dr. E.M. Monninkhof

dr. E.M. Monninkhof

Assistant Professor
dr. E.M. Monninkhof
  • Julius Center, dept. Epidemiology & Health Economics

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Evelyn Monninkhof studied Biomedical Health Sciences at the Catholic University Nijmegen. In 1998, she obtained her Master’s degree in Epidemiology. In 1999, she started a PhD project at Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede and the Department of Epidemiology at the University Medical Center Nijmegen. In February 2004, she completed her thesis on ‘Medical and behavioural interventions in COPD: the COPE study’. Since October 2003, she is working at the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary care as a postdoc researcher in the field of cancer epidemiology, obesity and physical activity. Furthermore, she is a teacher in Epidemiology & Evidence Based Medicine and methodological consultant for the department of Radiotherapy.

Interests and Focus

Main research interest of Evelyn Monninkhof is directed towards physical activity, obesity and (breast) cancer risk. She has been coordinating/ involved in several randomised controlled trials studying the effect of exercise on breast cancer risk or outcome after breast cancer diagnosis:

  • The SHAPE-1 study examined the effects of a 1-year exercise programme on endogenous hormone levels (associated with breast cancer among 189 sedentary postmenopausal women.
  • The SHAPE-2 study examined the effect of weight loss mainly driven by exercise compared to equivalent weight loss due to a calorie restricted diet only on sex hormone levels. In addition, the role of total body fat and intra-abdominal fat was explored.
  • The UMBRELLA- Fit trial: a trial investigating the effects of physical activity in breast cancer patients applying a new study design (the cmRCT design)
  • The PAM (Physical Activity & Exercise) study. This study investigates the effects of exercise on cognitive function in breast cancer patients with complaints in this area after chemotherapy treatment.

Besides above mentioned trials, Evelyn is also involved in the DENSE trial: a very large trial studying the cost-effectiveness of biennial screening with MRI + mammography compared to mammography alone in women aged 50-75 years with extremely dense breasts. At the radiotherapy department, she is involved in the FLAME trial. This trial invetsigates standard fractionated external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) with and without an additional integrated boost to the macroscopically visible tumour in patients with localized prostate cancer on disease-free survival and side effects.

Side Activities

-         Member (methodologist) of the Medical Ethical Committee of the UMC Utrecht

-         Member of the tracer pool of the UMC Utrecht

-         Consultant at the Julius Support office

Fellowship and Awards


Research Output (152)

A body shape index (ABSI) is associated inversely with post-menopausal progesterone-receptor-negative breast cancer risk in a large European cohort

Christakoudi Sofia, Tsilidis Konstantinos K, Dossus Laure, Rinaldi Sabina, Weiderpass Elisabete, Antoniussen Christian S, Dahm Christina C, Tjønneland Anne, Mellemkjær Lene, Katzke Verena, Kaaks Rudolf, Schulze Matthias B, Masala Giovanna, Grioni Sara, Panico Salvatore, Tumino Rosario, Sacerdote Carlotta, May Anne M, Monninkhof Evelyn M, Quirós J Ramón, Bonet Catalina, Sánchez Maria-Jose, Amiano Pilar, Chirlaque María-Dolores, Guevara Marcela, Rosendahl Ann H, Stocks Tanja, Perez-Cornago Aurora, Tin Tin Sandar, Heath Alicia K, Aglago Elom K, Peruchet-Noray Laia, Freisling Heinz, Riboli Elio 19 Jun 2023, In: BMC Cancer. 23

Risk Modeling for Individualization of the FLAME Focal Boost Approach in External Beam Radiation Therapy for Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer

Menne Guricová Karolína, Groen Veerle, Pos Floris, Monninkhof Evelyn, Elias Sjoerd G., Haustermans Karin, Smeenk Robert J., van der Voort van Zyp Jochem, Draulans Cédric, Isebaert Sofie, van Houdt Petra J., Kerkmeijer Linda G.W., van der Heide Uulke A. 2023, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 118 , p. 66-73 8 p.

Effect of physical exercise on the hippocampus and global grey matter volume in breast cancer patients:A randomized controlled trial (PAM study)

Koevoets E W, Geerlings M I, Monninkhof E M, Mandl R, Witlox L, van der Wall E, Stuiver M M, Sonke G S, Velthuis M J, Jobsen J J, van der Palen J, Bos M E M M, Göker E, Menke-Pluijmers M B E, Sommeijer D W, May A M, de Ruiter M B, Schagen S B, 14 Dec 2022, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 37 , p. 1-12

"Who needs a mean dose if you can FLAME?"

Guricová Karolína, van der Heide Uulke A, Kerkmeijer Linda G W, Pos Floris, Monninkhof Evelyn, Haustermans Karin Sep 2022, In: Radiotherapy & Oncology. 174 , p. 171-172 2 p.

Patterns of Failure Following External Beam Radiotherapy With or Without an Additional Focal Boost in the Randomized Controlled FLAME Trial for Localized Prostate Cancer

Groen Veerle H., Haustermans Karin, Pos Floris J., Draulans Cédric, Isebaert Sofie, Monninkhof Evelyn M., Smeenk Robert J., Kunze-Busch Martina, de Boer Johannes C.J., van der Voort van Zijp Jochem, Kerkmeijer Linda G.W., van der Heide Uulke A. Sep 2022, In: European Urology. 82 , p. 252-257 6 p.

Design of a multinational randomized controlled trial to assess the effects of structured and individualized exercise in patients with metastatic breast cancer on fatigue and quality of life:the EFFECT study

Hiensch Anouk E, Monninkhof Evelyn M, Schmidt Martina E, Zopf Eva M, Bolam Kate A, Aaronson Neil K, Belloso Jon, Bloch Wilhelm, Clauss Dorothea, Depenbusch Johanna, Lachowicz Milena, Pelaez Mireia, Rundqvist Helene, Senkus Elzbieta, Stuiver Martijn M, Trevaskis Mark, Urruticoechea Ander, Rosenberger Friederike, van der Wall Elsken, de Wit G Ardine, Zimmer Philipp, Wengström Yvonne, Steindorf Karen, May Anne M 29 Jul 2022, In: Trials. 23

Effect of physical exercise on cognitive function after chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer:a randomized controlled trial (PAM study)

Koevoets E W, Schagen S B, de Ruiter M B, Geerlings M I, Witlox L, van der Wall E, Stuiver M M, Sonke G S, Velthuis M J, Jobsen J J, Menke-Pluijmers M B E, Göker E, van der Pol C C, Bos M E M M, Tick L W, van Holsteijn N A, van der Palen J, May A M, Monninkhof E M, 26 May 2022, In: Breast Cancer Research. 24

Factors associated with masticatory function as measured with the Mixing Ability Test in patients with head and neck cancer before and after treatment:a prospective cohort study

Vermaire Jorine A., Raaijmakers Cornelis P.J., Monninkhof Evelyn M., Leeuw Irma M.Verdonck de, Terhaard Chris H.J., Speksnijder Caroline M. May 2022, In: Supportive Care in Cancer. 30 , p. 4429-4436 8 p.

Factors associated with swallowing dysfunction in patients with head and neck cancer

Vermaire Jorine A., Raaijmakers Cornelis P. J., Monninkhof Evelyn M., Leeuw Irma M. Verdonck-de, Terhaard Chris H. J., Speksnijder Caroline M. 27 Mar 2022, In: Oral Diseases. 29 , p. 1937-1946 10 p.

Quality of Life After Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Versus Conventional Radiation Therapy in Patients With Bone Metastases

Pielkenrood Bart J, Gal Roxanne, Kasperts Nicolien, Verhoeff Joost Jc, Bartels Marcia Mtj, Seravalli Enrica, van der Linden Yvette M, Monninkhof Evelyn M, Verlaan Jorrit-Jan, van der Velden Joanne M, Verkooijen Helena M 10 Jan 2022, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 112 , p. 1203-1215 13 p.

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