dr. A. (Aniek) Janssen

dr. A. (Aniek) Janssen

Assistant Professor
  • CMM Janssen lab

Research Programs


Research Output (13)

The Sound of Silence: How Silenced Chromatin Orchestrates the Repair of Double-Strand Breaks

Kendek Apfrida, Wensveen Marieke R., Janssen Aniek Sep 2021, In: Genes. 12

Degree and site of chromosomal instability define its oncogenic potential

Hoevenaar Wilma H.M., Janssen Aniek, Quirindongo Ajit I., Ma Huiying, Klaasen Sjoerd J., Teixeira Antoinette, van Gerwen Bastiaan, Lansu Nico, Morsink Folkert H.M., Offerhaus G. Johan A., Medema René H., Kops Geert J.P.L., Jelluma Nannette 20 Mar 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11 11 p.

Inhibition of the spindle assembly checkpoint kinase TTK enhances the efficacy of docetaxel in a triple-negative breast cancer model

Maia A. R R, De Man J., Boon U., Janssen A., Song J. Y., Omerzu M., Sterrenburg J. G., Prinsen M. B W, Willemsen-Seegers N., De Roos J. A D M, Van Doornmalen A. M., Uitdehaag J. C M, Kops G. J P L, Jonkers J., Buijsman R. C., Zaman Guido J R, Medema R. H. 1 Oct 2015, In: Annals of Oncology. 26 , p. 2180-2192 13 p.

Molecular basis underlying resistance to Mps1/TTK inhibitors

Koch A., Maia A., Janssen A., Medema R. H. 14 Sep 2015, In: Oncogene. 35 , p. 2518–2528 11 p.

The landscape of somatic rearrangements induced by chromosome segregation errors in human

de Pagter M.S., Janssen A., van Roosmalen M.J., Renkens I.J., Kropveld F, Duran K.J., Cuppen E.P.J.G., Kloosterman W.P. 6 Jul 2014,

Intravital FRET imaging of tumor cell viability and mitosis during chemotherapy

Janssen A., Beerling E., Medema R., van Rheenen J.E. 2013, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 8 , p. e64029 1 p.

Chromosome segregation errors: a double-edged sword

Janssen A. 20 Dec 2012, 185 p.

Chromosome segregation errors as a cause of DNA damage and structural chromosome aberrations.

Janssen A., van der Burg M., Szuhai K., Kops G.J.P.L., Medema R.H. 30 Sep 2011, In: Science. 333 , p. 1895-1898 4 p.

Mitosis as an anti-cancer target

Janssen A., Medema R.H. 23 Jun 2011, In: Oncogene. 30 , p. 2799-2809 11 p.

Targeting the mitotic checkpoint to kill tumor cells

Janssen A., Kops G.J.P.L., Medema R.H. Apr 2011, In: Hormones & Cancer. 2 , p. 113-116 4 p.

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