Risk stratification for individualized interventions

Risk stratification for individualized interventions

Research theme

OBJECTIVES The main objective of this theme is identification and use of patient characteristics and markers of biological and pathogenic processes in order individualize interventions. Our strategy is to develop these strategies from bench-to-bedside.

Our definition of  a “marker” is a measurable indicator in our living surrounding (exposome), in tissues (including imaging) or in liquid biopsies which serve as an indicator for risk, prognosis, treatment efficacy and toxicity of cancer.

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Research Centers within this research theme:
UMC Utrecht Center for Image Sciences >
Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care >
Clinical Genetics >
Laboratory of Molecular Pathology >
Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences >
Utrecht Platform for Organoid Technology >

Research leaders uitklapper, klik om te openen

  • Prof. dr. Margreet Ausems, clinical geneticist > >
  • Dr. Niels Bovenschen >
  • Prof. dr. Patrick Derksen, molecular biologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Paul van Diest, pathologist > >
  • Dr. Sjoerd Elias, epidemiologist >
  • Dr. Kenneth Gilhuijs, image sciences >
  • Prof. dr. Carla van Gils, epidemiologist >
  • Dr. Hans Hoogduin >
  • Prof. dr. Pim de Jong, radiologist > >
  • Dr. Marjolijn Jongmans, clinical geneticist > (research group >)
  • Dr. Marijke Kars >
  • Dr. Bobby Koeleman >
  • Dr. dr.h.c.mult Alexander Leemans, physicist > (research group >)
  • Prof. dr. Anne May, epidemiologist >
  • Dr. ir. Marc van Mil, biomedical geneticist > >
  • Dr. Bas Neggers, biophysicist > >
  • Prof. dr. Johan Offerhaus, pathologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Ruud Pijnappel, radiologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel >
  • Dr. Jeanine Prompers, metabolic imaging > (research group >)
  • Dr. Hanneke van Santen, endocrinologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Tatjane Seute, neuro-oncologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Saskia Teunissen >
  • Prof. dr. Peter van Tintelen, geneticist > >
  • Prof. dr. Gerlof Valk, endocrinologist > >
  • Dr. Wouter Veldhuis, radiologist > >
  • Prof. dr. Nanda Verhoeven-Duif > >
  • Prof. dr. Roel Vermeulen >
  • Dr. Koen Vincken, computer scientist >
  • Prof. dr. Elsken van der Wall, oncologist > >
  • Dr. ir. Jannie Wijnen, biomedical engineer > (research group >)
  • Prof. dr. Niek de Wit >
  • Dr. Jaco Zwanenburg, physicist >

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