prof. dr. M.C. Minnema

prof. dr. M.C. Minnema

Full Professor
prof. dr. M.C. Minnema
  • Department of Hematology



Prof Dr Monique Minnema was trained as internist and hematologist at Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam and the University Medical Center, Utrecht. She started working as a hematologist in 2005 at the department of hematology, UMC Utrecht and was appointed full professor in 2019. She is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of B cell malignancies, especially plasma cell dyscrasis  like Multiple Myeloma and AL amyloidosis, and Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia. Prof Minnema is author on several national and internatonial quidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.
She is head supervisor of the hematology clinical research team, the hematology biobank and the European expertise reference network (ERN) malignant hematology of the UMC Utrecht. Her main focus of clinical research is the development of novel therapies (both cellular and drug) developments for plasma cell dyscrasias. 

Prof Dr Minnema is an active member of the HOVON working parties for Multiple
Myeloma, Lymphoma, IEC and the vice president of the Lunenburg Lymphoma consortium (LLPC) for phase I/II studies. Examples of her work are the HOVON 104 trial for patients with AL amyloidosis first line treatment, the clinical studies with the monoclonal antibody Daratumumab in relapsed Multiple Myeloma and newly diagnosed AL amyloidosis and anti CD19 CAR T cells in relapsed Lymphoma.
Her translational research focuses on 3D models to predict response to therapy and the use of combined immunotherapy for relapsed multiple myeloma.

She was a member of the organizing committee of the Waldenström workshop in Amsterdam in 2016, and is co initiator of the yearly Immune Effector Cell and the Systemic Amyloidosis symposia. 

Side Activities


  • NIV
  • NVvH
  • ASH
  • EHA

Board activities:

  • 2006 onwards: member HOVON working party multiple myeloma, lymphoma, LLPC and Immune Effector Cell (IEC)
  • 2014 onwards: board member Nederlandse Vereniging van Hematologie
  • 2019 onwards: program committee yearly Symposium on Systemic Amyloidosis and Symposium IEC
  • 2019 onwards: Women in Lymphoma steering committee (international)
  • 2021-2022: lid ZonMw beoordelingscommissie
  • 2022 onwards: lid KWF beoordelingscommissie Ontwikkeling en Implementatie
  • May – Nov 2022: lid structuurcommissie van de leerstoel ‘Antistoftherapie’ 
  • May 2022 onwards: bestuurslid HOVON Myeloom WG 
  • August 2022 onwards: member MPE’s Medical Advisory Committee
  • Sept 2022 onwards: member steering committee Aquarius trial
  • Sept 2022 onwards: member IWMF Scientific Advisory Sub-Committee on the Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM) Global Awareness Building Initiative
  • Oct 2022 onwards: member International Myeloma Working Group 
  • Sep 2023 onwards: voorzitter van Wetenschapscommissie van NVvH

Conflicts of interest:

  • 2023: paid to institution, speakers bureau Janssen; paid to institution, speakers bureau DOEN; paid to institution, speakers bureau Pfizer; 
  • 2022: paid to institution, consultancy and speakers bureau Janssen Cilag; paid to institution, consultancy GSK; paid to institution, consultancy BMS; paid to institution, consultancy CDR-Life. 
  • 2021: paid to institution, speakers bureau Medscape; paid to institution consultancy Janssen Cilag; paid to institution, speakers bureau Pfizer.
  • 2020: paid to institution, speakers bureau Celgene; paid to institution consultancy Janssen Cilag.
  • 2019: paid to institution, speakers bureau Gilead; paid to institution consultancy Alnylam; paid to person, Hospitality Celgene.
  • 2018: paid to institution, speakers bureau Roche Gilead, Celgene; paid to institution consultancy Takeda, Janssen Cilag; paid to person, Hospitality Celgene

Stichting Transparantieregister Zorg - Home, BIG 59043578201

Research Output (185)

R-CODOX-M/R-IVAC versus DA-EPOCH-R in patients with newly diagnosed Burkitt lymphoma (HOVON/SAKK):final results of a multicentre, phase 3, open-label, randomised trial

Chamuleau Martine E D, Stenner Frank, Chitu Dana A, Novak Urban, Minnema Monique C, Geerts Paul, Stevens Wendy B C, Zenz Thorsten, van Imhoff Gustaaf W, Wu Ka Lung, Demandt Astrid M P, Kersten Marie Jose, Terpstra Wim E, Tick Lidwine W, Deeren Dries, Van Den Neste Eric, Gregor Michael, Veelken Hendrik, Böhmer Lara H, Caspar Clemens B, Mutsaers Pim, Refos Jeannine M, Sewsaran Robby, Fu Liping, Seefat Rianne L, Uyl-de Groot Carin A, Dirnhofer Stefan, Van Den Brand Michiel, de Jong Daphne, Nijland Marcel, Lugtenburg Pieternella Dec 2023, In: Lancet haematology. 10 , p. e966-e975 10 p.

Treatment of primary plasma cell leukaemia with carfilzomib and lenalidomide-based therapy (EMN12/HOVON-129):final analysis of a non-randomised, multicentre, phase 2 study

van de Donk Niels W C J, Minnema Monique C, van der Holt Bronno, Schjesvold Fredrik, Wu Ka Lung, Broijl Annemiek, Roeloffzen Wilfried W H, Gadisseur Alain, Pietrantuono Giuseppe, Pour Ludek, van der Velden Vincent H J, Lund Thomas, Offidani Massimo, Grasso Mariella, Giaccone Luisa, Razawy Wida, Tacchetti Paola, Mancuso Katia, Silkjaer Trine, Caers Jo, Zweegman Sonja, Hájek Roman, Benjamin Reuben, Vangsted Annette Juul, Boccadoro Mario, Gay Francesca, Sonneveld Pieter, Musto Pellegrino 14 Sep 2023, In: LANCET ONCOLOGY. 24 , p. 1119-1133 15 p.

The Dutch CAR-T Tumorboard Experience:Population-Based Real-World Data on Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Large B-Cell Lymphoma Referred for CD19-Directed CAR T-Cell Therapy in The Netherlands

Spanjaart Anne M, Pennings Elise R A, Mutsaers Pim G N J, van Dorp Suzanne, Jak Margot, van Doesum Jaap A, de Boer Janneke W, Niezink Anne G H, Kos Milan, Vermaat Joost S P, Sijs-Szabo Aniko, van der Poel Marjolein W M, Nijhof Inger S, Kuipers Maria T, Chamuleau Martine E D, Lugtenburg Pieternella J, Doorduijn Jeanette K, Serroukh Yasmina I M, Minnema Monique C, van Meerten Tom, Kersten Marie José, 30 Aug 2023, In: Cancers. 15

Impact of prior therapies and subsequent transplantation on outcomes in adult patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with brexucabtagene autoleucel in ZUMA-3

Shah Bijal D, Cassaday Ryan D, Park Jae H, Houot Roch, Oluwole Olalekan O, Logan Aaron C, Boissel Nicolas, Leguay Thibaut, Bishop Michael R, Topp Max S, Tzachanis Dimitrios, O'Dwyer Kristen M, Arellano Martha L, Lin Yi, Baer Maria R, Schiller Gary J, Subklewe Marion, Abedi Mehrdad, Minnema Monique C, Wierda William G, DeAngelo Daniel J, Stiff Patrick J, Jeyakumar Deepa, Mao Daqin, Adhikary Sabina, Zhou Lang, Schuberth Petra C, Damico Khalid Rita, Ghobadia Armin Aug 2023, In: Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer. 11 16 p.

Direct Mass Spectrometry-Based Detection and Antibody Sequencing of Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance from Patient Serum:A Case Study

Peng Weiwei, den Boer Maurits A, Tamara Sem, Mokiem Nadia J, van der Lans Sjors P A, Bondt Albert, Schulte Douwe, Haas Pieter-Jan, Minnema Monique C, Rooijakkers Suzan H M, van Zuilen Arjan D, Heck Albert J R, Snijder Joost 27 Jul 2023, In: Journal of Proteome Research. 22 , p. 3022-3028 7 p.

Plain language summary of the MonumenTAL-1 study of talquetamab in people with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma

Chari Ajai, Askari Elham, Caers Jo, Costa Luciano J, Hilder Brandi W, Krishnan Amrita, Mateos María-Victoria, Minnema Monique C, Oriol Albert, Pillarisetti Kodandaram, van de Donk Niels W C J, Rodríguez-Otero Paula 26 Jul 2023, In: Future Oncology. 19 , p. 1823-1840 18 p.

Zanubrutinib Versus Ibrutinib in Symptomatic Waldenström Macroglobulinemia:Final Analysis From the Randomized Phase III ASPEN Study

Dimopoulos Meletios A, Opat Stephen, D'Sa Shirley, Jurczak Wojciech, Lee Hui-Peng, Cull Gavin, Owen Roger G, Marlton Paula, Wahlin Björn E, Garcia-Sanz Ramon, McCarthy Helen, Mulligan Stephen, Tedeschi Alessandra, Castillo Jorge J, Czyz Jaroslaw, Fernández de Larrea Carlos, Belada David, Libby Edward, Matous Jeffrey, Motta Marina, Siddiqi Tanya, Tani Monica, Trněný Marek, Minnema Monique C, Buske Christian, Leblond Veronique, Treon Steven P, Trotman Judith, Chan Wai Y, Schneider Jingjing, Allewelt Heather, Patel Sheel, Cohen Aileen, Tam Constantine S 21 Jul 2023, In: Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 41 , p. 5099-5106 8 p.

Survival with Axicabtagene Ciloleucel in Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Westin Jason R, Oluwole Olalekan O, Kersten Marie José, Miklos David B, Perales Miguel-Angel, Ghobadi Armin, Rapoport Aaron P, Sureda Anna, Jacobson Caron A, Farooq Umar, van Meerten Tom, Ulrickson Matthew, Elsawy Mahmoud, Leslie Lori A, Chaganti Sridhar, Dickinson Michael, Dorritie Kathleen, Reagan Patrick M, McGuirk Joseph, Song Kevin W, Riedell Peter A, Minnema Monique C, Yang Yin, Vardhanabhuti Saran, Filosto Simone, Cheng Paul, Shahani Shilpa A, Schupp Marco, To Christina, Locke Frederick L, 5 Jun 2023, In: The New England journal of medicine. 389 , p. 148-157 10 p.

NK Cell Phenotype Is Associated With Response and Resistance to Daratumumab in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Verkleij Christie P M, Frerichs Kristine A, Broekmans Marloes E C, Duetz Carolien, O'Neill Chloe A, Bruins Wassilis S C, Homan-Weert Paola M, Minnema Monique C, Levin Mark-David, Broijl Annemiek, Bos Gerard M J, Kersten Marie José, Klein Saskia K, Shikhagaie Medya M, Casneuf Tineke, Abraham Yann, Smets Tina, Vanhoof Greet, Cortes-Selva Diana, van Steenbergen Laure, Ramos Elena, Verona Raluca I, Krevvata Maria, Sonneveld Pieter, Zweegman Sonja, Mutis Tuna, van de Donk Niels W C J May 2023, In: HemaSphere. 7

Report of Consensus Panel 6 from the 11 th International Workshop on Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia on Management of Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia Related Amyloidosis

Merlini Giampaolo, Sarosiek Shayna, Benevolo Giulia, Cao Xinxin, Dimopoulos Meletios, Garcia-Sanz Ramon, Gatt Moshe E, Fernandez de Larrea Carlos, San-Miguel Jesus, Treon Steven P, Minnema Monique C 29 Mar 2023, In: Seminars in Hematology. 60 , p. 113-117 5 p.

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