prof. dr. S.C. (Sabine) Linn

prof. dr. S.C. (Sabine) Linn

Full Professor
prof. dr. S.C. (Sabine) Linn
  • Department of Pathology

Research Programs

Strategic Program Cancer



Dr. Sabine Linn is a professor of translational oncology focusing on breast cancer at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Linn received her medical degree (1991, cum laude) at the State University Leiden, The Netherlands, and her internal medicine board certification (2000) at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. She earned her PhD (1998) on the subject of multidrug resistance in solid tumors from the Free University of Amsterdam under supervision of prof. Dr H.M. Pinedo.
She was awarded a Dutch Cancer Society Research Fellowship in 2000 and developed two conditional knock-out mouse models, one for non-small cell lung cancer and one for small cell lung cancer, respectively, in close collaboration with Dr Ralph Meuwissen in the laboratory of prof. Dr A.J. Berns at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From 2001 to 2002 she was a postdoctoral research fellow in the laboratories of prof. Dr P.O. Brown, and prof. Dr M. van de Rijn, at Stanford University Medical School, Stanford, CA, where she contributed to the development of a molecular classification for soft tissue sarcomas. She returned to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, where she earned her medical oncology certification (2002-2005) and became a senior staff member of the Division of Medical Oncology (2003).
Since 2005 she has also been a group leader at the Division of Molecular Pathology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute where she and her research group focus on the molecular dissection of breast cancer by differential drug sensitivity. To further develop this research line Dr. Linn was awarded a Dutch Cancer Society Clinical Research Award in 2006. From 2008-2012, Dr Linn served as chair of the Working Group on (neo)adjuvant systemic therapy of the Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists' Group (BOOG).


Side Activities

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Family Name:                   


Christian names:             

Sabine Charlotte

BIG number:                     


Working address:             

Dept. of Medical Oncology

Netherlands Cancer Institute

Plesmanlaan 121

1066 CX  Amsterdam

The Netherlands


+31 20 5129111


+31 20 5122572                                               





Advisory boards and consultancies


2012 – present                

Function: Member Scientific Advisory Board

Organization: Cergentis, a spin-off company for targeted amplification of complete genes, The Netherlands

Personal income: No



Function: Member Lynparza (Olaparib) AstraZeneca Global Advisory Board

Organization: AstraZeneca

Personal income: No


2016 – 2017                     

Function: Member IBM Watson Health Oncology Global Advisory Board

Organization: IBM, Boston, MA, USA

Personal income: No



Educational and scientific committees


2003 – 2020                       

Function: Member of the NKI-AVL Organizing Committee for Continuing Medical Education Program for Dutch Medical Oncologists “DONAMO (DOorlopende NAscholing Medische Oncologie)”

Organization: Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Personal income: No


2007 – 2015                       

Function: Member of the Dutch Society for Medical Oncology (NVMO) Advisory Board for the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO) Breast Cancer Guidelines

Organization: Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO)

Personal income: No


2008 – 2013                       

Function: Chair Working Group (neo)adjuvant systemic therapy of Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep (BOOG) (Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group)

Organization: Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group

Personal income: No


2013 – 2019                      

Function: Member of Program Committee of Dutch and Flemish Annual Oncology Days (NVMO Oncologiedagen Nederland en Vlaanderen)

Organization: NVMO (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Oncologie)

Personal income: No


2014 – present                

Function: Member Committee on Personalised Medicine

Organization: ZonMw, The Netherlands

Personal income: No


2015 - present                 

Member Editorial Board of Breast Cancer Research

Organization: Springer Nature

Personal income: No



Function: Member Scientific Advisory Group

Organization: European Medicines Agency (EMA) London, UK

Personal income: No


2016 – 2017                      

Function: Member RiskAp Expert Group on breast cancer screening

Organization: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Personal income: No


2016 – 2017                    

Function: Member Scientific Evaluation Committee Institut National du Cancer, France

Organization: Institut National du Cancer (INCA), Paris, France

Personal income: No


2016 – 2017                       

Function: Member Expert Review Panel CRUK and EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centres (Oxford University, Cambridge University, King’s College London/University College London, The Institute of Cancer Research)

Organization: Cancer Research United Kingdom (CRUK)

Personal income: No


2016 – 2017                       

Function: Member IMPAKT 2017 Scientific Committee, Brussels, Belgium

Organization: ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) and BIG (Breast International Group)

Personal income: No


2016 – 2018                       

Function: Member ESMO 2018 scientific subcommittee breast cancer, early

Organization: ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology)

Personal income: No


2017 – 2019                       

Function: Co-chair (with Alberto Bardelli) ESMO-EACR 2019 scientific subcommittee Translational Research

Organization: ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology)

Personal income: No


2017 – 2020                       

Function: Member evaluation board of the panel LS4 “Physiology, Pathophysiology and Endocrinology” for European Research Council  Consolidator Grants (CoG) in 2018, and 2020

Organization: European Commission

Personal income: Yes, > 2,200 Euro/year


2018 - present                  

Faculty ENDEAVOR workshops for European future breast cancer leaders in the field


2021 – present                

Function: Member VIDI committee Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Organisation: Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Personal income: yes, < 2,200 euro/year


2022 – present                 

Member Health Council of the Netherlands – Independent scientific advisory body for government and parliament

Research Output (140)

High-dose alkylating chemotherapy in BRCA-altered triple-negative breast cancer:the randomized phase III NeoTN trial

Vliek Sonja, Hilbers Florentine S., van Werkhoven Erik, Mandjes Ingrid, Kessels Rob, Kleiterp Sieta, Lips Esther H., Mulder Lennart, Kayembe Mutamba T., Loo Claudette E., Russell Nicola S., Vrancken Peeters Marie Jeanne T.F.D., Holtkamp Marjo J., Schot Margaret, Baars Joke W., Honkoop Aafke H., Vulink Annelie J.E., Imholz Alex L.T., Vrijaldenhoven Suzan, van den Berkmortel Franchette W.P.J., Meerum Terwogt Jetske M., Schrama Jolanda G., Kuijer Philomeen, Kroep Judith R., van der Padt-Pruijsten Annemieke, Wesseling Jelle, Sonke Gabe S., Gilhuijs Kenneth G.A., Jager Agnes, Nederlof Petra, Linn Sabine C. Dec 2023, In: npj Breast Cancer. 9

Reply to:Comments on “Effect of HIPEC according to HRD/BRCAwt genomic profile in stage III ovarian cancer: Results from the phase III OVHIPEC trial”

Koole Simone N., Schouten Philip C., van Driel Willemien J., Sonke Gabe S., Linn Sabine C. 1 Dec 2022, In: International Journal of Cancer. 151 , p. 2057-2058 2 p.

Ten-year follow-up of the observational RASTER study, prospective evaluation of the 70-gene signature in ER-positive, HER2-negative, node-negative, early breast cancer

Vliek Sonja B., Hilbers Florentine S., Jager Agnes, Retèl Valesca P., Bueno de Mesquita Jolien M., Drukker Caroline A., Veltkamp Sanne C., Zeillemaker Anneke M., Rutgers Emiel J., van Tinteren Harm, van Harten Wim H., van 't Veer Laura J., van de Vijver Marc J., Linn Sabine C. Nov 2022, In: European Journal of Cancer. 175 , p. 169-179 11 p.

De-escalation of radiotherapy after primary chemotherapy in cT1–2N1 breast cancer (RAPCHEM; BOOG 2010–03):5-year follow-up results of a Dutch, prospective, registry study

de Wild Sabine R., de Munck Linda, Simons Janine M., Verloop Janneke, van Dalen Thijs, Elkhuizen Paula H.M., Houben Ruud M.A., van Leeuwen A. Elise, Linn Sabine C., Pijnappel Ruud M., Poortmans Philip M.P., Strobbe Luc J.A., Wesseling Jelle, Voogd Adri C., Boersma Liesbeth J. Sep 2022, In: The Lancet Oncology. 23 , p. 1201-1210 10 p.

Fertility preservation for women with breast cancer:a multicentre randomized controlled trial on various ovarian stimulation protocols

Balkenende Eva M E, Dahhan Taghride, Beerendonk Catharina C M, Fleischer Kathrin, Stoop Dominic, Lambalk Cornelis B, Bos Annelies M E, Schats Roel, Smeenk Jesper M J, Louwé Leonie A, Cantineau Astrid E P, Bruin Jan Peter de, Linn Sabine C, van der Veen Fulco, van Wely Madelon, Goddijn Mariëtte 1 Jul 2022, In: Human Reproduction. 37 , p. 1786-1794 9 p.

Functional RECAP (REpair CAPacity) assay identifies homologous recombination deficiency undetected by DNA-based BRCAness tests

Meijer Titia G, Nguyen Luan, Van Hoeck Arne, Sieuwerts Anieta M, Verkaik Nicole S, Ladan Marjolijn M, Ruigrok-Ritstier Kirsten, van Deurzen Carolien H M, van de Werken Harmen J G, Lips Esther H, Linn Sabine C, Memari Yasin, Davies Helen, Nik-Zainal Serena, Kanaar Roland, Martens John W M, Cuppen Edwin, Jager Agnes, van Gent Dik C 24 Jun 2022, In: Oncogene. 41 , p. 3498-3506 9 p.

Adjuvant capecitabine-containing chemotherapy benefit and homologous recombination deficiency in early-stage triple-negative breast cancer patients

de Boo Leonora W., Jóźwiak Katarzyna, Joensuu Heikki, Lindman Henrik, Lauttia Susanna, Opdam Mark, van Steenis Charlaine, Brugman Wim, Kluin Roelof J.C., Schouten Philip C., Kok Marleen, Nederlof Petra M., Hauptmann Michael, Linn Sabine C. 1 Jun 2022, In: British Journal of Cancer. 126 , p. 1401-1409 9 p.

Current and future diagnostic and treatment strategies for patients with invasive lobular breast cancer

Van Baelen K, Geukens T, Maetens M, Tjan-Heijnen V, Lord C J, Linn S, Bidard F-C, Richard F, Yang W W, Steele R E, Pettitt S J, Van Ongeval C, De Schepper M, Isnaldi E, Nevelsteen I, Smeets A, Punie K, Voorwerk L, Wildiers H, Floris G, Vincent-Salomon A, Derksen P W B, Neven P, Senkus E, Sawyer E, Kok M, Desmedt C 20 May 2022, In: Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology. 33 , p. 769-785 17 p.

Limiting systemic endocrine overtreatment in postmenopausal breast cancer patients with an ultralow classification of the 70-gene signature

Opdam M, van der Noort V, Kleijn M, Glas A, Mandjes I, Kleiterp S, Hilbers F S, Kruger D T, Bins A D, de Jong P C, Schiphorst P P J B M, van Dalen T, Flameling B, Rietbroek R C, Beeker A, van den Heiligenberg S M, Bakker S D, Wymenga A N M, Oving I M, Bijlsma R M, van Diest P J, Vermorken J B, van Tinteren H, Linn S C 19 May 2022, In: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 194 , p. 265-278 14 p.

FER regulates endosomal recycling and is a predictor for adjuvant taxane benefit in breast cancer

Tavares Sandra, Liv Nalan, Pasolli Milena, Opdam Mark, Rätze Max A K, Saornil Manuel, Sluimer Lilian M, Hengeveld Rutger C C, van Es Robert, van Werkhoven Erik, Vos Harmjan, Rehmann Holger, Burgering Boudewijn M T, Oosterkamp Hendrika M, Lens Susanne M A, Klumperman Judith, Linn Sabine C, Derksen Patrick W B 5 Apr 2022, In: Cell Reports. 39 , p. 1-24

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