prof. dr. J. Klumperman

prof. dr. J. Klumperman

Full Professor
prof. dr. J. Klumperman
  • Cell Biology



Since 2001 Judith Klumperman is professor of Cell Biology and since 2008 chair of the Department of Cell Biology at the UMC Utrecht. She is also head of the Cell Microscopy Core of the UMC Utrecht, which is widely recognized as one of the best expertise centers in the world for immuno-electron microscopy. On a yearly basis the UMC Utrechts trains and assist over 40 scientists from the Netherlands and 15-20 international guests.She is often asked for expert microscopy advise and participate(d) in a large number of international collaborations.

Her research focus on understanding the molecular basis of human diseases, with an emphasis on diseases of the endo-lysosomal system. Diseases specifically addressed in my work are: Lysosomal storage disorders (Pompe disease; Mucolipidosis II/I-Cell disease) – Alzheimer disease – Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (pigmentation bleeding disorder) - Cancer – virus and bacterial infections – ARC syndrome –Microvillar inclusion Disease. In addition, her work has elucidated fundamental concepts of endosome and lysosome biogenesis, of which the most recent finding is a novel pathway for the delivery of lysosomal membrane proteins to the lysosomes.

Side Activities

Regular (>10) member or chair of Appointment Advisory Committee’s (Benoemings Advies Commissies)  for new professors (Utrecht, Nijmegen, Wageningen and Groningen University

Regular (>20) member of chair of thesis assessment committee’s (Universities of Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Leuven (Belgium), Copenhagen (Denmark)).

ESFRI initiative EuroBioImaging. 2010-2014: Steering Committee (member). 2009-2014: WP4: Coordinator for Correlative Light Electron Microscopy.

Utrecht Graduate School Institute of Biomembranes, (interim project leader, Board Member, Chair)  2000-2010

Netherlands Society for Microscopy (NVvM) Board member, Vice president 2001-2007 

Member project management team NL-BioImaging-AM, the Dutch Research Infrastructure for Advanced Microscopy.   2001-2007

Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).  Financing Biomedical Research  and Council for Medical Sciences and  Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Chair exploratory committee ‘Tissue Engineering’  2002-2011

committee NWO medium-sized investment grants and Big Investments  2001-2015

University Utrecht delegation to improve contact with Chinese universities 2006

Regional committee Asia, University of Utrecht  2006-2010

ZON-MW (Medical Research Netherlands – Medical Sciences) -committee medium-sized (<9k€) investment grants. Member and Vice-chair 2005-2009

Utrecht PhD program ‘Biomembranes’. 2004-2006: Board member. 2007-2010: Chair. 2010 – present: Board member

Member committee ‘Internationalisering II’. UMC Utrecht   2008-2011

Chair committee Electron microscopy University Utrecht  2011

Coordinator CLEM workpackage ESFRI infrastructure EuroBioimaging  2009-2015

Member user committees STW (foundation for technical sciences) in projects of Meijering (Erasmus MC), Gerritsen (UU), Giepmans (UMC Groningen) and Koster (Leiden UMC)  2012-2018

Member international review panel Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany 2013

Chair ad hoc committee scientific integrity, installed by B. vd Zwaan, rector University Utrecht  2013-2014

vice-National Contact person (NCP) for the Netherlands in EuroBioImaging   2009-2015

Member project management team NL-BioImaging-AM, the Dutch Research Infrastructure for Advanced Microscopy.  2001-1015

NL-BioImaging-AM. Dutch Roadmap initiative for Research Infrastructure for Advanced Microscopy. 2011-present: Vice-chair of the Project Management Team

Dutch Technology Centre (DTL).2011-present: Member of the Core group

Associate editor: Molecular Biology of the Cell. Editorial boards: Traffic, Histochemistry and Cell Biology, Biology of the Cell, PeerJ. Section editor: Current Opinion in Cell Biology. Member of FACULTY F1000

Cell Microscopy Centre (CMC), UMC Utrecht,  Chair (2009-2018)

Steering Committee EM Square, Utrecht University   (2015 - present)

Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) Chair Executive Board (2015 - present)

Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) UMC Utrecht, member management team (2018 - present) 


Traffic, Histochemistry and Cell Biology, Biology of the Cell, Current Opinion in Cell Biology (Section editor of the Membranes and organelles issue in 2004 and 2021), Molecular Biology of the Cell (associate editor till 2018), PeerJ (Open access journal of The Royal Society)

August 2021:  Guest editor Current Opinion in Cell Biology

Reviewer: Cell, Nature, Journal of Cell Biology, EMBO Journal, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Communications, Cell Reports, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Journal of Cell Science, Traffic, Histochemistry & Cell Biology.

Grant reviewer: Dutch Society for Scientific research (NWO), Wellcome Trust (UK), Medical Research Council (UK), Telethon (Italy), KNAW, Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds (KWF), EMBO

Fellowship and Awards

2007: 20th Foundation lecture, Center for Cell and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India.

2004: VICI Award (1.25M€) from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.

1998: UMC Utrecht award: Attraction and maintenance of female talent.

Research Output (172)

A novel antifolate suppresses growth of FPGS-deficient cells and overcomes methotrexate resistance

van der Krift Felix, Zijlmans Dick W., Shukla Rhythm, Javed Ali, Koukos Panagiotis I., Schwarz Laura L.E., Timmermans-Sprang Elpetra P.M., Maas Peter E.M., Gahtory Digvijay, van den Nieuwboer Maurits, Mol Jan A., Strous Ger J., Bonvin Alexandre M.J.J., van der Stelt Mario, Veldhuizen Edwin J.A., Weingarth Markus, Vermeulen Michiel, Klumperman Judith, Maurice Madelon M. Nov 2023, In: Life Science Alliance. 6 , p. 1-19 19 p.

Correlative Live-cell-volume Electron Microscopy:Bridging Cellular Dynamics to 3D-Ultrastructure

de Heus Cecilia, Fermie Job, Loginov Sergey, Gerritsen Hans C, Klumperman Judith, Liv Nalan 22 Jul 2023, In: Microscopy and microanalysis : the official journal of Microscopy Society of America, Microbeam Analysis Society, Microscopical Society of Canada. 29 , p. 1188 1 p.

Functional characterization of endo-lysosomal compartments by correlative live-cell and volume electron microscopy

Liv Nalan, Fermie Job, Ten Brink Corlinda B M, de Heus Cecilia, Klumperman Judith 2023, In: Methods in Cell Biology. 177 , p. 301-326 26 p.

Small molecules to regulate the GH/IGF1 axis by inhibiting the growth hormone receptor synthesis

van der Velden Lieke M, Maas Peter, van Amersfoort Miranda, Timmermans-Sprang Elpetra P M, Mensinga Anneloes, van der Vaart Elisabeth, Malergue Fabrice, Viëtor Henk, Derksen Patrick W B, Klumperman Judith, van Agthoven Andreas, Egan David A, Mol Jan A, Strous Ger J 28 Jul 2022, In: Frontiers in Endocrinology. 13

Bimodal endocytic probe for three-dimensional correlative light and electron microscopy

Fermie Job, de Jager Leanne, Foster Helen E, Veenendaal Tineke, de Heus Cecilia, van Dijk Suzanne, Ten Brink Corlinda, Oorschot Viola, Yang Lin, Li Wei, Müller Wally H, Howes Stuart, Carter Andrew P, Förster Friedrich, Posthuma George, Gerritsen Hans C, Klumperman Judith, Liv Nalan 23 May 2022, In: Cell reports methods. 2 , p. 1-22

Correlative Organelle Microscopy:Fluorescence Guided Volume Electron Microscopy of Intracellular Processes

Loginov Sergey V, Fermie Job, Fokkema Jantina, Agronskaia Alexandra V, De Heus Cilia, Blab Gerhard A, Klumperman Judith, Gerritsen Hans C, Liv Nalan 11 Apr 2022, In: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 10 , p. 1-17

An optimized protocol for immuno-electron microscopy of endogenous LC3

De Mazière Ann, van der Beek Jan, van Dijk Suzanne, de Heus Cecilia, Reggiori Fulvio, Koike Masato, Klumperman Judith 7 Apr 2022, In: Autophagy. 18 , p. 3004-3022 19 p.

FER regulates endosomal recycling and is a predictor for adjuvant taxane benefit in breast cancer

Tavares Sandra, Liv Nalan, Pasolli Milena, Opdam Mark, Rätze Max A K, Saornil Manuel, Sluimer Lilian M, Hengeveld Rutger C C, van Es Robert, van Werkhoven Erik, Vos Harmjan, Rehmann Holger, Burgering Boudewijn M T, Oosterkamp Hendrika M, Lens Susanne M A, Klumperman Judith, Linn Sabine C, Derksen Patrick W B 5 Apr 2022, In: Cell Reports. 39 , p. 1-24

High Resolution Proteomic Analysis of Subcellular Fractionated Boar Spermatozoa Provides Comprehensive Insights Into Perinuclear Theca-Residing Proteins

Zhang Min, Chiozzi Riccardo Zenezini, Skerrett-Byrne David A, Veenendaal Tineke, Klumperman Judith, Heck Albert J R, Nixon Brett, Helms J Bernd, Gadella Bart M, Bromfield Elizabeth G 18 Feb 2022, In: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 10 , p. 1-18

Quantitative correlative microscopy reveals the ultrastructural distribution of endogenous endosomal proteins

van der Beek Jan, de Heus Cecilia, Liv Nalan, Klumperman Judith 3 Jan 2022, In: The Journal of cell biology. 221 , p. 1-28

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