiel L, Haitjema Saskia, , Emmelot-Vonk Marielle H Dec 2023, In: BMC Medical Research Methodology. 23 11 p.

Validation of spot urine in estimating 24-h urinary sodium, potassium and sodium-to-potassium ratio during three different sodium diets in healthy adults

Groenland Eline H., Vendeville Jean Paul A.C., Bots Michiel L., Visseren Frank L.J., Musson Ruben E.A., Spiering Wilko Dec 2023, In: Blood pressure. 32

Effect of Hemodiafiltration or Hemodialysis on Mortality in Kidney Failure. Reply

Blankestijn Peter J, Bots Michiel L 16 Nov 2023, In: The New England journal of medicine. 389 , p. 1-3 3 p.

Antioxidants for adults with chronic kidney disease

Colombijn Julia Mt, Hooft Lotty, Jun Min, Webster Angela C, Bots Michiel L, Verhaar Marianne C, Vernooij Robin Wm 2 Nov 2023, In: The Cochrane database of systematic reviews. 2023 , p. 1-289

Intima-media thickness at the near or far wall of the common carotid artery in cardiovascular risk assessment

Seekircher Lisa, Tschiderer Lena, Lind Lars, Safarova Maya S., Kavousi Maryam, Ikram M. Arfan, Lonn Eva, Yusuf Salim, Grobbee Diederick E., Kastelein John J.P., Visseren Frank L.J., Walters Matthew, Dawson Jesse, Higgins Peter, Agewall Stefan, Catapano Alberico, De Groot Eric, Espeland Mark A., Klingenschmid Gerhard, Magliano Dianna, Olsen Michael H., Preiss David, Sander Dirk, Skilton Michael, Zozulińska-Ziółkiewicz Dorota A., Grooteman Muriel P.C., Blankestijn Peter J., Kitagawa Kazuo, Okazaki Shuhei, Manzi Maria V., Mancusi Costantino, Izzo Raffaele, Desvarieux Moise, Rundek Tatjana, Gerstein Hertzel C., Bots Michiel L., Sweeting Michael J., Lorenz Matthias W., Willeit Peter 1 Sep 2023, In: European heart journal open. 3

Long-term peridialytic blood pressure changes are related to mortality

De Roij Van Zuijdewijn Camiel L.M., Rootjes Paul A., Nubé Menso J., Bots Michiel L., Canaud Bernard, Blankestijn Peter J., Van Ittersum Frans J., Maduell Francisco, Morena Marion, Peters Sanne A.E., Davenport Andrew, Vernooij Robin W.M., Grooteman Muriel P.C., Bots Michiel L., Blankestijn Peter J., Canaud Bernard, Davenport Andrew, Grooteman Muriel P.C., Nubé Menso J., Peters Sanne A.E., Morena Marion, Maduell Francisco, Torres Ferran, Ok Ercan, Asci Gulay, Locatelli Francesco, 1 Sep 2023, In: Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. 38 , p. 1992-2001 10 p.

Effect of Hemodiafiltration or Hemodialysis on Mortality in Kidney Failure

Blankestijn Peter J, Vernooij Robin W M, Hockham Carinna, Strippoli Giovanni F M, Canaud Bernard, Hegbrant Jörgen, Barth Claudia, Covic Adrian, Cromm Krister, Cucui Andrea, Davenport Andrew, Rose Matthias, Török Marietta, Woodward Mark, Bots Michiel L, 24 Aug 2023, In: The New England journal of medicine. 389 , p. 700-709 10 p.

Temporal Trends and Determinants of Stroke Risk in Patients With Medically Treated Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis

Poorthuis Michiel H F, Solomon Yoel, Herings Reinier A R, Visseren Frank L J, Kappelle L Jaap, Bots Michiel L, Rissanen Ina, de Borst Gert J 1 Jul 2023, In: Stroke. 54 , p. 1735-1749 15 p.

Physical performance tasks were linked to the PROMIS physical function metric in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Liegl Gregor, Fischer Felix H, Woodward Mark, Török Marietta, Strippoli Giovanni F M, Hegbrant Jörgen, Davenport Andrew, Cromm Krister, Canaud Bernard, Bots Michiel L, Blankestijn Peter J, Barth Claudia, Fischer Kathrin I, Rose Matthias Jul 2023, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 159 , p. 128-138 11 p.

The relevance of competing risk adjustment in cardiovascular risk prediction models for clinical practice

Hageman Steven H J, Dorresteijn Jannick A N, Pennells Lisa, van Smeden Maarten, Bots Michiel L, Di Angelantonio Emanuele, Visseren Frank L J 20 Jun 2023, In: European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 30 , p. 1741-1747 7 p.

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