dr. A. (Antoine) Khalil

dr. A. (Antoine) Khalil

Assistant Professor
dr. A. (Antoine) Khalil
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Research Programs




Dr. Khalil performed his PhD studies in the lab of Peter Friedl at the University of Wurzburg, Germany and Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Here, Antoine identified that collective invasion is a predominant mode of local spread in breast cancer patients and characterized the role of connexin channels in organizing the invading cells into leader and follower cells. 

After finishing his PhD, dr. Khalil went to the lab of Johan de Rooij at the UMC Utrecht, where he pursued his investigations on cell invasion with focus on ECM mechanotransduction. Dr. Khalil investigated how cancer cells transduce biomechanical cues in the ECM and the underlying molecular mechanisms that promote invasive characteristics in particular subsets of cancer cells.

As of January 2022, Dr. Khalil functions as an assistant professor and is leading the group invasion of epithelial tumors at the Center for molecular medicine (CMM) in Utrecht UMC.

Research Output (7)

Characteristics and outcomes of an international cohort of 600 000 hospitalized patients with COVID-19

Kartsonaki Christiana, Baillie J. Kenneth, Barrio Noelia García, Baruch Joaquín, Beane Abigail, Blumberg Lucille, Bozza Fernando, Broadley Tessa, Burrell Aidan, Carson Gail, Citarella Barbara Wanjiru, Dagens Andrew, Dankwa Emmanuelle A., Donnelly Christl A., Dunning Jake, Elotmani Loubna, Escher Martina, Farshait Nataly, Goffard Jean Christophe, Gonçalves Bronner P., Hall Matthew, Hashmi Madiha, Heng Benedict Sim Lim, Ho Antonia, Jassat Waasila, Jiménez Miguel Pedrera, Laouenan Cedric, Lissauer Samantha, Martin-Loeches Ignacio, Mentré France, Merson Laura, Morton Ben, Munblit Daniel, Nekliudov Nikita A., Nichol Alistair D., Oinam Budha Charan Singh, Ong David, Panda Prasan Kumar, Petrovic Michele, Pritchard Mark G., Ramakrishnan Nagarajan, Ramos Grazielle Viana, Roger Claire, Sandulescu Oana, Bogaert Debby, Diaz Juan Jose, Khalil Antoine, Postma Douwe F., van Der Valk Paul, Verbon Annelies, 1 Apr 2023, In: International journal of epidemiology. 52 , p. 355-376 22 p.

Spatial collagen stiffening promotes collective breast cancer cell invasion by reinforcing extracellular matrix alignment

Koorman Thijs, Jansen Karin A, Khalil Antoine, Haughton Peter D, Visser Daan, Rätze Max A K, Haakma Wisse E, Sakalauskaitè Gabrielè, van Diest Paul J, de Rooij Johan, Derksen Patrick W B 15 Mar 2022, In: Oncogene. 41 , p. 2458-2469 12 p.

The value of open-source clinical science in pandemic response:lessons from ISARIC

Abbas Ali, Abdukahil Sheryl Ann, Abdulkadir Nurul Najmee, Abe Ryuzo, Abel Laurent, Absil Lara, Acharya Subhash, Acker Andrew, Adachi Shingo, Adam Elisabeth, Adrião Diana, Ageel Saleh Al, Ahmed Shakeel, Ain Quratul, Ainscough Kate, Aisa Tharwat, Ait Hssain Ali, Ait Tamlihat Younes, Akimoto Takako, Akmal Ernita, Al Qasim Eman, Alalqam Razi, Alam Tanvir, Al-dabbous Tala, Alegesan Senthilkumar, Alegre Cynthia, Alessi Marta, Alex Beatrice, Alexandre Kévin, Al-Fares Abdulrahman, Alfoudri Huda, Ali Imran, Ali Shah Naseem, Alidjnou Kazali Enagnon, Aliudin Jeffrey, Alkhafajee Qabas, Allavena Clotilde, Allou Nathalie, Altaf Aneela, Alves João, Alves João Melo, Alves Rita, Amaral Maria, Bogaert Debby, Khalil Antoine, Ong David S.Y., Postma Douwe F., van der Valk Paul, van Lelyveld Steven, Verbon Annelies, Dec 2021, In: The Lancet Infectious Diseases. 21 , p. 1623-1624 2 p.

External validation of prognostic models to predict stillbirth using International Prediction of Pregnancy Complications (IPPIC) Network database:individual participant data meta-analysis

Allotey J, Whittle R, Snell K I E, Smuk M, Townsend R, von Dadelszen P, Heazell A E P, Magee L, Smith G C S, Sandall J, Thilaganathan B, Zamora J, Riley R D, Khalil A, Thangaratinam S, 18 Aug 2021, In: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 59 , p. 209-219 11 p.

Regulation of a progenitor gene program by SOX4 is essential for mammary tumor proliferation

Roukens M Guy, Frederiks Cynthia L, Seinstra Danielle, Braccioli Luca, Khalil Antoine A, Pals Cornelieke, De Neck Simon, Bornes Laura, Beerling Evelyne, Mokry Michal, de Bruin Alain, Westendorp Bart, van Rheenen Jacco, Coffer Paul J 2021, In: Oncogene. 40 , p. 6343-6353 11 p.

Obstetrics- versus non-obstetrics-based chart abstractor impact on ability to classify GAIA outcome definitions for potential AEFI in pregnant women and their infants in preparation for use in maternal immunization studies

Kachikis A., Eckert L. O., Munoz F. M., Sienas L., Simon R., Sturkenboom M. C. J. M., Dodd C. N., Jones C. E., Schlaudecker E. P., Khalil A., Yildirim I., Wilcox C. R., Heath P. T., Buttery J., Black S. Dec 2019, In: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 221 , p. 692-693

Prediction of pre-eclampsia:review of reviews

Townsend R., Khalil A., Premakumar Y., Allotey J., Snell K. I.E., Chan C., Chappell L., Hooper R., Green M., Mol B. W., Thilaganathan B., Thangaratinam S., Allotey J., Snell K., Chan C., Hopper R., Dodds J., Rogozinska E., Khan K., Poston L., Kenny L., Myers J., Thilaganathan B., Chappell L., Mol B. W., Von Dadelszen P., Ahmed A., Green M., Khalil A., Moons K., Riley R. D., Thangaratinam S., 1 Jul 2019, In: Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 54 , p. 16-27 12 p.

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