prof. dr. H.M. (Helena) Verkooijen

Full Professor

  • Clinical Trial Office
  • Julius Center Research Program Cancer

prof. dr. H.M. (Helena) Verkooijen

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Professor of Evaluation of Image-Guided Treatment, dedicated to improve the life of people with cancer. Committed to full integration of clinical research in routine patient care in order to facilitate undelayed evidence-based implementation of innovations in oncology.

Leader (PI) of several international (H2020) research consortia and academic industrial partnership, head of clinical research office and investigator in a range of (international) scientific studies. Strong background in teaching and development of educational modules at graduate and postgraduate level. Large international academic experience in Europe and Asia. Experienced speaker, moderator, and panel member.

Within the Division of Imaging and Cancer of the UMC Utrecht, I am responsible for clinical evaluation of innovative cancer treatments, and for evaluating to what extent theoretical benefits of these innovations translate into real benefits for patients. I lead a team of post-doc researchers, PhD students, and (medical) graduate students. I also lead the division’s clinical research office, which is responsible for trial support, data management, IT solutions, quality control and medico-ethical advise (supporting 200 academic researchers).

I lead two international consortia (one H2020 European, one transatlantic) and collaborate closely with (international) academic and industry partners. I am regularly invited as speaker at international conferences, educational sessions and consortium meetings, and as panelist at meetings/debates of professional organizations. I serve as a member in several scientific advisory boards and expert committees.

I am Strategic Advisor for 'NTvG Gezonde Zorg', a campaign of the Dutch Journal of Medicine (Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde). This campaign contributes to ensuring sustainability and affordability of health care in the Netherlands by exposing the harms of medicalisation (overdiagnosis and overtreatment) and explicitly demonstrating the power of (primary) prevention. 

Side Activities

    • Strategic Advisor 'NTvG Gezonde Zorg'
    • Board Member Dutch Breast Cancer Research Group (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep, BOOG)
    • Member Scientific Advisory Board Dutch Expert Centre for Screening
    • Board Member J.M. Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds
    • Member Scientific Advisory Board Dutch Prospective Colorectal Cancer Cohort (PLCRC)
    • Member Expert Committee Value-Based Health Care Breast Cancer (NFU)

Research Output (273)

The effect of neoadjuvant short-course radiotherapy and delayed surgery versus chemoradiation on postoperative outcomes in locally advanced rectal cancer patients - A propensity score matched nationwide audit-based study

Hoendervangers S, Sparreboom C L, Intven M P W, Lange J F, Verkooijen H M, Doornebosch P G, van Grevenstein W M U sep 2020, In: European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 46 , p. 1605-1612

Circulating tumor DNA guided adjuvant chemotherapy in stage II colon cancer (MEDOCC-CrEATE):study protocol for a trial within a cohort study

Schraa S J, van Rooijen K L, van der Kruijssen D E W, Rubio Alarcón C, Phallen J, Sausen M, Simmons J, Coupé V M H, van Grevenstein W M U, Elias S, Verkooijen H M, Laclé M M, Bosch L J W, van den Broek D, Meijer G A, Velculescu V E, Fijneman R J A, Vink G R, Koopman M, 20 aug 2020, In: BMC Cancer. 20 , p. 790

Radiotherapie op geleide van het actuele MRI-beeld Een innovatie voor patiënten met een maligniteit in de bovenbuik

Daamen Lois A., Heerkens Hanne D., Molenaar I. Q., Verkooijen H. M., Meijer Gert J., Intven Martijn P.W. aug 2020, In: Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde. 164

Optimizing MR-Guided Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Patients

Koerkamp Maureen L. Groot, Vasmel Jeanine E., Russell Nicola S., Shaitelman Simona F., Anandadas Carmel N., Currey Adam, Vesprini Danny, Keller Brian M., De-Colle Chiara, Han Kathy, Braunstein Lior Z., Mahmood Faisal, Lorenzen Ebbe L., Philippens Marielle E. P., Verkooijen Helena M., Lagendijk Jan J. W., Houweling Antonetta C., van den Bongard H. J. G. Desiree, Kirby Anna M. 28 jul 2020, In: Frontiers in oncology. 10

Pathological Complete Response Following Different Neoadjuvant Treatment Strategies for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer:A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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Patient -Reported Outcomes of Oligometastatic Patients After Conventional or Stereotactic Radiation Therapy to Bone Metastases: An Analysis of the PRESENT Cohort

van de Ven Saskia, van den Bongard Desiree, Pielkenrood Bart, Kasperts Nicolien, Eppinga Wietse, Peters Max, Verkooijen Helena, van der Velden Joanne 1 mei 2020, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 107 , p. 39-47

The trials within cohorts design facilitated efficient patient enrollment and generalizability in oncology setting

Couwenberg Alice M, Burbach Johannes P M, May Anne, Berbee Maaike, Intven Martijn P W, Verkooijen Helena M 1 apr 2020, In: Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 120 , p. 33-39 7 p.

Tumor Response After Neoadjuvant Magnetic Resonance Guided Single Ablative Dose Partial Breast Irradiation

Vasmel Jeanine E, Charaghvandi Ramona K, Houweling Antonetta C, Philippens Marielle EP, van Asselen Bram, Vreuls Celien PH, van Diest Paul J, van Leeuwen Am Gijs, van Gorp Joost, Witkamp Arjen J, Koelemij Ron, Doeksen Annemiek, Sier Maartje F, van Dalen Thijs, van der Wall Elsken, van Dam Iris, Veldhuis Wouter B, Kirby Anna M, Verkooijen Helena M, van den Bongard HJG Desiree 15 mrt 2020, In: International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 106 , p. 821-829 9 p.

Impact of body fat distribution and sarcopenia on the overall survival in patients with spinal metastases receiving radiotherapy treatment:a prospective cohort study

Pielkenrood B J, van Urk P R, van der Velden J M, Kasperts N, Verhoeff J J C, Bol G H, Verkooijen H M, Verlaan J J mrt 2020, In: Acta Oncologica. 59 , p. 291-297 7 p.

Patient-Reported Work Ability During the First Two Years After Rectal Cancer Diagnosis

Couwenberg Alice M, Intven Martijn P W, Gregorowitsch Madelijn Leoniek, Haaring Cees, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina, Verkooijen Helena Marieke 3 feb 2020, In: Diseases of the Colon and Rectum. 63 , p. 578-587 10 p.

All Research Output (273)