dr. Y. (Yvonne) Koop

dr. Y. (Yvonne) Koop

Assistant Professor
dr. Y. (Yvonne) Koop
  • Global Public Health & Bioethics

Research Programs

Research Output (9)

Future steps in cardio-oncology:a national multidisciplinary survey among healthcare professionals in the Netherlands

Koop Yvonne, Teske Arco J., Wanders Iris, Meijer Hanneke, Kaanders J. H.A.M.(Hans), Manintveld Olivier C., Hassing H. Carlijne, Vermeulen Hester, Maas Angela H.E.M., van Spronsen Dick Johan, Atsma Femke, El Messaoudi Saloua Aug 2023, In: Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 17 , p. 1131-1138 8 p.

Quality of life in breast cancer patients with cancer treatment-related cardiac dysfunction:a qualitative study

Koop Yvonne, Van Zadelhof Nikita, Maas Angela H.E.M., Atsma Femke, El Messaoudi Saloua, Vermeulen Hester 9 Apr 2022, In: European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 21 , p. 235-242 8 p.

Oncology professionals' perspectives towards cardiac surveillance in breast cancer patients with high cardiotoxicity risk:A qualitative study

Koop Yvonne, Dobbe Laura, Maas Angela H.E.M., van Spronsen Dick Johan, Atsma Femke, El Messaoudi Saloua, Vermeulen Hester Mar 2021, In: PLoS ONE. 16

Instantaneous wave-free ratio guided multivessel revascularisation during percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction:Study protocol of the randomised controlled iMODERN trial

Beijnink Casper W.H., Thim Troels, Van Der Heijden DIrk Jan, Klem Igor, Al-Lamee Rasha, Vos Jacqueline L., Koop Yvonne, DIjkgraaf Marcel G.W., Beijk Marcel A.M., Kim Raymond J., Davies Justin, Raposo Luis, Baptista Sérgio B., Escaned Javier, Piek Jan J., Maeng Michael, Van Royen Niels, Nijveldt Robin 15 Jan 2021, In: BMJ Open. 11 , p. e044035

Healthcare utilization and hospital variation in cardiac surveillance during breast cancer treatment:A nationwide prospective study in 5000 Dutch breast cancer patients

Koop Yvonne, El Messaoudi Saloua, Vermeulen Hester, Maas Angela H.E.M., Atsma Femke 8 Aug 2020, In: Cardio-Oncology. 6 , p. 14

Rationale and design of the PRAETORIAN-COVID trial:A double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial with valsartan for PRevention of Acute rEspiraTORy dIstress syndrome in hospitAlized patieNts with SARS-COV-2 Infection Disease

Gommans D. H.Frank, Nas Joris, Pinto-Sietsma Sara Joan, Koop Yvonne, Konst Regina E., Mensink Frans, Aarts Goaris W.A., Konijnenberg Lara S.F., Cortenbach Kimberley, Verhaert Dominique V.M., Thannhauser Jos, Mol Jan Quinten, Rooijakkers Maxim J.P., Vos Jacqueline L., van Rumund Anouke, Vart Priya, Hassing Robert Jan, Cornel Jan Hein, de Jager C. Peter C., van den Heuvel Michel M., van der Hoeven Hans G., Verbon Annelies, Pinto Yigal M., van Royen Niels, van Kimmenade Roland R.J., de Leeuw Peter W., van Agtmael Michiel A., Bresser Paul, van Gilst Wiek H., Vonk-Noordergraaf Anton, Tijssen Jan G.P., , , Aug 2020, In: American Heart Journal. 226 , p. 60-68 9 p.

Cardiac function in relation to myocardial injury in hospitalised patients with COVID-19

van den Heuvel F. M.A., Vos J. L., Koop Y., van Dijk A. P.J., Duijnhouwer A. L., de Mast Q., van de Veerdonk F. L., Bosch F., Kok B., Netea M. G., Hoogerwerf J., Hoefsloot W., Tjwa E. T.T.L., de Korte C. L., van Kimmenade R. R.J., Nijveldt R. 1 Jul 2020, In: Netherlands Heart Journal. 28 , p. 410-417 8 p.

What feedback do reviewers give when reviewing qualitative manuscripts? A focused mapping review and synthesis

Herber Oliver Rudolf, Bradbury-Jones Caroline, Böling Susanna, Combes Sarah, Hirt Julian, Koop Yvonne, Nyhagen Ragnhild, Veldhuizen Jessica D., Taylor Julie 18 May 2020, In: BMC Medical Research Methodology. 20 , p. 122

Nurses' perceptions towards the delivery and feasibility of a behaviour change intervention to enhance physical activity in patients at risk for cardiovascular disease in primary care:A qualitative study

Westland Heleen, Koop Yvonne, Schröder Carin D., Schuurmans Marieke J., Slabbers P., Trappenburg Jaap C.A., Vervoort Sigrid C.J.M. 12 Dec 2018, In: BMC Family Practice. 19

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