prof. dr. R.M. (Raymond) Schiffelers

Full Professor

  • Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology

prof. dr. R.M. (Raymond) Schiffelers


Raymond Schiffelers studied Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University (1990-1995). After an industrial traineeship at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (UK) he did his PhD in medical microbiology at Erasmus University Rotterdam on liposomal targeting of antimicrobial agents (1996-2001). Subsequently he became post-doc at Utrecht University working on liposomes targeting tumor vasculature. In 2002-2003, at Intradigm Co (USA) he expanded his tumor vasculature-targeting work with polymers for delivery of siRNA. After his return to Utrecht University he became assistant and then associate professor. He co-invented OncoCort® a nanomedicine formulation of corticosteroids that will enter clinical trials in 2015.  In 2011, he moved to the Laboratory for Clinical Chemistry & Hematology of the University Medical Center Utrecht to work on nanomedicines, both for diagnosis and therapy. In particularly, he focuses on extracellular vesicles in the circulation as inspiration for new drug delivery systems and diagnostic readouts. He is founding member of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) founding member and member organizing committee for the ISEV2014-annual meeting, Associate Editor of the Journal Extracellular Vesicles and editor of the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and the Journal of Controlled Release. He is Founder of EXCYTEX-an extracellular vesicle-based company and member of the Scientific Advisory Board for a number of start-up companies.


Side Activities

  • Without remuneration

    Vice-president European Technology Platform Nanomedicine

    Associate Editor Journal of Extracellular Vesicles

    Associate Editor Pharmaceutical Research

    Founder/Share holder (<5%)/Scientific Advisor Excytex bv

    Member Scientific Advisory Board 20MED Therapeutics

    Member Scientific Advisory Board EtheRNA

    Member Scientific Advisory Board Anjurium

    Member Scientific Advisory Board SentryX 

    Member Scientific Advsiory Board Nanocell Therapeutics 


    Remuneration for department

    Editor International Journal Pharmaceutics

    Editor Journal Controlled Release

Fellowship and Awards

  • Vidi 2007 ‘Targeting inflammation to fight cancer’

    Galenus Research Award 2009

    ERC Consolidator grant 2010 260627 ‘Microvesicle-inspired drug delivery systems’

    ERC Proof of Concept grant 2012 29744 ‘TargetMV’

Research Output (152)

Polymeric micelles loaded with carfilzomib increase tolerability in a humanized bone marrow-like scaffold mouse model

Varela-Moreira Aida, van Straten Demian, van Leur Heleen F, Ruiter Ruud W J, Deshantri Anil K, Hennink Wim E, Fens Marcel H A M, Groen Richard W J, Schiffelers Raymond M dec 2020, In: International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X. 2 9 p.

Targeting the RhoGEF βPIX/COOL-1 in Glioblastoma:Proof of Concept Studies

Connor Kate, Murray David W, Jarzabek Monika A, Tran Nhan L, White Kieron, Dicker Patrick, Sweeney Kieron J, O'Halloran Philip J, MacCarthy Brian, Shiels Liam P, Lodi Francesca, Lambrechts Diether, Sarkaria Jann N, Schiffelers Raymond M, Symons Marc, Byrne Annette T dec 2020, In: Cancers. 12 , p. 1-19 19 p.

Normoxic Tumour Extracellular Vesicles Modulate the Response of Hypoxic Cancer and Stromal Cells to Doxorubicin In Vitro

Patras Laura, Fens Marcel H A M, Vader Pieter, Barendrecht Arjan, Sesarman Alina, Banciu Manuela, Schiffelers Raymond 1 sep 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21 21 p.

Cellular and Molecular Mechanism of Cardiac Regeneration:A Comparison of Newts, Zebrafish, and Mammals

de Wit Lousanne, Fang Juntao, Neef Klaus, Xiao Junjie, A Doevendans Pieter, Schiffelers Raymond M, Lei Zhiyong, Sluijter Joost P G 19 aug 2020, In: Biomolecules. 10 20 p.

Dexamethasone nanomedicines for COVID-19

Lammers Twan, Sofias Alexandros Marios, van der Meel Roy, Schiffelers Raymond, Storm Gert, Tacke Frank, Koschmieder Steffen, Brümmendorf Tim H, Kiessling Fabian, Metselaar Josbert M aug 2020, In: Nature nanotechnology. 15 , p. 622-624 3 p.

Plasma extracellular vesicle proteins are associated with stress-induced myocardial ischemia in women presenting with chest pain

Dekker Mirthe, Waissi Farahnaz, van Bennekom Joelle, Silvis Max J M, Timmerman Nathalie, Bank Ingrid E M, Walter Joan E, Mueller Christian, Schoneveld A H, Schiffelers Raymond M, Pasterkamp Gerard, Grobbee Diederick E, de Winter Robbert J, Mosterd A, de Kleijn Dominique P V, Timmers Leo 23 jul 2020, In: Scientific Reports. 10 8 p.

Endothelial Cell Targeting by cRGD-Functionalized Polymeric Nanoparticles under Static and Flow Conditions

Martínez-Jothar Lucía, Barendrecht Arjan D, de Graaff Anko M, Oliveira Sabrina, van Nostrum Cornelus F, Schiffelers Raymond M, Hennink Wim E, Fens Marcel H A M 10 jul 2020, In: Nanomaterials. 10 19 p.

Local release of siRNA using polyplex-loaded thermosensitive hydrogels

Fliervoet Lies A L, Zhang Heyang, van Groesen Emma, Fortuin Kyra, Duin Naut J C B, Remaut Katrien, Schiffelers Raymond M, Hennink Wim E, Vermonden Tina 14 mei 2020, In: Nanoscale. 12 , p. 10347-10360 14 p.

Potential Use of Extracellular Vesicles Generated by Microbubble-Assisted Ultrasound as Drug Nanocarriers for Cancer Treatment

Yuana Yuana, Balachandran Banuja, van der Wurff-Jacobs Kim M G, Schiffelers Raymond M, Moonen Chrit T 2 apr 2020, In: International journal of molecular sciences. 21

A CRISPR-Cas9-based reporter system for single-cell detection of extracellular vesicle-mediated functional transfer of RNA

de Jong Olivier G., Murphy Daniel E., Mäger Imre, Willms Eduard, Garcia-Guerra Antonio, Gitz-Francois Jerney J., Lefferts Juliet, Gupta Dhanu, Steenbeek Sander C., van Rheenen Jacco, El Andaloussi Samir, Schiffelers Raymond M., Wood Matthew J.A., Vader Pieter 28 feb 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11 , p. 1113

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