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dr. dr.h.c.mult A.L.G. Leemans

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dr. dr.h.c.mult A.L.G. Leemans
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Alexander Leemans is a physicist who received his Ph.D. in 2006 at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. From 2007 to 2009, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Center (CUBRIC), Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom. In 2009, he joined the Image Sciences Institute (ISI), University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he currently holds a tenured faculty position as Associate Professor. His current research interests include modeling, processing, visualizing and analyzing diffusion MRI data for investigating microstructural and architectural tissue organization. He heads the PROVIDI Lab and is the developer of ExploreDTI, which is a graphical toolbox for investigating diffusion MRI data.

Research line

Diffusion MRI

Most recent key publications

1: C. Lebel, L. Walker, A. Leemans, L. Phillips, C. Beaulieu, "Microstructural Maturation of the Human Brain from Childhood to Adulthood", NeuroImage, 2008, nr. 3, vol. 40, pp. 1044-1055
2: A. Leemans, D.K. Jones, "The B-matrix must be rotated when correcting for subject motion in DTI data", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2009, nr. 1, vol. 62, pp. 1336-1349
3: J.D. Tournier, S. Mori, A. Leemans, "Diffusion tensor imaging and beyond", Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2011, nr. 6, vol. 65, pp. 1532-1556
4: B. Jeurissen, A. Leemans, J.D. Tournier, D.K. Jones, J. Sijbers, "Investigating the prevalence of complex fiber configurations in white matter tissue with diffusion MRI", Human Brain Mapping, 2013, nr. 11, vol. 34, pp. 2747-2766
5: S.B. Vos, D.K. Jones, M.A. Viergever, A. Leemans, "Partial volume effect as a hidden covariate in DTI analyses", NeuroImage, 2011, nr. 4, vol. 55, pp. 1566-1576

Fellowship and Awards




PhD fellowship (IWT)

Honorary Doctorate (Chubut)

Honorary Doctorate (Kharkiv)

Young Investigator Award (BHPA)

Outstanding Teacher Award (ISMRM)

Research Output (265)

Mean kurtosis-Curve (MK-Curve) correction improves the test–retest reproducibility of diffusion kurtosis imaging at 3 T

Christiaanse Ernst, Wyss Patrik O, Scheel-Sailer Anke, Frotzler Angela, Lehnick Dirk, Verma Rajeev K, Berger Markus F, Leemans Alexander, De Luca Alberto Mar 2023, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 36 , p. 1-17

Reconstruction of the Corticospinal Tract in Patients with Motor-Eloquent High-Grade Gliomas Using Multilevel Fiber Tractography Combined with Functional Motor Cortex Mapping

Zhylka A, Sollmann N, Kofler F, Radwan A, De Luca A, Gempt J, Wiestler B, Menze B, Schroeder A, Zimmer C, Kirschke J S, Sunaert S, Leemans A, Krieg S M, Pluim J 16 Feb 2023, In: AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology. 44 , p. 283-290 8 p.

Neurological soft signs are associated with reduced medial-lateral postural control in adolescent athletes

Bonke Elena M, Clauwaert Amanda, Hillmann Stefan M, Tacke Uta, Seer Caroline, Yhang Eukyung, Tripodis Yorghos, Sandmo Stian B, Wiegand Tim L T, Kaufmann David, Kaufmann Elisabeth, Richmond Sutton B, Gaubert Malo, Seitz-Holland Johanna, Leemans Alexander, Swinnen Stephan P, Bahr Roald, Pasternak Ofer, Heinen Florian, Koerte Inga K, Bonfert Michaela V, Gooijers Jolien 15 Feb 2023, In: Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 445

Methodological considerations on segmenting rhabdomyosarcoma with diffusion-weighted imaging—What can we do better?

Chatziantoniou Cyrano, Schoot Reineke A., van Ewijk Roelof, van Rijn Rick R., ter Horst Simone A.J., Merks Johannes H.M., Leemans Alexander, De Luca Alberto 31 Jan 2023, In: Insights into Imaging. 14 , p. 1-15 15 p.

Corrigendum:Topology of diffusion changes in corpus callosum in Alzheimer's disease: An exploratory case-control study (Frontiers in Neurology, (2022), 13, (1005406), 10.3389/fneur.2022.1005406)

Kumar Sumeet, De Luca Alberto, Leemans Alexander, Saffari Seyed Ehsan, Hartono Septian, Zailan Fatin Zahra, Ng Kok Pin, Kandiah Nagaendran 2023, In: Frontiers in Neurology. 14

Quantitative diffusion-weighted MRI response assessment in rhabdomyosarcoma:an international retrospective study on behalf of the European paediatric Soft tissue sarcoma Study Group Imaging Committee

van Ewijk Roelof, Chatziantoniou Cyrano, Adams Madeleine, Bertolini Patrizia, Bisogno Gianni, Bouhamama Amine, Caro-Dominguez Pablo, Charon Valerie, Coma Ana, Dandis Rana, Devalck Christine, De Donno Giulia, Ferrari Andrea, Fiocco Marta, Gallego Soledad, Giraudo Chiara, Glosli Heidi, ter Horst Simone A.J., Jenney Meriel, Klein Willemijn M., Leemans Alexander, Leseur Julie, Mandeville Henry C., McHugh Kieran, Merks Johannes H.M., Minard-Colin Veronique, Moalla Salma, Morosi Carlo, Orbach Daniel, Ording Muller Lil Sofie, Pace Erika, Di Paolo Pier Luigi, Perruccio Katia, Quaglietta Lucia, Renard Marleen, van Rijn Rick R., Ruggiero Antonio, Sirvent Sara I., De Luca Alberto, Schoot Reineke A. 2023, In: Pediatric radiology. 53 , p. 2539-2551 13 p.

Topology of diffusion changes in corpus callosum in Alzheimer's disease:An exploratory case-control study

Kumar Sumeet, De Luca Alberto, Leemans Alexander, Saffari Seyed Ehsan, Hartono Septian, Zailan Fatin Zahra, Ng Kok Pin, Kandiah Nagaendran 30 Nov 2022, In: Frontiers in Neurology. 13 , p. 1-11

Neurological soft signs in adolescents are associated with brain structure

Bonke Elena M, Bonfert Michaela V, Hillmann Stefan M, Seitz-Holland Johanna, Gaubert Malo, Wiegand Tim L T, De Luca Alberto, Cho Kang Ik K, Sandmo Stian B, Yhang Eukyung, Tripodis Yorghos, Seer Caroline, Kaufmann David, Kaufmann Elisabeth, Muehlmann Marc, Gooijers Jolien, Lin Alexander P, Leemans Alexander, Swinnen Stephan P, Bahr Roald, Shenton Martha E, Pasternak Ofer, Tacke Uta, Heinen Florian, Koerte Inga K 24 Nov 2022, In: Cerebral Cortex. 33 , p. 5547-5556 10 p.

Improved sensitivity and precision in multicentre diffusion MRI network analysis using thresholding and harmonization

de Brito Robalo Bruno M, de Luca Alberto, Chen Christopher, Dewenter Anna, Duering Marco, Hilal Saima, Koek Huiberdina L, Kopczak Anna, Lam Bonnie Yin Ka, Leemans Alexander, Mok Vincent, Onkenhout Laurien P, van den Brink Hilde, Biessels Geert Jan 3 Oct 2022, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 36

Insights from the IronTract challenge:Optimal methods for mapping brain pathways from multi-shell diffusion MRI

Maffei Chiara, Girard Gabriel, Schilling Kurt G, Aydogan Dogu Baran, Adluru Nagesh, Zhylka Andrey, Wu Ye, Mancini Matteo, Hamamci Andac, Sarica Alessia, Teillac Achille, Baete Steven H, Karimi Davood, Yeh Fang-Cheng, Yildiz Mert E, Gholipour Ali, Bihan-Poudec Yann, Hiba Bassem, Quattrone Andrea, Quattrone Aldo, Boshkovski Tommy, Stikov Nikola, Yap Pew-Thian, de Luca Alberto, Pluim Josien, Leemans Alexander, Prabhakaran Vivek, Bendlin Barbara B, Alexander Andrew L, Landman Bennett A, Canales-Rodríguez Erick J, Barakovic Muhamed, Rafael-Patino Jonathan, Yu Thomas, Rensonnet Gaëtan, Schiavi Simona, Daducci Alessandro, Pizzolato Marco, Fischi-Gomez Elda, Thiran Jean-Philippe, Dai George, Grisot Giorgia, Lazovski Nikola, Puch Santi, Ramos Marc, Rodrigues Paulo, Prčkovska Vesna, Jones Robert, Lehman Julia, Haber Suzanne N, 15 Aug 2022, In: NeuroImage. 257 , p. 1-17

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