prof. dr. D.W.J. Klomp

prof. dr. D.W.J. Klomp

Full Professor
prof. dr. D.W.J. Klomp
  • 7T Group



Research interests

In my research team, we are investigating novel methods to enable imaging of metabolism and physiology of diseases and treatments non-invasively to aid clinical decision making. Using ultra-high magnetic fields, we demonstrated feasibility of imaging metabolism with magnetic resonance in the human body at clinically relevant spatial resolutions. Observing physiology and metabolism will provide a more direct and therefore faster and accurate means to characterize diseases and responses to treatments when compared to conventional morphologic imaging as known from cell studies. In fact, we have recently proven that metabolic images can predict efficacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer much better and faster than any morphologic imaging technique could. The results have motivated public-private partnerships in translating the technology for clinical studies involving metabolic MRI throughout the body.

Compared to a few morpholic imaging contrasts conventionally available in radiology, potentially hundred of different metabolite levels could soon be imaged. Our innovation therefore brings radiology into the world of biochemistry and visa versa, creating a new bridge between research groups in identifying what non-invasively detectable metabolites would be useful for aiding clinic. In parallel, acceleration techniques in imaging are being investigated to maximize metabolic and physiologic information within a single scan session for each patient. These incorporate high density receiver array and even novel ways in gradient coil designs that speed up (metabolic) MRI with an anticiptated acceleration of an order of magnitude.

The very first prototype worldwide of metabolic MRI dedicated for clinical use will become available at the UMCU and clinical projects are being compiled for the focus areas of cancer, heart/vasculature, regenerative medicine, child, infections, brain. Teams from Dutch UMCU’s will use our system, while plans have been compiled to take the scientific lead of the next 8 systems positioned worldwide (3 already confirmed) prior to FDA approval.

Side Activities

Non executive board member Tesla Engingeering (no shareholder); advisor in MRI technology, August 2019 - August 2050

Research Output (172)

An RF coil design to enable quintuple nuclear whole-brain MRI

Dai Jiying, Gosselink Mark, van der Velden Tijl Antonius, Meliadò Ettore Flavio, Raaijmakers Alexander Jan Eberhard, Klomp Dennis Wilhelmus Johannes May 2023, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 89 , p. 2131-2141 11 p.

Accelerating Brain Imaging Using a Silent Spatial Encoding Axis

Versteeg Edwin, Klomp Dennis W.J., Siero Jeroen C.W. Oct 2022, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 88 , p. 1785-1793 9 p.

Proton metabolic mapping of the brain at 7 T using a two-dimensional free induction decay-echo-planar spectroscopic imaging readout with lipid suppression

Nam Kyung Min, Hendriks Arjan D, Boer Vincent O, Klomp Dennis W J, Wijnen Jannie P, Bhogal Alex A Oct 2022, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 35

7T metabolic MRI in focal epilepsy

Jacobs S. M., Shams Z., Wiegers E. C., Wijnen J. P., Klomp D. W., Versteeg E., Siero J. C. W., Muhlebner A., Van Hecke W., Robe P. A., Zijlmans M., Van der Kolk A. G. Sep 2022, In: Epilepsia. 63 , p. 34-35

Image quality and subject experience of quiet T1-weighted 7-T brain imaging using a silent gradient coil

Jacobs Sarah M., Versteeg Edwin, van der Kolk Anja G., Visser Leonie N.C., Oliveira Ícaro A.F., van Maren Emiel, Klomp Dennis W.J., Siero Jeroen C.W. 31 Aug 2022, In: European radiology experimental. 6 , p. 1-9

Glutamate levels across deep brain structures in patients with a psychotic disorder and its relation to cognitive functioning

Broeders Tommy Aa, Bhogal Alex A, Morsinkhof Lisan M, Schoonheim Menno M, Röder Christian H, Edens Mirte, Klomp Dennis Wj, Wijnen Jannie P, Vinkers Christiaan H Apr 2022, In: Journal of Psychopharmacology. 36 , p. 489-497 9 p.

Identifying the source of spurious signals caused by B <sub>0</sub> inhomogeneities in single-voxel <sup>1</sup>H MRS

Shams Zahra, Klomp Dennis W J, Boer Vincent O, Wijnen Jannie P, Wiegers Evita C 28 Mar 2022, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 88 , p. 71-82 12 p.

Residual quadrupolar couplings observed in 7 Tesla deuterium MR spectra of skeletal muscle

Gursan Ayhan, Froeling Martijn, Hendriks Arjan D., Welting Dimitri, Kentgens Arno P.M., Klomp Dennis W.J., Prompers Jeanine J. Mar 2022, In: Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 87 , p. 1165-1173 9 p.

RF Coil Setup for P-31 MRSI in Tongue Cancer in vivo at 7 T

Forner Ria, Nam Kyungmin, de Koning Klijs J., van der Velden Tijl, van der Kemp Wybe, Raaijmakers Alexander, Klomp Dennis W.J. 2 Nov 2021, In: Frontiers in Neurology. 12 , p. 1-11

A local multi-transmit coil combined with a high-density receive array for cerebellar fMRI at 7 T

Priovoulos Nikos, Roos Thomas, Ipek Özlem, Meliado Ettore F, Nkrumah Richard O, Klomp Dennis W J, van der Zwaag Wietske Nov 2021, In: NMR in Biomedicine. 34 , p. 1-13

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