dr. T.J. (Tom) Snijders

dr. T.J. (Tom) Snijders

Assistant Professor - medical
dr. T.J. (Tom) Snijders
  • Neurologen

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T.J. (Tom) Snijders, PhD, completed his medical studies and his Neurology residency in the UMC Utrecht. During his training, he obtained a PhD-degree in the field of chronic pain medicine. He sub-specialized in Neuro-oncology during his residency.

Since 2011, he works as a neurologist and assistant professor in the UMC Utrecht. His practice encompasses all aspects of neuro-oncological patient care. His scientific work focuses on primary brain tumors, specifically gliomas. He is the co-coordinator, with prof. Elly Hol, of the Disease Area Neuro-oncology of the UMC Utrecht Brain Center.  He is co-supervisor of 5 completed or ongoing PhD-trajectories. He is also involved in providing and evaluating experimental treatments (international clinical trials) in the UMC Utrecht.

Research interests:

  • Validation and innovation of imaging techniques for brain tumors, including MRI-scans and PET-scans
  • Pseudoprogression in glioma and other brain tumors
  • Cognitive symptoms in glioma patients
  • Epilepsy due to brain tumors
  • Liquid biopsy in primary brain tumors
  • Focused Ultrasound and blood-brain-barrier disruption for brain tumor treatment
  • The multidisciplinary Team Neuro-Oncology of the UMC Utrecht aims to provide patients with the most recent innovative (experimental) treatments for brain tumors as part of clinical studies.

Side Activities

  • From 2022: editorial board member, Neuro Oncology Practice (unpaid)
  • 2020-current Chairperson of the Scientific Day-committee of the Dutch Working Group Neuro-oncology (LWNO) (unpaid)
  • 2020-current: reviewer board, Cancers (Basel) (unpaid)
  • 2018-current Member of the Imaging committee of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)’s Brain tumor group. (unpaid)
  • 2014-current Committee Member of the Task Force on Bing Neel Syndrome of the 8th International Workshop on Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia (IWWM8). (unpaid)
  • 2012-current Head of the Editorial board (‘redactieraad’) of (non-profit organisation & website for public awareness and education on brain tumors). (unpaid)
  • 2012-2015 Member and co-author (on behalf of the Dutch Neurological Society) of the Guideline committee ‘Meningioma’ of the National Working Group Meningioma. (compensated)

Research Output (96)

PET Imaging and Protein Expression of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen in Glioblastoma:A Multicenter Inventory Study

van Lith Sanne A M, Pruis Ilanah J, Tolboom Nelleke, Snijders Tom J, Henssen Dylan, Ter Laan Mark, Te Dorsthorst Maarten, Leenders William P J, Gotthardt Martin, Nagarajah James, Robe Pierre A, De Witt Hamer Philip, Hendrikse Harry, Oprea-Lager Daniela E, Yaqub Maqsood, Boellaard Ronald, Wesseling Pieter, Balvers Rutger K, Verburg Frederik A, Harteveld Anita A, Smits Marion, van den Bent Martin, van Zanten Sophie E M Veldhuijzen, van de Giessen Elsmarieke 1 Oct 2023, In: Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine. 64 , p. 1526-1531 6 p.

Epidemiology of adult meningioma:Report from the Dutch Brain Tumour Registry (2000-2019)

Ho Vincent K Y, Anten Monique M, Garst Anniek, Bos Eelke M, Snijders Tom J, Eekers Daniëlle B P, Seute Tatjana, Oct 2023, In: European Journal of Neurology. 30 , p. 3244-3255 12 p.

Practice variation in re-resection for recurrent glioblastoma:A nationwide survey among Dutch neuro-oncology specialists

van Opijnen Mark P, de Vos Filip Y F, Nabuurs Rob J A, Snijders Tom J, Nandoe Tewarie Rishi D S, Taal Walter, Verhoeff Joost J C, van der Hoeven Jacobus J M, Broekman Marike L D 1 Aug 2023, In: Neuro-Oncology Practice. 10 , p. 360-369 10 p.

Occurrence, Risk Factors, and Consequences of Postoperative Ischemia After Glioma Resection:A Retrospective Study

van der Boog Arthur T J, Rados Matea, Akkermans Annemarie, Dankbaar Jan Willem, Kizilates Ufuk, Snijders Tom J, Hendrikse Jeroen, Verhoeff Joost J C, Hoff Reinier G, Robe Pierre A 1 Jan 2023, In: Neurosurgery. 92 , p. 125-136 12 p.

The impact of etiology in lesion-symptom mapping - A direct comparison between tumor and stroke

van Grinsven E E, Smits A R, van Kessel E, Raemaekers M A H, de Haan E H F, Huenges Wajer I M C, Ruijters V J, Philippens M E P, Verhoeff J J C, Ramsey N F, Robe P A J T, Snijders T J, van Zandvoort M J E Jan 2023, In: NeuroImage. Clinical. 37


Flies C. M., Friedrich M., Lohmann P., van Garderen K., Smits M., Tonn J. C., Weller M., Galldiks N., Snijders T. J. 5 Sep 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 24 , p. ii93

Epidemiology of adult meningioma in the Netherlands: a population-based study

Ho V. K. Y., Anten M. M., Garst A., Bos E. M., Snijders T. J., Eekers D. B. P., Seute T. 5 Sep 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 24 , p. ii5


van Grinsven E. E., Smits A. R., van Kessel E., Raemaekers M., de Haan E. H. F., Huenges-Wajer I. M. C., Ruijters V. J., Philippens M. E. P., Verhoeff J. J. C., Ramsey N. F., Robe P. A. J. T., Snijders T. J., van Zandvoort M. J. E. 5 Sep 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 24 , p. ii24

Long-term wellbeing and neurocognitive functioning of diffuse low-grade glioma patients and their caregivers:a longitudinal study spanning two decades

Boele Florien W, den Otter Patricia W M, Reijneveld Jaap C, de Witt Hamer Philip C, van Thuijl Hinke F, Lorenz Linda M C, Wesseling Pieter, Lagerwaard Frank J, Taphoorn Martin J B, Kouwenhoven Mathilde C M, Snijders Tom J, Douw Linda, Klein Martin 1 Aug 2022, In: Neuro-oncology. 25 , p. 351-364 14 p.

Complications, compliance, and undertreatment do not explain the relationship between cognition and survival in diffuse glioma patients

van Kessel Emma, Krijnen Eva A, IJpelaar Suzanne, Huenges Wajer Irene M C, Ruis Carla, Seute Tatjana, De Vos Filip Y F L, Verhoeff Joost J C, Robe Pierre A, van Zandvoort Martine J E, Snijders Tom J Aug 2022, In: Neuro-Oncology Practice. 9 , p. 284-298 15 p.

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