prof. dr. M.G.E.H. (Marnix) Lam

Full Professor

  • Researchgr. Nucleaire Geneeskunde

Research Output (191)

Suppression of myocardial glucose metabolism in FDG PET/CT:impact of dose variation in heparin bolus pre-administration

Scholtens A M, van den Berk A M, van der Sluis N L, Esser J P, Lammers G K, de Klerk J M H, Lam M G E H, Verberne H J okt 2020, In: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 47 , p. 2698-2702 5 p.

Mode of progression after radioembolization in patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases

van Roekel Caren, Jongen Jennifer M J, Smits Maarten L J, Elias Sjoerd G, Koopman Miriam, Kranenburg Onno, Borel Rinkes Inne H M, Lam Marnix G E H 22 sep 2020, In: EJNMMI Research. 10 , p. 107

Evaluation of FDG-PET/CT Use in Children with Suspected Infection or Inflammation

Ropers Fabienne G, van Mossevelde Robin M P, Bleeker-Rovers Chantal P, van Velden Floris H P, van Assema Danielle M E, Adam Judit A, Lam Marnix G E H, Tolboom Nelleke, Dekkers Olaf M, de Geus-Oei Lioe-Fee, Frings Virginie 18 sep 2020, In: Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). 10

Verification Study of Residual Activity Measurements After Yttrium-90 Radioembolization with Glass Microspheres

Ebbers S C, Kunnen B, van Nierop B J, Bemelmans J L M, Krijger G C, Lam M G E H, Braat A J A T sep 2020, In: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology. 43 , p. 1378-1383 6 p.

Toxicity and dosimetry in SORAMIC study

Reinders Margot, Braat Arthur, Lam Marnix sep 2020, In: Journal of Hepatology. 73 , p. 734-735 2 p.

Evaluation of the Safety and Feasibility of Same-Day Holmium-166 -Radioembolization Simulation and Treatment of Hepatic Metastases

van Roekel Caren, Harlianto Netanja I, Braat Arthur J A T, Prince Jip F, van den Hoven Andor F, Bruijnen Rutger C G, Lam Marnix G E H, Smits Maarten L J 26 aug 2020, In: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. 31 , p. 1593-1599 7 p.

The utility of 99mTc-mebrofenin hepatobiliary scintigraphy with SPECT/CT for selective internal radiation therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma

Labeur Tim A, Cieslak Kasia P, Van Gulik Thomas M, Takkenberg R Bart, van der Velden Sandra, Lam Marnix G E H, Klümpen Heinz-Josef, Bennink Roel J, van Delden Otto M aug 2020, In: Nuclear Medicine Communications. 41 , p. 740-749 10 p.

Treating infections with ionizing radiation:a historical perspective and emerging techniques

van Dijk B, Lemans J V C, Hoogendoorn R M, Dadachova E, de Klerk J M H, Vogely H C, Weinans H, Lam M G E H, van der Wal B C H 31 jul 2020, In: Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control. 9 , p. 121

Quantitative 166Ho-microspheres SPECT derived from a dual-isotope acquisition with 99mTc-colloid is clinically feasible

Stella M, Braat Arthur, Lam Marnix, de Jong Hugo, van Rooij Rob 14 jul 2020, In: EJNMMI Physic. 7 12 p.

PSMA PET/CT Identifies Intrapatient Variation in Salivary Gland Toxicity From Iodine-131 Therapy

Mohan Vineet, Vogel Wouter V, Valk Gerlof D, de Boer Jan P, Lam Marnix G E H, de Keizer Bart 4 jul 2020, In: Molecular Imaging. 19 7 p.