Circulatory Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death in both men and women and, with the current aging population and rise in cardiovascular risk factors, this is not likely to change without a collective effort. To address this challenge, cardiovascular investigators, clinicians and educators from UMC Utrecht have assembled into one program: Circulatory Health. The mission of our program is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease worldwide.

Chair Circulatory Health

Chair Center for Circulatory Health 

Prof. dr. Folkert Asselbergs

Research themes

Research themes

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Research groups

Research groups

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The Utrecht Cardiovascular Cohort

The Utrecht Cardiovascular Cohort: Uniform data collection in routine clinical practice in cardiovascular patients  for optimal care, quality control and research.  

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Patient care

Center for Circulatory Health

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Expertise centers for rare diseases

Five out of the 21 centers are connected to Circulatory Health:

•    Center for Congenital Vascular Abnormalities Utrecht.
•    Center for Hereditary Cardiovascular Diseases.
•    WKZ Children's Heart Center (in collaboration with Child Health).
•    National Expertise Center PXE (LEP).
•    Centre of Expertise for Fahr Patients (in formation).

Education and career

Are you interested in the exact cause of a myocardial or cerebral infarction or do you want to know how cardiac failure or arrhythmias develop? Or are you more interested in improving prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disease? Within the Center for Circulatory Health you can participate in solving these issues.

Cardiovascular education

Annual Review 2019

Annual Review 2019

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